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A morning walk, Paris

Welcome to Paris


Traveller 996. I would say 2.10 or 2.20 ms tall? (Many feet.) Browsing at the bookboxes along the Seine. I like the green hair.

Come to think of it, I believe I only had “escargots” once during the stay. (Darn.) Vintage ad in a café.

Just a door knocker… Parisians are such snobs.

Mardouk, Medical school, Rue des Saint-pères. The construction of the school lasted twenty years from the 30’s to the 50’s. WWII kinda put a spanner in the works. The walls are decorated by sculptures of historical or mythological characters related or not to medicine. Mardouk or Merduk was the patron god of Babylon. Couldn’t find the name of the author(s?) of the medallions.

Penal court of Paris on the Ile de la Cité. (No, I never was subpoenaed to go inside).

The Pinta, Santa-María, and Niña, Colombus’ three ships. Salvador Dalí…

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There is so much the mind can handle, there is so much pain we can inflict, some of it, by advice’s received from our teachers, but does hurting others really please God. Rules are built up, they become enshrined in laws, by those who are devout, who assume they are helping the harvest, which harvest you ask, the harvest of pain and retribution, didn’t Jesus teach forgiveness, how easy it is to forget, the basics.

Women, mothers, the carers of their families, how they have similar goals. Solomon was watching old re runs of TV shows from fifty years ago. The respect everyone had for each other, the considerate language, how all that respect had died in less than fifty years, replaced by what, the me syndrome, the death of society for many people.

What will you do, when you are asked to explain your behaviors. Will you quote those…

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noble lady


Her love has left her, not that she does not love. She gave her love a long time ago. She will not accept less. Her head held high, she is not as trim as she used to be, but that is fine. How she carries herself, her ways, how she deals with others, she is calm and sure, this noble lady.

Her friends, wonder. This is not happening. What has she done with her life; they wonder. Sacrifice was never their way. They refuse to understand. Like the widow who gave the two bits all those years ago, she is remembered, unlike those who chose comfort instead. Lucky woman, our noble lady is, amen.

Solomon sighed. He was on a visit with an old friend. He encounters an ageing woman, full of the steel of life. There is a twinkle in her eye. How did she remain single he wonders…

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Church Leaders Worry…


Where have all the vocations gone, was it something we did, are we guilty of pointing towards others while burying our faults. Grey hairs, too many of them, have they strayed from the wisdom of Jesus, have they catered for the needs of the Spirit?….

Have they preached too much doom, when Jesus did not preach doom, but freedom, freedom from the traps this world sets for so many.

Solomon had the words in him. The Spirit from above does not discriminate, it seeks rest. Has there been a failure to preach the doctrine of Unity of Spirit, what do you think. In olden times Jesus encouraged all, to ask questions. He could read minds, knew the thinking, the uncertainty. One thing that cannot be contradicted. It wasn’t about gathering a huge number of followers in your group, that’s number crunching, we have more than you. Since the world claims…

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Our moment, lets tare down those images those people of yesteryear, they only remind us of our suffering. global reminders of injustices past, and those who feel most hurt by the reminders, lose another opportunity to remind the global community of what happened to them. You can’t ban history; dictators have been good at denying the truth, but for those who want to burn down the memories, what are they saying. Do they not realize, that the very thing they wish to be known, their actions abolish, amen.

Treasure Box

In these confused times, there are many taking advantage of the hurt suffered in the past. At least those statues stood as reminders,of where we don’t want to revisit again.

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A morning walk, Mexico



“A dog day afternoon.” On the 14th of March we decided to launch ourselves to another district where we might get our first vax shot. First centre was packed. We moved over to the other centre in the district. Found a few gems along the way.

The Jaguar looked at us and said nothing.

Blue river. (In memory of the King:)

The blue Jaguar showed us the way.

Tie a ribbon to the old yellow tree, said the Jaguar. You sure, Dude? Wasn’t it a yellow ribbon? Not here Dude.

Ixchel, the Mother of Gods, will guide you.

The 43 of Ayotzinapa are gone forever *. The deer will come out of the Peyotl. Wait! Don’t inhale the smoke…

Close your eyes, Catrina. Do you remember the paintings that were here before you?

(I told you guys not to inhale)

Ixchel was…

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The Vineyard Owner

good questions.


In trusted hands, the care of the flocks. Content as to their intentions, the vineyard owner leaves, a holiday and a rest is needed. The lease, proper use of the talents given, which will yield a harvest, the conditions are not hard, when the time comes, produce the harvest. In the harvest, there is the yield from the vineyard, which are deeds that lead to a Spiritual return, that will in time, lead to further yields, as others join in the harvest. The vineyard owner sends his servants, to collect the harvest.

Jesus told the parable, to remind us all, that a time will come, when we have to make a return. The words of the ancient prophets, tell us of the times, when we will be close to honoring that contract. Signs and great events point to days such as these.

Have we been good shepherds in this life…

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