Salutes to brave souls who are out there helping others!

Salutes to healthworkers, voluntary organization workers and cops, people who are out there risking their lives to serve others, save others!

These days we are seeing a very beautiful side of Kolkata Police department, their very humane side! They are helping people in distress in every possible way! Hats off! May God keep them safe and healthy!

The sacrifice that doctors, nurses and everyone involved in healthcare industry is beyond words, may God keep all these noble souls safe and healthy!

Some of the movie stars are shining bright these days, Sonu sood opened his hotel’s doors to accomodate doctors and healthcare people, Shahrukh Khan turned his house’s part as shelter, Hrithik Roshan is feeding lakhs of people- these are the people who know the real use of money! Hats off guys! May God return to you in thousandfolds what you are giving to hapless people!

2 thoughts on “Salutes to brave souls who are out there helping others!

  1. So true about the people helping others during this crisis. Thanks for bringing some attention to them. As always, thanks fir your support, it’s always inspiring to hear from you. You’re the best! Cheers from Ed.

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