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Agni Kahini by Sharmishtha Basu, my graphic story channel in YouTube 6


Agni Kahini
All the works are here:

There is another reason too, I have filled up your plates with daily posts in WordPress whole year through [2021], next year will be dedicated to Agni Kahini, if I am lucky you will see two posts each week or one post each week, if things don’t go the way I am dreaming they will you will see daily posts there, not more than that, it is impossible to create more than thirty one posts in a month LOL

So if you are enjoying these photographs and paintings [I sincerely hope so, scoot over to Agni Kahini and subscribe, turn on the notification so that you know when the posts are out.

Have fun!

I am not yet tired of enjoying some fun time with my creations, so, after much thinking I have finally decided to have some fun-time in YouTube, join me there. I will share graphic story of a different kind, trailers, nature videos and painting galleries and other things will join too. It is absolutely free! All you will have to do is encourage a little, subscribe and press the bell icon, leave a few messages here and there!

I just started trying my hands on graphics stories in June 2021, so any constructive comment will be very much appreciated. I use Pencil 2D to create my videos and it is really easy to use and great. Music is copied from you will get a huge collection of free to use music there if you are looking for them.

If you like the contents please subscribe, help me making 100 subscribers so I can give my channel a name  and enjoy sharing more graphic stories, paintworks and nature videos with you.

Sharmishtha Basu


Just another human being who loves to write, paint and learn all types of things she can. Lives in Kolkata as on 2022 April, been living here since 2005, excluding one amazing year she passed in Hyderabad in 2015. Check out the sidebars for all the places where you can join her or get her works from. You can contact her through her blogs (main blog), amazon page or emails &

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