Toni Williams Week Day 1- the author


I was born on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia and have lived most of my life in the Caribbean. I’m a journalist and a former newspaper editor. Presently, I do mostly freelancing, including editing the Saint Lucian entrepreneurial magazine, Dazzle. Now I’m able to set aside more time to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a writer.

I’ve always loved reading, and from the age of eight I had decided I was going to be a writer. Mystery fiction was my first love. Around the age of 12 I discovered the crime fiction writer, James Hadley Chase. One of my sisters used to be a great fan of his writing. I began reading his books and pretty soon I too fell under his spell.
Through her I discovered other crime fiction novelists, including Mickey Spillane and Jeffrey Archer. What captivated me about their writing was the way they were able to mesmerize the reader and keep you hooked from beginning to end. They made it easy for readers to visualize the scenes with their vivid descriptions and prose that is very spare – along with tight plotting and crisp dialog. They didn’t let words get in the way of mental imagery. As a reader, this makes you feel like you are a participant in the story and living the experience. All this stuck with me and I think, subconsciously, it began to influence my approach to writing fiction.
My website, Caribbean Book Blog provides writers and readers with updates on new books and the latest developments in the global publishing industry.

Here is a little booklet containing whole week and a LITTLE MORE:


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