Thursday Fun n Frolics 16.1.20

Trust is must for peace
but it should never be blind.
In this world of swirling passions
it’s too risky to walk without eyes.

We can never say what’s lying
right in front of us.
When we will realize
everything we thought right was wrong!

Our foe has disguised as friend
has been making a fool of us till date.
Our mentor was a manipulator
who has been using us as a puppet!

Then we will curse ourselves
for all the trust that we had laid
on these tricksters blindly
and have let them manipulate us.

Just use your own treasures
eye, ears, tongue and wisdom
that is what they are for!
They are enough for a lovely life.

Ideas given by others should be tested,
wisdom of others are to be judged.
Opinions of others must be checked,
never, ever to be blindly followed!

Some of these poems have been removed, some are still in the book this year, the contents keep changing from 2018, and will change every year. Hope you like the style, if you do the link is added below in case you want to check out the book.

Moments from the journey

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