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Happy birthday (sorry for the delay)!

The Call of Troythulu

As I reach the age of 53 this morning, I consider myself lucky indeed, to have lived the experiences I have, to learn the things I’ve learned, and to have met the people I have, both in real life and online. But one thing has always been lurking on the background, and that’s frequent self-doubt as to how good a friend I am to others.

That self-doubt, engendered by my failure to keep in touch with many of those I’ve befriended over the years, was a major cause of the several-month long inactivity on this blog starting in November of last year.

Part of the cause of that is my . . . condition . . . that results in a frequent, totally nonsensical and irrational desire for solitude, even with full knowledge that human interaction of some form is absolutely necessary for my psychological and physical well being.


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writing on heaven’s walls…

Read Between the Minds

i had planned
to sing
a merry tune
for you
to raise
your spirits
from life’s despairs
i could not find
one rhyme
of hate
fill the air
summer cicadas
nestled in
a nation’s darkness
i sat here
pondering how
to overcome
these barren thoughts
as i did
i saw one finch
join in song
with another
it was as if
had provided
the answer
must join in song
in a chorus
that defies
to usher in
new day’s

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still open to submissions …


Pure Haiku is still currently OPEN to Submissions.


But this time, you are not allowed to use the words Monster or Monstrous in your haiku/senyru (and you cannot use these words in the title, if you choose to provide titles for your submissions). I want to receive haiku/senyru that are implicit in their mentions of Monster.

There so many different slants on this theme. Please explore them all and surprise me!

The DEADLINE for submissions is 20th October 2017 at midnight.

MONSTER themed haiku written in the traditional/classical form (5-7-5 syllables) will be posted on this site in November & December 2017.

Please explore any meaning of MONSTER – I will accept both haiku and senyru.

How to submit to Purehaiku

If you would like to submit your haiku for publication on this site, please send a maximum of 5 haiku written in the

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Before you blindly trust your bot that corrects your grammar! ;p

I was copying and converting a piece from pdf to word document, and see what I got! I tried thrice to run the grammar check so it will accept the spellings but it seemed to be in the mood of “red” today!

Just wanted to share this hilarious piece of misinformation with you 🙂

Taking Liberties

The Mojo Collector

Can love survive death? On its fading to the quiet and the still. Stubborn loneliness becomes its only possession; its will wounded, but not broken. A silent lake, surface dull, no rushing of wind or agitation of flocks, no echo or reflection. Yet it holds ground.

Taciturn by nature, Nazer Marić had gone silent after the deaths of his parents and sister. At least to those around him. He had never spoken to me much, and I felt he blamed me more than Richard or Louis for what had happened. Evil could just not pass through carelessly like that, wrecking utter devastation, destroying his life, without accountability. He used his biases to throw off a fraction of his bottomless rage at the horrible fate he couldn’t escape onto me—foreign, female, bent on corrupting Enesa. For my part, I had as much insight into his humanity as I had knowledge of…

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I love writing, painting and reading can you help?

Let me share a little stuff with you, which is not a secret, due to some ugly people I cant go out and work like luckier people (in my dictionary)! I have been bullied into staying at home by some really filthy and dangerous people since 2007, but I keep trying to do something which will earn me my bread, I am sick of exploiting my younger brother’s generosity!

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