Patreon August 2019 Critique by Troy

Agnimalya August 2019 Critique:

by Troy David Loy

The Black Mist:
An evil witch, Krishnamayi, seeks the souls and lives of all who cross her path. Young Mitesh is caught in her snare, but does he prevail where others have fallen? This does not end well, and I found it disturbing in a very entertaining way!

Coming Kingdom August 2019 Critique:

Spirits of Light:
Aruna flees the deaths of her royal parents, finding a mysterious giant egg in a cave. What hatches changes her life, and in a way that makes her dangerous to her parents’ murderers! Who or what is Ruby, the egg’s hatchling, and who are the relations she meets in her journey? This ends well, though not for her enemies!

Spirits of Darkness:
Sudip hates the rules, and constantly seeks ways to avoid them, in terrible, frightening ways when he finds an enormous statue and becomes a prince of darkness! Also a good one, but it ends poorly for Sudip’s victims and poor family!

SBP&B August 2019 Critique:

The Bridge of Her Dreams:
Young Chitralekha has recurring dreams of a bridge far away, and soon discovers the source of those dreams, her own paranormal gift. What is the answer to her questions, and who are the people she encounters in those dreams, so much like those at University in Kashmir!

The Prisoner of Sand Castle:
Young Dyuti discovers her heritage after being captured by men from the outside world. What is her secret? Is she human, or is she something more? I enjoyed both of these, stories ending in positive ways!

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