Kevin Cooper Week Day 3 – His albums


SB@Indie Adda: Tell us about your past accomplishments as artist/musician/writer in details- individually- book by book, album by album! please!
Kevin Cooper: Lol… You want me to write another book? That’s what it would take. I like to write songs, that’s how my music comes about. It is the same as writing poetry except I have a tune in my head to it which I then have to try to play on my guitar… that is the hardest part.

My latest releases are: All I Can Say is a power ballad (Well… My attempt at on anyway) where the singer is trying to convey that saying, ‘I Love You’ is all that can be said, yet in reality mere words are not enough to express the depth of their relationship.

Magical is a love song/ballad, where the artist expresses how his world has changed as if by magic since the lover came into his life. The original song was written years ago. I recently changed some of the lyrics to bring them up-to-date, but the music remains the same.

Here are the links on i-Tunes:
All I Can Say:
Magical – Single by Kevin Cooper on Apple Music
Listen to songs from the album Magical – Single, including “Magical.” Buy the album for $0.99. Songs start at $0.99. Free with Apple Music subscription.

The whole week and a little extra is here:



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