Troy Wednesdays 12.7.17 Black Dog Night

Black Dog Night

The creaking, scratching from the stairs got closer. His sister, in the room with him, turned to look out to the hall stairway. She turned pale with fear, frozen in place, as a shape resolved itself.

It took the form of a massive hound, six feet at the shoulder, talon-like claws, with black shaggy fur, a hunched back, and single red glowing eye placed squarely in its forehead.

It turned its gaze from her to her brother, lying in his bed, and let out a moaning shriek that could have woken the dead at this hour of night.

The boy woke suddenly, in a cold sweat. All was silence in the dark, save the sounds of traffic on the late night roads outside.

It was just a dream.

Then, a creaking, scratching sound slowly advanced up the stairs toward the upper floor of the house on this dark, dead, quiet night.

Closer it came, ever closer.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: TROY DAVID LOY is a dreamer, student who dreams about distant worlds and captures them with pixels and words. He is an artist and a writer of great talent, he is also cherished editor of Agnishatdal and Agnijaat. You can start checking out his works here and


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