Troy Wednesdays 26.7.17 Gods of Terra – Kastra

Gods of Terra | Kastra

She set down her goblet, glaring at the now-unwelcome guests across the table. How dare they insult her lineage, of the blood of heroines and war-mistresses!

She was furious, and now determined to get her dues for the rashness of the evening’s discussion. Her esteemed ancestors would not have countenanced this breach of hospitality traditions.

She stood, rising to her full eight feet in height, her headpiece nearly touching the ceiling as Kastra shed her human guise and revealed her true form, that of the Rani of Stars.

Now, they would pay.

They would see the stars.

They would see them first hand, and up close.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: TROY DAVID LOY is a dreamer, student who dreams about distant worlds and captures them with pixels and words. He is an artist and a writer of great talent, he is also cherished editor of Agnishatdal and Agnijaat. You can start checking out his works here and


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