Thursday Fun n Frolics 13.2.20

No one holds the right to make you sad
to make you feel you are not too good!
You have every right to keep away
from someone who steals your wind.

Always listen to their words
but from a safe distance.
Don’t let their poisoned words
run through the vein of your life.

Yes, yes I know our critics
Often show us our follies.
But they can be Cyclopic too
seeing only our mistakes.

So it’s wise to keep a distance
lest their roars subdue our song.
So we can hear their words clearly
but their roar won’t choke our spirit.

After all, it’s our life!
If we win we are winner
if we lose we are loser.
So we should decide the path!

Critics are not always enemies
nor are they always well-wishers.
It’s best to listen to them to the limit,
When their words hit our brain not spirit!

Some of these poems have been removed, some are still in the book this year, the contents keep changing from 2018, and will change every year. Hope you like the style, if you do the link is added below in case you want to check out the book.

Moments from the journey

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