Thursday Fun n Frolics 1.6.17 is for Juliette Roques

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Tell us something about yourself!
Juliette Roques: I am Hungarian by birth. I am Hungarian by birth. Which sounds like a very easy statement to make, but not when you’re a cross-cultural child trying to live out her French identity in a country you don’t like (Germany), while taking on the traits and identifiers of a third (America), while told to suppress any and everything that has to do even remotely with your mother’s country and culture.

[Sharmishtha Basu: The whole story is in this month’s Agnishatdal- that is Chaitra Agnishatdal- a glimpse into a world that made Juliette a brave, independent shining soul]

Sharmishtha Basu @Agnishatdal: Where do you see yourself in ten years? 
Juliette Roques: I’d like to be the kind of person who can help others with what I’ve learned. I’d also like to think that I’m achieving that goal as we speak. Hopefully, ten years from now I can continue doing that, inspire others and help them with my experience and writing.  

Sharmishtha Basu @Agnishatdal: Any suggestions for Agnishatdal?
Juliette Roques: Suggestions for Agnishatdal: I really love what you’re doing! So, it’s hard to come up with suggestions to make it even better. 🙂 one thing I can think of, and this will take up a lot of time and – to be perfectly honest – I’m not sure about the logistics involved, but I can imagine a forum where writers and readers can exchange ideas and chat. 

Sharmishtha Basu @Agnishatdal: Any ideas for Indie Adda?
Juliette Roques: Indie Authors? I’ll keep my eyes open, because there are a lot of talented writers out there, and it would be great to give them a platform, and share their work with others. 


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