Thursday Fun n Frolics 6.2.20

Hunger for perfection is good
when you are working.
But don’t crave for it
when you are playing.

Don’t make every second a war
life should be left to its own flow.
Nothing in nature is perfect
so don’t try to tame life’s river.

Sail along with every day
you will earn scratches on way
they will tell a story
of a fulfilling journey.

You should steer the boat
navigate it to the end.
But let life play its games
every river has its waves, bends.

Some of these poems have been removed, some are still in the book this year, the contents keep changing from 2018, and will change every year. Hope you like the style, if you do the link is added below in case you want to check out the book.

Moments from the journey

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