Thursday Fun n Frolics 25.5.17 is for Aayush Maurya

Sharmishtha Basu@Agnishatdal: Tell us something about yourself?
Aayush Maurya:. Hello, I am Aayush Maurya an engineering graduate. Just found love for writing accidentally. So basically i am blend of tech and art.

Sharmishtha Basu@Agnishatdal: Are you an accidental writer or it is your dream coming true?
Aayush Maurya:. I would say i am accidental writer. The story behind it is that one day (when i was class 9 ) my father’s friend had come to meet him. So they decided that they would held a contest in which everyone will be given a word written in chit and respective people will say something about it. The winner will get ₹10 and runner up will get ₹5 as award. And guess what, i won the ₹10. Yay!!
I was enthralled by that and i discover inside me the skill to write.

Sharmishtha Basu@Agnishatdal: Where do you see yourself as an writer 10 years from now? Will you be writing or your career may kidnap you?
Aayush Maurya:. I don’t know what will happen in next 10 years from now. But i am sure i will writing, i wouldn’t allow my career to kidnap my joy, things i love. It about question of living your life not just mere existence. So you should do things which gives you inner joy.

Sharmishtha Basu@Agnishatdal: Will you tell us a little about your blogs, their contents and Urls? 
Aayush Maurya:. My blog address is 
I usually write in hindi language or rather i should say Hindi +Urdu. So in coming year 2017 i will write more and more so that my readers will able to read more and more and theirs appreciation and suggestions will help me write more and beautiful content. In 2017 i will write in English too.

 I want to thanks all my reader for appreciating my work and encouraging me. Thanks a lot for that. Love you all.

Sharmishtha Basu@Agnishatdal: Are you more of a reader or writer? Which one is your bigger love writing and reading?
Aayush Maurya:. I think i am both reader and writer. I became reader first then a writer. So, it is like having 2 Girlfriend and they are not jealous of each other so why would I worry about it. I enjoy both of their company.

Sharmishtha Basu@Agnishatdal: Your favorite genres and writers? Tell us whys too.
Aayush Maurya:. I am reading my 194th book (that what my list say) which is Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. My book i had read list shows that i don’t read any particular genres, i consist of different genres ranging from autobiography, biography, crime, romance, thriller, historical, mythological, self-help.

Some of my favourite books and authors are
1. Pakistan Mail:- Khushwant Singh 
2. Tuesdays with Morris:- Mitch Albom
3. Madhusala:- Harivanshrai Bachchan
4. Mrityunjay :- Shivaji Sawant
5. Guide :- R.K. Narayan 
6. Yudh or Shanti :- Osho 
7. Brida/ Alchemist/Eleven minutes :- Paulo Coelho
8. Short stories of Ruskin bond
9. Works of Gulzar sahab/ Nida Fazli/ Dr. Bashir Badra
10. To kill a mockingbird :- Harper Lee
11. Gunaho ka Devta :- Dhramvir Bharti
12. Oliver Twist :- Charles Dickens  
And many more.

Sharmishtha Basu@Agnishatdal: Any suggestions for agnishatdal? 
Aayush Maurya:. Haven’t come out so for but will tell you if i have some. You are doing great work Sharmishtha ji. In creative field you always have chance for betterment so  you should keep working for it.
Instagram @aayushmaurya12 


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