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Agnijaat Kartik 1426, October 2019 critique by Labanya

Agnijaat Kartik 1426
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Critique by Labanya

Agnijaat 10th Quarterly Durgapuja 2019 1426
Agnijaat Kartik 1426, October 2019
Agnijaat 10th Quarterly Durgapuja 2019 1426
Agnijaat Kartik 1426, October 2019

Indie Author Speaks 6: Well I am not a serious author, just write for fun and I absolutely don’t blog or use facebook, I rather prefer old fashioned books! So this section will be read simply out of curiosity. I will have to agree Lidia has points, check out how much friends encourage others in YouTube etc.

Fake Goddesses: Full agreement! Women should simply accept that they are human beings not angels or demons.

Think twice: Point noted! These modern gadgets and their weird ways!

Cracker menace: Do I hate loud noise? Yes sir I do but my hating won’t work. This is a pain we will have to suffer because Indian parents have forgotten bringing up decent kids! When we were kids we had time fixed for bursting loud crackers and that too for one day only! We were so angry sometimes but there was no disobeying mom or dad!

SOS: true words! Happiness is never easy!

WOW: I will have to collect all shlokas and read them. This one is pretty interesting. I am not much into religious texts but will try them.

Goa Inquisition: I will have to get the entire article.

Bad sales pitches: Good one! Typos and slip of tongue are always hilarious!

Fun and Frolic section:

Agnijaat and Agnishatdal Book 10: They both sound interesting. Will have to ask Agni if I can get a copy of both!

Teresa Schnapasky and Memoirs of a Pakhtun immigrant: Loved the interview, Teresa sounds like an accomplished and very talented author. Will check out the book! Writing a captivating biography is herculean task I believe! So it certainly is worth checking out!

Depraves: I so don’t believe critiques! When critiques rubbish a movie I always check it out that level of disbelief! So I certainly agree with her, test yourself before rejecting a movie or book!

Indian Raga Now:

R.D. Burman- he was an extraordinary talent, his untimely death did great damage to hindi movie music industry.

Guru Dutt- What a talent! Wish it was recognized by his contemporary viewers and he was not pushed to suicide. I have watched his classics multiple time and all I can say about them that they are true gems. Yes, they all are sad, tragic but gems all the same!

Mumbly: Have not watched this series, will check out!

Kamalpur: We all have these memories, don’t we? Time or places we can’t go back to like college canteen and bunking classes to have fun!

Youtube channel: Already checked them all out.


Hatred: Now that is one sick mind, glad that he got his dose of medicine!

Kalipuja: Well the second big festival of month! I love decorating the house with candles and eat sweets!

Theme: Earth- thoroughly enjoyed the set of poems and paintings that went with them. Writing form poetry is tough but loved these poems. Even though I am more for formless poetry!

The cartoon: Absolutely loved it! I so hate these newspapers that are turning the media into advertisement pages! All you will see is movie stars, entertainers, players and politicians. No place for news! Hate journalists and the things they try to push down our gullets every day!

In the end quite enjoyed the Ezine, and its colourful sketches/paintings!

That is it I guess! See you again in Agrahayan, and thank you Agni/Sharmishtha for translating my works!

Yours sincerely,


Well, Sharmishtha Basu is fifth child of Late Dr. Shibaprasad Basu, she is Bengali, Indian, she took birth in Tundla, Uttar Pradesh, lived in and around Uttar Pradesh for the first sixteen years of her life, then returned to Burdwan, West Bengal , her family has dwelled there for five hundred years or so and are still dwelling there, she lived in West Bengal till 2015 February, since February 2015 she is living in Hyderabad. She is unemployed, unmarried so with lot of time and excessive energy, some evil people made her dreams of having a normal career impossible but that did not diminished her energy, so she utilizes her time and energy mainly by painting and writing, hoping that her books will become her dream career, her salvation in her words, she is a blend of bhaktiyoga and karmayoga. You can contact her through her blogs (main blog), her facebook page, amazon page or emails &

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