Tuesday Adda @ Indie Adda 25.9.18 Amit Kumar

On the contrary I really love Amit Kumar’s voice, he is son of Kishor Kumar. From the very beginning I think, when I did not liked Kishor Kumar’s singing. I have started liking his songs after hearing the singers that followed him, honestly! They convinced me that Kishor Kumar was a really good singer. But regarding his son, I have liked his songs from almost the very beginning.

His voice is very sincere, and that sort of captivates me I guess! I think he is very talented but somehow he could not impress Hindi movie listeners who were already going down the hill, their taste has become horrible already! So they could not appreciate Amit Kumar or Mukesh’s son Nitin Mukesh I feel. I like them both!

The advantage Amit Kumar has over Nitin Mukesh is I think he was selective about the lyrics of the songs more than Nitin Mukesh was, as a result quite a handful of his songs have stayed for those who love his voice.

Like one of the loveliest love songs of hindi movies “Bade achchhe lagte hain”, apart from that he has given some super hit songs in “Love Story” I think the movie came out in 1980 or so. Starring Kumar Gaurav and Vijayata Pandit. His voice fitted very well on Kumar Gaurav.

Do share your opinions after hearing him!


Tuesday Adda @ Indie Adda 18.9.18 Kishor Kumar

I love very few songs of Kishor Kumar, honestly, he is too lighthearted for me, I rather prefer singers who sing through their heart! He was the playful child on microphone when he sings that type of songs I love them quite often, songs like “Hum to mohabbat karega” or “Panch rupaiya bara ana”, or some of his romantic songs are fantastic too! Quite a handful actually! I quite like his “mere naina sawan bhado”, “O hansini” and handful of other romantic songs.

But when it comes to serious songs- they just don’t come out! Excluding a few haunting melodies, one or two in my dictionary. Actually one of my favorite morbid songs is sung by him, “Zindagi ke safar me guzar jate hain jo muqam”. But if you give me the choice I will rather hear him singing “Jay jay shiv Shankar” from the same movie!

He too merrily sang in both Bengali and Hindi and in both regions he has left a huge number of ardent admirers. Quite an enviable number of blind fans too!

Your views please!

Tuesday Adda @ Indie Adda 11.9.18 Mukesh

Mukesh was gifted with a voice that will go straight for your heart. He was not much of a trained singer like Manna Dey or Md. Rafi, his strength was his sincerity.

He mostly sang songs with great lyrics and depth, songs that will aim for your heart not ears. I have quite adored this singer because of his sincerity, which shines through his voice.

If I start listing his songs that I adore the list won’t stop real soon. There are one too many that are my favorite. He is sort of like Md. Rafi in that regard in my dictionary. Still one of my favorites is “Chandan sa badan”, another is “Sajan re jhooth mat bolo”.

Don’t forget to share your views on this amazing singer.

Tuesday Adda @ Indie Adda 4.9.18 R.D. Burman

These two Burmans are very much related. S.D. Burman was R.D. Burman’s father. Just like the sons of many legends he was blessed with inherent talent I think. But he picked up an absolutely different style of music from his legendary father and became a legend himself! Instead of blending folk music in his songs he blended western music. If you hear his songs you will clearly feel the tempo of western music.

Very often he blended quite distinct western music in his songs, like Italian lines in his superhit song “Do labzon kee hai dil kee kahani” or when you hear “chura liya hai tumne” you will feel clearly that its root lies in Western music.

Just like father he was an awesome singer too, but he experimented with his voice too. Just listen to his songs you will know, that he loved playing with his voice. He too was quite a famous singer in both Bengali and Hindi.

My favorite of his songs (sung by him) is “Mehbooba Mehbooba” from sholay. In Bengali, well I think “aye ajagar aschhe tedre”.

Don’t forget to share your views after hearing him.

Tuesday Adda @ Indie Adda 28.8.18 S.D. Burman

The man with magical voice and awesome sense of music= legendary music director and singer S.D. Burman. His music was magical. He was one of the best folk singers of his time, that is he did not sang the actual folk songs, gave their tunes to songs and sang them in a voice very befitting for folk songs. He had the rustic voice folk singers are famous for in India.

He has blessed both Hindi and Bengali music lovers with priceless gems some in his voice and others in voices of legends.

He sang both Bengali and Hindi songs with equal expertise, you will have to hear him to appreciate him!

He is one of my forever favorite singers and favorite music directors.

Don’t forget to share your views!

Tuesday Adda @ Indie Adda 21.8.18 Arati Mukherjee

I don’t know if they are related or not! Sandhya and Arati Mukherjee I mean! Don’t ask me! I really loved the voice of Arati Mukherjee.

She has given us quite a handful of really good songs in Hindi and Bengali. Check out the songs of “geet gata chal” in Hindi and “Amar Geeti” in Bengali. She has sung with Bengali classical music legend Ramkumar Chattopadhyay in Amar Geeti with great expertise and flair!

Hindi songs fitted her well, she had a very sweet and talented voice. I really loved her songs. Sad that she did not get the recognition she deserved! We are the losers! Folks who love good songs!

Try her out and share your views please!

Tuesday Adda @ Indie Adda 14.8.18 Sandhya Mukherjee

Sandhya Mukherjee ruled Bangla movie’s female side I think. I don’t remember any other lady singer who has sung this many number of songs.

Her voice was not perfect but she sang in a very attractive way, you will love her voice in many of her songs if not all.

I did not liked her much when I was growing up but now with a little more taste I quite admire her songs and love many songs, either because of her singing or because of the lyrics.

Bengalis either worship her and go all ga ga over her or don’t like her at all!

You will either love her or not! Try her and share your view!