Troy David Loy- Guest Author of Agnishatdal and Indie Adda!

Hello dearies!

Troy David Loy being a true blue angel instantly shared his priceless works with us when I requested him! I was so desperately looking for some changes in pattern posts! His works are amazing, and they will start from 7th June, will be shared whenever he can squeeze out some time to write them and send them to me! believe me he has such a tight schedule that I felt quite guilty to request him but he instantly agreed, being an angel of a friend he is!

So, hope you will enjoy his amazing posts from 7th and check out his blogs, his artworks (and make me happy)!

Love you guys! Here is his little bio:

Troy David Loy is an American student and writer with a love for things Indian, creating fractal art, and science. He is owned by two cats, Mr. Eccles and Ricky, and is engaged in a program of lifelong learning in an attempt to make sense of an increasingly irrational world. He is the author of Dirge: A Short SF Story available at

He can be found online @Troythulu on Twitter and on his blog The Call of Troythulu at


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