Thursday Fun n Frolics 20.2.20

Don’t play with your pain.
Sweet one it’s all consuming
ruthless fire which slowly
consumes the heart which lets it stay!

Once allowed to stay longer than it should,
it will make its home in a heart
convincing the heart it’s an essence
then it’s flames will spread around.

It slowly consumes the entire being
turns a living, thriving life
into a handful of dust and ashes.
Its raging flames never stop burning!

Don’t let it linger in your heart.
Either extinguish it with love
or just throw it out of your life
and move ahead without giving it chance!

Some of these poems have been removed, some are still in the book this year, the contents keep changing from 2018, and will change every year. Hope you like the style, if you do the link is added below in case you want to check out the book.

Moments from the journey

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