Thursday Fun n Frolics 10.8.17 is for Troy David Loy’s Gallery!

Visit my page and gallery on DeviantArt, at:
http:// and http:// ,where alien cityscapes harbor eldritch horrors from beyond and
warships of powerful interstellar empires ply the stars in search of victory in the heat of battle.

From the simple to the complex, from the bizarre to the interesting, these images are a way to express a love for art, science, and
mathematics in a way that I find fun, and that you may find unique and intriguing.

From the beginning of merely creating personal art for blogs, this has developed to the point, with plenty of room to grow, of images, from years of practice and improvement to the craft.
Many of these images are available as free full-sized file downloads and sold as print products to enhance walls, gift cards for whatever occasion suits the image selected, or items such as
magnets, mugs, and mousepads for those with a taste for something more tangible than a cool wallpaper for the desktop of choice.

Stop by to poke around if you like, and
take a look at what’s available to
download and for sale! Got a question?
Have a critique to offer for this budding
artist’s work? Drop me a line at, or comment on
DeviantArt. Also, if you’re a member of
the site, you can Watch the page for
further releases as they’re posted!

I may also be found on Twitter @Troythulu, on Blogger at, on
Tumblr at

check out this beautiful gallery’s works in the pdf file:



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