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ASTRONOMICAL new Facebook page!!

KG Bethlehem

The void creates madness to the weak and and arrogant ones..

Good day everybody!

If anyone has Facebook check out the new Astronomical Page! It will have updates on future projects concerning the book along with great conversations with science fiction and scientific theories. So like the page and enjoy what all lovers of sci-fi are enjoying now..

With a sprinkle of dystopian fiction as well.

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It Appears I Have a Zombie Car

The Green-Walled Tower

Upon my word, I’m not sure how to say this but I believe I am the owner of a zombie car.

Braaaaaaaaaakes...braaaaaaakes. Braaaaaaakesss…braaaaaaaakesss. [Source] Don’t ask me how such a thing is possible; my mechanic Gregory had no idea what the matter was and I had to rely on the expertise of young Michael who runs the comic store and indie movie theater. He seemed to know all about it. At least he pretended to.

It all started a week ago with the accident. I was coming up Route 43, just north of Springersville. It was foggy and you know how the road curves left just over the river? Well, straight ahead is the gate for Granger’s scrap yard and I just missed the turn completely in the fog and plowed right into that chain-link gate with my 2002 Corolla. It was an honest mistake, I can assure you…

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