Dayna Leigh Chesser’s Logan’s Time


critique of Logan’s time by Sharmishtha Basu for you:

A fantastic fiction placed in ancient Scotland. The story of a young woman who has been forced to marry a man against her will, actually the way she was forced to marry him was quite painful! Believe me! Finally, after giving him his second heir she escaped, leaving behind his heirs, her sons with him, one at first thinks that it is a little cruel for the mother to desert the child then one is shown that phase, when this young woman was forced to marry the Duke, and any independent minded woman will realize she did not had any other choice, back at that age, when women were their father’s property before marriage and husband’s property after that!

It is one of those stories which have a strong aroma of classic. From the very beginning it will grab your attention, if you love historical fiction. I absolutely do! It is a story told with great expertise about an era long gone.

Story of Logan, his childhood, its tragedies that were quite cruel for a child, a little too much for a normal person I will say that to you, cant spoil your suspense so I won’t go into details, you will know and most probably agree with me, that they were a bit too much but were never surreal, they could and I am sure still happen! How they created his personality, a rough, quite brutish man, yet there was tenderness in him, a loyalty that was quite admirable. The way his beloved’s loss of beauty and health did not affect his devotion, his love for her stayed absolutely unchanged, though she has lost all her looks and health, his love for her was really heart-warming! So beautiful that I at least felt lot less angry with him!

He is not mister perfect but Logan certainly has his very strong plus points, that makes this story even more enjoyable, I really liked the way he listened to the man he hated with all his heart and soul and was about to kill, and realized that it was not he, he himself was his own actual cause behind his own torments. I believe very few people have that power, to accept and admit own fault, after blaming someone else for years, falsely! It is Logan’s story, and Dayna created his character brilliantly. He will stay in mind for some time at least!

The sweet turn of the story was quite a joy in today’s world of tragic stories, where love simply seems not to exist. I love the stories with second chances! Where a person loses his/her love, and then finds it in someone else, and starts life afresh with that person! I will say this story is a thoroughly enjoyable read for those who love romantic stories and those who love historical romances, or love to know about other countries, their ways and lives, like I do!

I rather loved the way Dayna gave the story a very positive turn when I was absolutely sure that it was about to become very ugly and dark. Just loved the sweet turn the story took, right at the brink of destruction. Sorry, am a big fan of positive stories, I think real life is gloomy enough! We have news channels if we want to mope, a little joy, cheer, positivity is quite good for our health these days! We often turn to books, movies and music for those moments of respite and cheer. I was happy that Logan’s Time fell in that category.

I love the way Dayna spoke about Scotland, I have read a few classics about Scotland, and somehow her story just rhymed in with them, it reminded me of a novel Catriona i have read as a child, as for her mistakes in narrating a Scottish tale, I found none, most probably a Scottish can tell them, if there are any! Her description of the Duke’s castle, his tower is very cool!

The way she spun a story bringing in different countries and continents, their cultures was quite delightful, especially for a writer like me, who clings to familiar, the way she created scene after scene one will think She has actually visited those places!

In the end I truly wonder if anyone will NOT enjoy this story. It is a great story, told in a fantastic way! I really don’t think you will regret if you buy it, it is a book for keeps. I am planning to read it as soon as I can again.

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