Friday Journals 24.5.19

Who is there

She climbed the wall and carefully landed in the garden. It was almost three in the morning but the full moon was shining brightly in the sky. So visibility was not a problem at all.
She peered hard at the ground, she did not had the least intention of crushing her mother’s vegetable plants and getting the lecture of her life in the morning.
she discovered the narrow strip that ran between two plots of different vegetables and lifted her face. her heart stopped and froze.
someone was standing in the corner of the garden, wearing a white sari. not only that she was beckoning her, calling her… every ghost story she has read till date popped up in her mind.
she was preparing herself to run when she recollected that there was a banana tree in that corner… then she peered hard and started to laugh like a crazy woman in the middle of night.

Sharmishtha Basu


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