Thursday Fun n Frolics 24.11.16

There is something seriously wrong with hotmail these days, and I am not at all happy about that. Those of you who use hotmail for years must have noticed the differences already.

The things that bug me are-

1. The zillenium it takes to open hotmail’s account page after entering the password and pressing enter.
2. The next zillenium it takes to open the outlook page.
3. The extremely uncomfortable manner in which the mails open after you click it, it is really tough to read the older mails and answer accordingly. I rather liked when they used to open the mails in the full page so we could read properly!
4. I keep clicking “invisible” option from the dropdown menu and within one minute it makes me visible again, forget about signing out and signing in again. What if I want to be invisible? Cant I have my privacy? Will I have to scream to everyone that I am online?
5. The spam – clear spams show up in inbox, and their addresses get added to contact list, whereas people I exchange mails don’t show up in it!
6. I am quite sure that mails are getting displaced. Some of my newsletters are not arriving.
7. I hope in the name of making some money through third party advertisements they have not given away our security to them! I have high respect for capacity of hackers, so when I close my eyes my conspiracy theorist starts singing, maybe one of the programmers is siphoning mails …. Or selling away the secret passage key to bidders, buddies.
Do you guys have any problem with hotmail’s new avatar outlook?


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