Advertisers and Critics for Agnishatdal, Agnijaat

agnijaat logo 15.7.16 2


The twins are looking for some writers who will read and share their opinion on the magazines, it will be amazing if they do it on their own blog or they can share it here in the reader’s page, whichever they deem better for themselves.

glimpses of twins Shraban

If you ACTUALLY want to read and share your views write me a mail, I will send you a pdf file, but if you do I will earnestly hope that you will keep your unwritten promise and write a critic (actual) within a fortnight and post it, in your blog or mine and send me a copy via emails, for my personal pleasure, and the link to your review too, wherever you post it.

ONLY IF YOU PROMISE A CRITIC write to me @ and send a copy to (Please send one mail to each id).

agnishatdal images 2  7.1.16 Shravan image


If you want to advertise in any of the ezines in pdf format, send your advertisement as a word document, including the image(s) you want to display and everything else.

The rate is 100 Rupee per page for one month (5$ for six month/1 page 10$ for 12 month/1 page). There won’t be any half page at present.

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