Toni Williams Week Day 2- between two fires


Day 2: Tell us about your novel, the first volume in the series.

Between Two Fires is a mystery novel and the first volume of the trilogy Dread Desires. It’s a fun and entertaining read full of mystery and suspense. It’s tale of interracial romance, betrayal and revenge, and it’s a captivating read based on the feedback I’ve been receiving from readers. It is set on Elysian Island, a fictional retreat for the superrich in the Caribbean. It revolves around Rudy Philips, a handsome British journalist and a charmer who becomes romantically entangled with a married woman. She’s also a smart and sophisticated businesswoman and runs her own international stock trading firm. she’s not the sort of woman Rudy is used to dealing with. He finds himself confronting an issue that men are increasingly having to contend with in relationships; what do you do when you are faced with a woman who is independent-minded and empowered, knows exactly what she wants and is intent on being true to herself and her ideals.

For anyone who has had enough of predictable and formulaic murder-mysteries and feels like reading something different, Between Two Fires offers just that. And because the story is set in an exotic and ‘closed’ environment unfamiliar to most readers outside of the Caribbean, this enhances the mystery element of the story and adds to the suspense. Most of the reviews so far have been positive.

Here is a little booklet containing whole week and a LITTLE MORE:


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