Tuesday Adda @ Indie Adda 25.9.18 Amit Kumar

On the contrary I really love Amit Kumar’s voice, he is son of Kishor Kumar. From the very beginning I think, when I did not liked Kishor Kumar’s singing. I have started liking his songs after hearing the singers that followed him, honestly! They convinced me that Kishor Kumar was a really good singer. But regarding his son, I have liked his songs from almost the very beginning.

His voice is very sincere, and that sort of captivates me I guess! I think he is very talented but somehow he could not impress Hindi movie listeners who were already going down the hill, their taste has become horrible already! So they could not appreciate Amit Kumar or Mukesh’s son Nitin Mukesh I feel. I like them both!

The advantage Amit Kumar has over Nitin Mukesh is I think he was selective about the lyrics of the songs more than Nitin Mukesh was, as a result quite a handful of his songs have stayed for those who love his voice.

Like one of the loveliest love songs of hindi movies “Bade achchhe lagte hain”, apart from that he has given some super hit songs in “Love Story” I think the movie came out in 1980 or so. Starring Kumar Gaurav and Vijayata Pandit. His voice fitted very well on Kumar Gaurav.

Do share your opinions after hearing him!


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