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These times, so many violent changes, so sudden, they can’t be forecast. Deluge, villages disappear, politicians acting foolishly, rubbish emerging from their mouths, children with access to all the porn you could imagine,all of them with phones, millions daily, the environment itself, beyond help, it’s now a slowing policy, nothing more, men more confused than ever, they just need sex it seems, young people unable to decide on their sexuality, a mad president acting like a mafia don, clean water, almost extinct, and when God sends the help and the warnings, what is the reaction, the price, just as Oscar Wilde said all those years ago. The cloud with this blog, is real, arrived just over eight years ago, and came with the promise of the Holy Spirit too. It brings the words of Isaiah into play again. The prophet Jesus referred to again and again,and still is, amen.

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Selling the Soul

true words of wisdom


How many have turned away from the loving way, how many sell themselves, in order to get ahead, how many endowed with talents, have seriously abused them, what excuses can they offer,Solomon sighed, he heard the words as he passed the bench, someone was being quoted, lower body stuff, amen. Who sets such an example, how the demon smiled,while so many fell from grace, more company in the abyss, for the demon, and those who worshiped him. Many souls were asking, is this the time, they have been through so much sighed Solomon, they need respite, amen.

Toe rags, a word he heard used, to describe some, as disposable as a used condom. The memory, an old one. Those who assist, putting on the serious face, as if they were helping them, while stealing what they made, poor souls He sighed, and this example widely encouraged. Our choice they say…

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Stone Her



The young woman is tied to the pole, they are preparing to stone her, according to the law. A man reads out a proclamation, the verdict has to be read, a large crowd has assembled. Today we caught this woman talking to a married man, in a private location, you know how dangerous that can be, we must have standards. A young prophet is in the crowd, listening. The speech ends, the men chosen to do the stoning pick up stones, their arms arched, waiting for the final salute, before the sentence is carried out.

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The man pushes his way through the crowd, stands in front of the gathering. The judge in charge of proceedings smiles, are you another of her lovers he says. Of course he says, isn’t it written in the law, that we must love what God has created otherwise…

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The inner Self

food for serious thought!


The cover up, point in any direction, over there, they are breaking the law, lets target them. The mob screams, the chase begins, all thoughts of the self forgotten, while telling themselves, this is God’s way, or so their leader says. The mob beat the man, he is an adulterer, was seen coming out of a house, where a single lady resided. Praise to God they shout, as if the Almighty advised violence, when it’s compassion and understanding that is sought. Hiding among the regulations, isn’t that what crooks do, well if it’s legal, written in the law, it’s all right.

Jesus was speaking to the apostles. People were complaining, that Jesus and his followers were breaking all the rules, ignoring the rules of washing, eating the wrong foods, communing with those considered dirty. What makes you unworthy, is what comes out of your mouth, not what goes into it…

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wise words.


All the righteous dead calling out, how many voices, those unjustly murdered,the output of the Spirit stolen from, serious times, serious crimes, Solomon wondered if they noticed, the volcanoes, the earthquakes, the rudderless world, leaving it to mere men to fix, wasn’t thinking, as if the same people created the world.

What if the current generation were going to be asked to address the issue; the righteous dead, what if, all those unjust deaths had to be accounted for, why not, the times coincide with prophecy of old. The numbers tell the same story, the time is near, and warnings from space, point to the potential of a world changing event, from the sun.

The silent walk of all those who entered the gas chambers, will humanity have to answer for it; is there a lesson, did we repeat the same mistakes afterwards. Did we allow the military complex take…

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“We’ll always have Paris” *

gorgeous Paris!


Two years without going back to Paris. How would I find the old city? The answer: chaotic, traffic-jammed, invaded by masked nitwits running on electric scooters at 20mph on the sidewalk. But Paris will always be Paris. Notre-Dame, the old “girl”, is still there, doing well. The reconstruction is progressing at good speed. (Paris, July-August 2021)

“Fleur mystique”, Mystic flower, by Gustave Moreau (1826-1898). Critics or art historians label him “Symbolic”. I would call him more a Mythology painter. Many of themes are based on Greek or Roman mythology, or oniric subjects such as this “Mystic flower”. Though a favourite painter of mine, I hadn’t visited his house/museum in a while. Taking advantage of the Health Pass, reluctantly handed to me by the French Gvt, I ran there and found the same magic.

Toulouse-Lautrec,1893, at the Petit Palais.

Joan of Arc, 1865 by Emmanuel Frémier. Petit…

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beautifully said!


compassion, no cult leader, simply, the space you made for others. It wasn’t for your gain, as many behave, helping, Jesus pointed towards stories, the easy way to get them to listen, they were all children in his eyes. The good Samaritan wasn’t a spy, didn’t have an agenda either, did what was correct in the heart that loves. In a nutshell, you can’t love God if you hate the things He created.

Treasure Box

eating foods, washing this way or that, it wasn’t too important, some put emphasis on rituals, fine for keeping communities together, helping to know each other, but real love, is what you do for others, not your friends, it’s called spreading the Spirit of well being, amen.

Wonders and miracles, they were not for show, they were to teach, life is eternal for those that hold firm in faith. And if Heaven is not in…

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