Hemdiva Dev Week – Day 7 – goodbye and a critique of her book.

And the author bids goodbye for now.

Hemdiva Dev: I wish everyone a happy, fulfilling and safe life ahead. Always be positive and stick to your dreams, no matter what may come! And value those who love you, hold their hand and move on.

THE CRITIQUE I (Sharmishtha Basu) HAVE POSTED FOR HER FIRST BOOK: Chinky Pinky a birdy adventure

Brilliant story by a very young author, a child prodigy I will say. I thoroughly enjoyed her vivid imagination and the scenes she created.

It is a short but brilliant work to say the least. Diva Dev is a great storyteller, the way she painted the entire story takes a lot of storytelling skill. Many older authors may get a bit envious of her, like I did, the easy flow of her story is truly worth a huge applaud.

Two kids doing everything they should not have done, but heck! They were only seven years old. We did many such things when we were seven! This story on one hand holds up the beautiful bonding between mothers and kids and on the other hand it tells kids things they should never do! No matter how easy or must they seem!

It is one of those stories you will put down after finishing, and it will linger in your mind for long, long time.
It was a great joy to read this story and greater one to share it with you guys, as a critique. In future I am expecting more brilliant stories from Diva, only suggestion I have for her is about editing, she will have to be more vigilant in that field. The best of the works can be massacred by lousy editing, her editing is good but I will hope only best from her.

I have been reading her works for some time, in other sites, she is a brilliant writer and Diva, the twist in this story was fantastic! Brilliant twist, both- the cause and the solution of the bizarre happening! Kudos!
You certainly deserve five stars out of five for this work. Keep writing! Don’t lose the talented writer living inside you when you get busy with your studies, career and life. It’s a gift!

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