Friday Journals 29.6.18

The publicity house

Something was wrong with the house. She felt it instantly that is within a week of moving in there.

She felt there were others in that house. Invisible entities! Soon she started to feel their presence even stronger.

Someone standing in the hallway….. A touch when she was still in the realm of sleep, a feeling that someone crept in her bed …. waking up to nothing though…

Strange faces appeared on floor and walls, created by dampness and heaven only knows what, they looked like screaming ghosts or grotesque apparitions….

She started to suspect her own sanity. Then her sister visited her. “This house is really stuffy!” was her first comment.

She sat down on the sofa and looked around her. “You should do something about the walls and floorings. It appears like a child has been painting ghosts all over them.”

Soon her chirpy companionship erased most of the silly thoughts from her mind. Still sometimes in that border of sleep and wakefulness she felt those presences! Those touches, sometimes voices…..

“Didi my friend Chinmayee is coming to Kolkata; can I invite her to stay with us?” Mitra asked.

She shrugged and smiled. “Go ahead! I will love it!”

Next morning they left for Howrah station to pick her up. Chinmayee was a really beautiful girl in an angelic way. Her eyes caught instant attention; they were huge, black and full of feelings. One will feel they can talk, and they truly did.

She talked very little but smiled a lot, her smile was truly lovely, mostly silent but it lit up her surroundings.

“This is it!”Ratri opened the door and turned around. Chinmayee was standing right behind her, she looked frozen, there was a strange look on her face; her eyes were filled with fear, pain and despair. She gasped and backed off a few steps.

Maitree reached out and touched her hand, she gasped sharply.

“Hey Chinu, What’s up?”Maitree softly held her hand; Chinmayee deeply inhaled and entered the house.

Ratri placed a glass of water on the table in front of her.

“It’s ok didi, really! “ She tried to smile feebly. “I scared you did not I?”

“Didi, chinmayee wants to shift to a hotel” Maitree softly said, Ratri was on the roof, reading a book. Then after a brief pause she continued, “She wants you to change the house too.”

“Why?” Ratri tried to sound casual.

“She said there is something ominous about this house.”

“Let me explain you didi.” Chinmayee joined in. “Just listen to me; then take the decision. I hope you will listen to me.”

She sat down on one of the chairs, “Do you know the owners of this house?”

“No, they live abroad. They rarely visit India, and they have dozens of other flats scattered all over Kolkata, and of course a mansion somewhere I don’t know the exact location.”

“Have you met any of the previous tenants of this house?” Chinmayee asked and when Ratri told her that she was the first tenant of this house her expression said she already guessed it, or more, knew it.

“I don’t know whether you believe in these didi, but I do, I believe in spirit world and their eagerness and capability to connect with us. They try to connect with everyone but very rare people can connect back to them clearly.”

“When I came out of the taxi I saw blood splattered all over the house. There were screaming faces of small children jutting out of the walls.” She gasped, as if she could see that scene again.

“I wanted to run away that moment but could not, it would have panicked you both, and most probably you would have caught me and sent me to some shrink.” She tried to laugh but could not; paused for a little, stared blankly at the distant buildings for a few minutes and then continued.

“I tried to communicate with them and they instantly responded. This house is filled with them didi.”

“The owner of this house made pact with some demon, he promised him that he will sacrifice his first child and in return of that he will be blessed with wealth – immense wealth.”

“His friends joined in; then he opened a kind of business out of it. He made secret arrangements with people dying for money, fame and performed sacrifice after sacrifice.”

“He absconded when he grew tired of the business. The man you think is the owner of this house is actually his agent.”

“I will be leaving now didi, I have called a hotel and booked my room there. I will suggest you to look for another house too.”

Ratri softly patted her hand, “I will.”

Sharmishtha Basu

Have a great day!

Sharmishtha Basu


Friday Journals 22.6.18

The confession

She smiled shyly at him and looked up for a second before lowering her eyes again. “I came here to tell you something!”

His heart sank, he knew what she was about to say, she was in love with his best friend and they were planning to get married. He has loved her for so many years…. So many times he tried to tell her that he loved her but words failed.

When he came to know that she was about to marry his best friend his heart reduced to a handful of ash. In the darkness of night he made a decision and made it happen.

“I love you!” she said. The world stopped turning. The only sound he could hear was firm footsteps on the porch.

“Who are they?” she asked.

“Police I have killed Avinash last night.”


Have a great day!

Sharmishtha Basu

Friday Journals 15.6.18

The blinds

She pushed the handle and the blind opened up, displaying the road outside. Then she turned towards her friend, “This is the advantage of hiding behind these or the blinds of internet.”

“The victim thinks that they both can’t see each other, the hunter watches her every step. Waiting patiently for the right time to strike and kill!”

“It’s not like real life friendship, where you know who your friend is, you can watch his every move…it’s like a masquerade where no one knows who is behind the mask a prince or a frog!”

“Using this as a perfect weapon hundreds of people destroy innocent, naïve people all across the world. Thank God that you were saved by common sense.”

Dear readers curious for background story, well, a reality for too many young people. They met in a chat room. Became friends instantly, they had so much in common. They lived in the far away towns, he first shared his photograph- a stunner on two legs; she was an ordinary girl. He visited her town, expressed his desire to meet her, she went but with a group of her friends. He was cold and almost rude. Friendship ended abruptly.

few month later a police officer came to her, enquiring about him, he was a serial groom, he married and then disappeared with the jewels or cash.

Have a great day!

Sharmishtha Basu

Friday Journals 8.6.18

The argument

She never thought writing a story can be this tough. She sat there her head resting wearily on her palm as the blank paper stared back at her.

She will have to finish it by tomorrow morning; the last date for submission was the day after.

Her brain refused to make a single move; suddenly a firefly flew inside and sat down on her paper.

“Write about me!” it demanded in a barely audible voice. “How we have fought the changes of climate on earth, now pollution created by human beings to survive; to spread our light.”

“No! Write about me!” A shrill voice rang right beside her left ear.

It was a mosquito.

“Write how we mutate ourselves to fool all types of mosquito repellants to earn our daily bread.” It said. “How hard we work to fill up our small bellies, all the dangers that we face!”

“I can’t write about you!” she protested. “Well I can write a poem about fireflies but a story is so much longer!” she added with despair.

“Why can’t you write about me?” the mosquito demanded.

“Oh you guys are carrier of all sorts of diseases. There are so many bad diseases that you carry! If I write praises for you I will land in big trouble!” she said.

“Are you insulting us?” it started to bloat with anger, soon it became as big as a bumble bee but it did not stopped there.

Its eyes were burning like red embers as it pointed its sting to attack her.

She grabbed the paper to hit it but its sting pierced past the paper as if it was a piece of flimsy cheese.

“Hey!” someone ruffled her hair and she opened her eyes. It was mom. “Go to bed sweetie. Your neck will hurt if you sleep like this.”

Sharmishtha Basu

Have a great day!

Sharmishtha Basu

Friday Journals 1.6.18

Sparkling death

“Don’t go inside those mines!” The old man said. “No one ever returns!” he sat down on the charpoy and resumed puffing his hookah.
“Why?” Sona asked. “I have heard paupers entering those mines, coming out as millionaires, carrying diamonds as big as marble!”
“Whoever told you that story must have  been drunk or wants to see you dead!” the man retorted. “If you will listen to an old man’s suggestion then don’t go…”
He packed his gears and left next morning. The entry was a deep hole, absolutely dark… gaping its mouth like a black-hole.
He carefully descended to the first platform. They were sturdy because they were rocks jutting out of the hill’s body. The next platform was his destination for today. He saw that there was only one tunnel, just a few feet further he noticed something white- it was a skeleton, his eyes became round when he saw that it was holding a diamond in its bony hands. A really good one!
He pried it free from its hand and started walking, a little distance away he saw one sparkling in the wall, he swung into action, two hits of the chisel on the wall and he heard a sharp whistle, the next thing he felt was a biting in his neck. He saw the black body slithering inside a hole in the wall.

That’s the last thing he saw before collapsing to the floor, clutching the diamond in his hand.

Have a great day!

Sharmishtha Basu

Friday Journals 25.5.18

Something divine

The car stopped after a splutter. He stepped out, the road was deserted. All he could see all around him was empty field… it was too dark to know if they were agricultural fields or just empty land.

He noticed a light, at a distance, seemed a bit far but appeared to be coming from electric lamp, not lantern.

If it was so then he may get a phone or cell phone or else a place to stay at night! He pushed the car to a side of the road, as far as he could so nothing will hit it, locked it and started to walk towards the light cautiously.

All he had was the light of the moon, a few days away from amavasya (moonless night), it made the field look eerie like a graveyard.

He heard a faint moan, as if a small child was whimpering, out of pain. The sound was familiar, nothing new, he has heard it dozens of times but in that emptiness it made his body shiver with fear.

He ran an ugly business, he stole kids, small kids and used them for different purposes- paired them with his men and women and used them as the innocent decoy for their cunning tricks- begging, stealing, mugging, drug trafficking or worse.

The best part was most of them died before they were teenagers; those that survived were usurped by the quagmire of crime.

The dice turned, police was raiding his dens one after the other… he was on the run and that treacherous car had to die here, in the middle of nowhere!

He paused and looked around him; he felt his legs have become as heavy as stones. A small mound in front of him moved, two hands came out of it, small hands of a child then a head appeared…

All around him earth started to shake- they came out, one after the other, their eyes glowing like the eyes of night creatures to take him with them. Down to the land of never ending darkness and torment where they were sent by him!

Next morning a deserted car was discovered on the highway.

Have a great day!

Sharmishtha Basu

Friday Journals 18.5.18

Red dragon

Her world turned to ashes, right in front of her eyes. She pulled out her sword and tried to kill it but the dragon was evasive.

One moment it was here, the next second it was right at the most vulnerable spot.

Finally she cornered it, “Who are you beast? Why did you ruin my world?”

“I am your anger!” the red dragon replied before vanishing inside her.


Have a great day!

Sharmishtha Basu