Thursday Fun n Frolics 5.1.17 Andrew Mowere and Final Life

Sharmishtha Basu@ Indie Adda: Tell us something about yourself:
Andrew Mowere: I was born and raised in a small city called Altenburg, Missouri. It being a town of less than 500 people (or three hundred when I was younger), we all knew each other rather well. Bonds were strong, and you only ever went to the one butcher. This meant that I felt like I was growing up in a large extended family, and everyone cared. It also meant that very early, I had a certain appreciation for the way people work. A simple yet chaotic sort of man, I was the type who thought I may very well earn my living lifting heavy things.

After doing many different things, including one stunt as a state fair organizer, I was once told by someone very special that my imagination was great. We were on a bus at the time, and I guess the motion jogged my head enough for the words to stick. I had just read “The Name of the Wind”. a month before, and so I thought I might try to write a first page. I hoped it might do my terrible handwriting some good. What came out was the first page of “The Final Life”. A year and three books later, my fingers are still holding on to that metaphorical pen. I also enjoy beta reading for other authors.

Sharmishtha Basu@ Indie Adda: What is Beta reading, and do you enjoy it?

Andrew Mowere: Beta reading is the act of reading someone’s work far before they have something resembling a first draft, and critiquing it as harshly as possible. Writing is still very malleable in that stage, and so you can identify things such as negative quirks in the writing, plot holes, and reinforce those solid pieces of writing. I love doing it, because the writing is very much raw talent at that point. It’s incredible to see what someone can spin off the top of his or her head.

Sharmishtha Basu@ Indie Adda: Who has been the strongest influence on your writing?

Andrew Mowere: I can name about five names: R.A Salvatore, Terry Goodkind, Patrick Rothfuss, Anne bishop, and perhaps Rowling. Salvatore did the most, because he was candid about inserting life lessons and thinking points into his books. For example, there are pieces of Drizzt D’Urden’s journal between the chapters of his books, where the dark elf reflects on life, friendship, and what makes a good person. Goodkind gave the most concrete advice through large ideas about the little things, such as brotherhood and being logical, and Rothfuss can put words together like no one I’ve seen, save for Lovecraft. I like to think that when readers finish my books, they have a simple “huh” moment in the back of their mind. I am not nearly wise enough to attempt forcing my beliefs on anyone.

Sharmishtha Basu@ Indie Adda: Tell us about “The Final Death”
Andrew Mowere: It is a simple story about two men who try to make the world the best it is. Despite being a sequel, I like to think “The Final Death” can stand on its own. This world’s lore is so large that I could write many books about the backstory alone, but it could be summed up like this. “One day, a warrior magician died and then, by proof of strength, managed to return from the dead. His name was Odin, and he told the world that all religions were false. He did not find heaven, but he did find hell and its demons. Being a man of ideals and strength, Odin created his own heaven for the dead, but only for the strong. This ushered in an age of magic and tyranny that has lasted ten thousand years. Two came after Odin. They are the Three Unchained gods.”

In this world, a new Unchained emerges. His name is Azrael Windslayer, and he only wants everyone to be happy. He wishes to free everyone from the shackles of death. Whilst doing so, his friend and student, Glint Stryger, infiltrates a certain guild. He hopes to change the politics of the time and ensure a better life for all humans, weak or strong.

The book is on pre-order for 0.99 dollars. It will begin shipping on the 23rd of December from these stores:



Andrew Mowere
Author of The Fourth’s Duology and Tales of Grimea

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