AGNIJASHATADALAM, shoptly, PAYPAL AND PATREON- if you want to buy Sharmishtha Basu’s works

Here are the few sites from where you can buy my digital works, directly or indirectly, and the site that will showcase the works of those sites, let’s start with the showcase blogs and facebook page:

now the urls of Agnijashatadalama:

email id is and/or

For some reason WordPress has blocked my blog “Agnijashatadalama” so I had to create a new blog “Agnijashatadalam” the rest is same, it will be used for showcasing my works in payhip and patreon and if possible I will add a paypal button in it so you can directly buy from it!

If you want to encourage the struggling artist and writer with your huge-hearted generosity ( I absolutely will indirectly return your help via my creations which will be labeled as rewards but I will try to make them worth your dollar(s), if not you know where to contact!):

You will be able to buy the Ezines, and my other digital works, some are already up in Patreon, will be there regularly- every month, others are available in Agnijashatadalama, where you can see the samples, directly approach me and I will send you the pdf files after you pay through paypal!

You will be able to finally utilize the paypal id to directly buy the ezines, the books available in Patreon and when they will be available in other sources:

or you can buy some books available in patreon and a bunch uniquely created for shoptly. Do remember that ignore the “payhip” links which I have filled my blogs with. They without least decorum deleted my account (by decorum I meant sending me a one line email telling me that they are deleting my account) so I will place those works in shoptly before june.

I will share the links when they will come up. You can check them via my page there too:

holi video




Sharmishtha Intro


2 thoughts on “AGNIJASHATADALAM, shoptly, PAYPAL AND PATREON- if you want to buy Sharmishtha Basu’s works

  1. Trisha, I have taken a look at Patreon and agree it’s a good platform to help you in your desire for financial independence. I have one question: When someone supports you on are you made aware of their support by Patreon?

    • dearest Carolyn, thank you! honestly! you don’t know how much it means to me when a friend understand the gravity of my problem! this is exactly what I have asked patreon, you see the two patron they are showing one is troy, the other is shaunak, shaunak became patron right in front of my eyes, and within one minute I noticed that 1 patron has become 2. I came to know about your pledge on 23rd or 24th when I checked my emails, it had a mail from patreon saying you have become my patron on 10th October! I have sent them a mail asking if they will tell me when 2 will become 3!

      God bless you my friend, I hope my works will be worth your hard-earned money!

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