Hemdiva Dev Week – Day 1 meet the author


I’m Hemdiva Dev, a self-published Children’s author. Reading has been my love since I was kid. I always found myself lost In the plots and character and wished to write stories myself.

I love reading Horror, Mystery, Romance, Fantasy, Non-Fiction and Humour. When it comes to writing, I’m really good at it and absolutely love it! I forever have stories in my mind and they find their way on paper.

I’m a fan of LOA and The Secret. A big fan of Goosebumps by R. L. Stine. I love to study and read about new things. Always hunting for information through every source available. I love to paint and draw and have been doing that ever since I learned to hold a pencil.

I’m a proud daughter of my brave mom. She is my world! And I’m very devotional and believe in God. Especially Lord Ganesha is my favourite. Travelling, Dreaming, Cars, Fashion, Shopping, T.V., Gold, Diamonds, Make-up, Food, Mobiles, Barbie dolls, Craft, Food are some of my other interests.

Hemdiva is my pen name. I live in lovely India and love my country!
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