Thursday Fun n Frolics 30.7.20

It was her birthday, the room was
Bursting with light and laughter
Everyone was wearing a smile
Gathered around their beloved.

Her eyes were worried though lips smiled,
Eyes were flying to the door again and again
All of a sudden a smile broke in
Like first light of dawn lights up sky.

A shy timid youth entered the room,
But stood there staring at the crowd,
Most of them recognized him
He was the brightest boy in class.

She darted to him and held his hand,
Snatched a tightly clutched packet,
And asked happily, “Is it mine?”
The boy said fearfully, “Yes.”

His eyes were looking at the expensive ones,
The girl eagerly tore the wraps
A cheap book was neatly wrapped
She first hugged the gift and the boy.

All the youths in costly dresses gathered around
Smile on every lip, tears in every eye.
When they one by one took the book and praised
The book, and the choice of the boy.

Some of these poems have been removed, some are still in the book this year, the contents keep changing from 2018, and will change every year. Hope you like the style, if you do the link is added below in case you want to check out the book.

Butterflies from life’s garden

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