Meet Bitter Pill the new kid of Agnishatdal!

Meet the new author of Agnishatdal, s/he is writing for two months now, his/her works are really powerful or strong I will say! Its hard to tell after two posts, here is the author’s self introduction for you:

Who, and What, is the Bitter Pill?

I’m the Bitter Pill, an ordinary scrivener who’s dealt with all kinds of crap from the worst people and finally found a voice to speak out. I’m a remedy for an ever-increasing tide of social BS from silly people who manipulate and exploit others for power.

I welcome any viable challenge offered to what I write, to any facts-based valid argument showing I’m biased or just plain wrong. No other comers will even get to step into the ring. No, so-called “alternative facts” will not even be entertained, not worth my time. Failing valid, accurate critique, readers can take these missives as yr. humble svt’s personal experiences, observations, and conclusions.
I’m a great admirer of those figures like Socrates and Chanakya with the courage to call things as they are, who spoke truth to power at great risk of personal danger.

Suicidal? Possibly, but the pursuit of truth has always been dangerous to those given to abuse their ill-gotten power!


Meet Brieuc Martin Onraet the new Saturday King!

Brian Martin-Onraet was born of French parents in Pakistan, a few years after the Partition. He was later raised in Africa and educated in France and America. A marketing consultant by trade, he has taken writing as a hobby. He now lives in Mexico with his wife, a researcher, and their cat Miao Zedong. You can visit Brian’s blog at:

Few Words from Agnishatdal ( aka her creator Sharmishtha Basu):
Brian is well… what can I say about a person with such amazing talents? He is a brilliant writer, an enviable photographer with eye for the very best models! You will have to read his blogs to enjoy his way of telling stories- adding magical photographs (his collection is downright enviable) to go along. If you love photographs and different cultures his blog is your dream destination.

Thank you Kevin Cooper for being a gem of a friend!

Kevin has been spending his priceless time reading my books these days, all seven that I rewrote and republished in septhember, you most probably have read their names twenty times already!

He started with Spirits of darkness and light here is the post:

Then before I could share it with my readers he gifted me another amazing review:

not one but two posts! I don’t know if is heart is made of flesh or pure gold! It is a huge, mammoth help for me to have friends like Kevin, Troy, Caroline and you all! I will always be indebted!

BTW the second post he did on Black Mist and other stories:

When you are there, dont forget to check out the wonderful comments his readers left on his posts about my paintings which to me are pretty clumsy! but i have no problem with loving compliments and sharing them with friends.

Black Mist and other stories:
Kindle ebook:


The kindle ebook

The paperback

Thank you Carolyn Page and Troy David Loy for becoming my patrons.

Thanks a lot Troy and Carolyn for becoming my patrons in patreon, to me it means a LOT! MORE THAN A LOT!


Hope you will enjoy what you will get there, they will mostly be new or very seriously altered old stories, works.

Do let me know if you think something is missing.

God bless you again!

love and big hugs!

as for my readers, if you want to meet my priceless friends:
Carolyn blogs at

Troy blogs at

Happy Halloween and a little gift on Kalipuja (19.10.17) for you!

Hope you had a wonderful time. Sorry I was off at the right time, after Kalipuja I was planning to post this post instantly but inconvenience struck and I was deprived of the joy of sharing this little gift with you, Kalipuja from Haridevpur 🙂

Download the pdf file, that way it will be more fun!

Love and hugs.

Second blog, second day in a row, so you too should be reading it if you are a wordpress blogger!

It again happened today, I was not allowed to enter my own blog with accurate password, had to reset it! F*** lucky me that the password reset mail came in first attempt! I really believe that wordpress should say something about it or we can simply assume that wordpress blogs are going to become BlogSpot/blogger blogs after we lose our blogs of course.

Here is what happened yesterday read seriously if you have been putting up all your work in WordPress and have built a circle here:

I really did not liked what happened today (30.10.17) morning, I am not a seer or prophet, so I wont be telling you that I see … I see grave danger…. but in case it happens and my blog(s) gets stolen I hope you will feel the impostor and contact me!

You know where to find me! At present I am trying to stick with Patreon with my fresh bunch of creativity

then you know my emails and the facebook pages. There is no reason that they all will be compromised together. Honestly speaking after wasting ONE FULL HOUR TRYING TO RECOVER MY OWN BLOG’S PASSWORD I am gnashing my teeth, my blood pressure is rocketing upwards and I am not at all feeling relieved!

So, if you ever feel that my blog(s) have been compromised check me out in Facebook or patreon to confirm.


What happened today (30.10.17) morning is here: