Friday Journals 9.6.17 micro stories.

Guardians of Enchanted Woods

One fine morning he grabbed his axe and walked into the enchanted forest. He was a modern day woodcutter. He did not believed in “guardians of trees.” He ran out of the wood fifteen later squealing and screaming. His body was covered with pin like arrows.

“I don’t know where they came from! All I know is they came after I made the first strike on the very first tree!”

The Non Believer

“So you still say that there are no such things as ghost, after hearing this first hand story?” his host asked softly sucking his pipe and exhaling smokes in rings. He shrugged. He had to admit that his host was a wonderful storyteller. He gave him goose-bumps more than once.
“I have to see one to believe.” He said politely.
“OK. I will be back!” his host said and vanished.


“Look at the monkey!” scientist no 1 said. “One will think it is meditating.” He chuckled.

The monkey was sitting in its cage, in the yogi pose. Its eyes were closed.

“What the hell…” the second scientist exclaimed. An apple from the outside tree came floating through the window and headed for the cage.

“He was not meditating. He was practicing will power.” First scientist grinned foolishly watching the monkey.

-undying love-

A shiver ran down her spine when she saw that her newest doll was again replaced by her childhood rag doll. She was too young to understand it before but now she was thirteen and old enough to know something was not right. Whenever she boxed the rag doll for another doll it got replaced!

That day she boxed it and waited in the bed, eyes closed but not sleeping. A soft rustle made her open her eyes to a chink, there was her rag doll, walking on floor, it scampered up to her bed and grabbed her new Barbie by its leg and dragged it to the garden’s farthest corner, it dug a hole in the ground and buried it. Shweta tiptoed back to her room and went to bed with a heart beating like a drum. A little later it returned to Shweta’s room and sprawled by her side after softly kissing her forehead. One of its rag hands resting on hers! Shweta never tried replacing it again.

-The Spy-

“Look at that weird bird staring at us!” the first poacher said.
“Yeah just like a snitch!” the second one nodded.
The bird cocked its head to one side and took off. It flew a little distance away and entered a small cabin. A ranger was sitting there sipping a cup of coffee. The bird sat down on the table.
“Poachers near the lake.” It said. The ranger got up.

-Haunted House-

“Spaaaaider!!!!” Tinku howled at the top of her lungs. Looking at some eight legged insect Pinku could not see.

“Really?” Pinku raised her eyebrows, “What did you expected in the basement of an old house? Butterflies?”

Then she followed the gaze of her friend’s bulging eyes and joined her screams.

A spider as big as a small car was blocking their only way out of the basement and watching them!

-The clock-

He has built that alarm clock in a way that it won’t stop till he actually lifts it up and places it in its stand, across the room. For that he will have to be fully awake. Initially it kept repeating its shrill wake up calls then something went wrong. Very very wrong to be precise!

He started waking up to cold water splashed on face, from the toppled glass.

-Bat Attack-

“Here they come!” one said to the rest of the group hanging from the cave ceiling. Looking at the group of explorers entering the cave, “get them boys and girls!” and they started flying.

Soon the cave was full of exclamatory sounds emanating from the heckled group. The bats were hitting them from all sides.

“Why do they swarm like this!” an explorer grumbled.

“One will think they do it on purpose!” another said.

The bats flew away outside, they too were grumbling in inaudible frequency. “Nosy dumb human beings! There is no getting away from these creatures! Sheer nuisances!”


The cat was tired of the donkey that moved into its neighbourhood. They both were strays. The donkey had no beef with the cat but the cat hated it. After all night of caterwauling when it settled down to snooze in sun the donkey often started its braying! It almost gave the cat a heart attack.

After one such braying it went to the donkey.

“You have a fantastic voice.” It said to the donkey. The donkey was flattered.
“You know, that house across the street, that man loves good songs, I have seen him feeding donkeys like you!” the cat said, looking at the donkey with its slit eyes, assessing the impact. It was bull’s eyes! Next day the donkey was captured by the man and released in a faraway field.

The cat and the donkey both lived merrily thereafter.

-Dancing Gloves-

“Let’s dance! Ooh yeah baby!” she heard the piping shrill voice coming from the kitchen and grabbed the cricket bat.
She tiptoed to the kitchen.
There they were! Dancing to the loud music pouring in from the next door neighbour’s party- her kitchen gloves!
Swooning and gyrating on the kitchen counter. They dropped the minute they saw her standing at the door gaping at them. She ran to them grabbed them and hurled them out of window.
“You witch!” she heard a shout from the alley below. “it is muddy down here!”
She bolted all the windows from inside tightly.

-Angry mommy-

“It’s not at all fair!” the female dragon grumbled, “Look at my eggs! One pink two red! What happened to my colour? I am the one who will go through all the pain of giving birth and bringing up and they all will look like their father. That mean dragon that will eat them if I don’t protect!”

“Well you can hope that their natures go after you! If they go after their father by nature too… you are doomed!”

-vigliance pays-

“Once upon a time there was a mighty elephant.” Grandma said. “He was so strong that he thought that no one could harm him. So he moved around the forest freely and merrily.”

“A little mole got jealous of him. Because he had to hide in hole to avoid predators! So jealous that he wanted to kill the elephant! He knew that the elephant walked around to cockily, never looking at the ground below so he dug a hole on his path overnight. His field of expertise and waited for the elephant to walk by, and his vengeful spirit was sated. The elephant broke his leg.”

“What did you learned from the story?” Grandma asked.

“What?” the kids asked in return.

“No matter how strong, brave you are, always check out where your next step is about to fall!” She said.

-Love can destroy-

Once there was a greedy fox, he has been eying the pet duck of a farmer for very long time, a fat, chubby duck! The problem was the farmer always kept it inside his home. He hatched a plan and killed a mallard. Then instead of eating it he placed it in a way that the duck will think that it is a live one, and a very beautiful too!

The love-struck creature stepped out of her safety zone only to be devoured.

-Envy not your neighbour-

Once there was a cow, she often watched with great envy how her owner’s neighbor fed his cow with choicest delicacies, while her menu was almost always fixed- a little hay, a little grass and a little other things! She hated her master for being so mean so stringent.
Then one day she saw her owner’s neighbor slaughtering his cow to eat her. She never grumbled about her menu again.

About the author
Sharmishtha Basu is Creator Editor of two english Ezines Agnishatdal and Agnijaat ( and She is also self-published author of a set of books in Amazon ( you can contact her via her emails if you want to write in her ezine (for free) or want her works. her email ids are and


Friday Journals 2.6.17 Amazon review of my books.

The document with links for the reviews, in case you want to dig in further!

New! Troy reviewed wildflowers in bed of rocks
Touching in its elegance January 18, 2017
A collection of sixty-nine poems, with such themes as love, beauty, and fantastic wonder, I found this book an excellent read on a cold winter’s night when the skies are clear, with the stars alight so very far away.
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Troy reviewed durgapujo duti shishur duti jagat
The Bengali text is wonderful for my practice in reading the script June 1, 2016
In this, the same celebration seen through two different perspectives, I found the poetry quite pleasing to the mind’s ear. The Bengali text is wonderful for my practice in reading the script, as well as a good resource for practicing translating between it and English!
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Troy reviewed barir pujo durgapuja and kalipuja
Excellent! June 1, 2016
As a big fan of things Indian, this collection of stories is not only informative in its depiction of Bengali worship celebrations, but I found the illustrations throughout with a charm evoking mystery and wonder!
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F. E. Esparza reviewed The prisoner of Sand Castle
A Thinker December 27, 2015
I found this book to be interesting to read. The stories are very short and entertaining but I feel they don’t end properly as some feel like cliff hangers. I don’t know if that was the writers intention to do. On the flip side it does give a reader thoughts to ponder on what happen next. So I do have to say this book does make a reader think and captures a persons attention.
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Troy reviewed myriad colours of earth
Beautiful stuff! September 9, 2015
I thoroughly enjoyed this one, with the lyrical feel of its verse, and the accompanying digital paintings that enhance it. Most excellent!
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Troy reviewed of dreams and reality
This is stellar! September 9, 2015
This one evokes thoughts like a those of a mind lost between misty puffs of down in the sky, reaching for, but always out of grasp, of answers to the very deepest of questions. Well done!
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Troy reviewed the heart beats on
Fascinating stuff! September 9, 2015
A collection of poetic verse and digital painting, this book was well worth an evening’s read. Congratulations to the authoress to work done well!
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Troy reviewed Meghparir Gaan song of clouds
Wonderful! September 9, 2015
As a collection of poems both Bengali and English by the authoress and her own art, this made my thoughts soar to realms afar, captured perfectly in graceful script and color!
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Troy reviewed Butterflies from life’s garden
Wonderful! July 5, 2015
This collection of verse got me thinking about those little questions of life that seem so difficult to articulate in words, yet whose answers can be deceptively simple once properly considered. They are butterflies of thought, flitting about the mind’s eye and avoiding one’s direct gaze until viewed out of the corners, as it were, of that same mind’s eye. Great stuff!
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Troy reviewed waves that became songs
I enjoyed this! July 5, 2015
As a collection of poems, this one was a pleasure to read through, while taking in the authoress’s evocative imagery, which supplemented the text wonderfully!
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Troy reviewed Moments from the journey
Awesome poetry! July 5, 2015
This is a brilliant collection, with lively and enchanting images that add a great deal of color and feel to the text.
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Troy reviewed Serenade of brush and quill: colours and words waltz
Very good! May 16, 2015
This is a wonderful collection of seven line poems, and made an excellent late night first reading. This does not disappoint!
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Troy reviewed For Tagore – rabikare agnishatdal
This is so cool! May 12, 2015
I love that, not only is this a book of poetry and evocative imagery, but also that it’s written in two languages, including one I’m learning while still a novice.

I must thank the authoress for this wonderful learning opportunity, and a fitting tribute to the great Bengali polymath himself!
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Kevin Cooper reviewed spirits of darkness and light
Sharmishtha’s stories are captivating. Her characters although purely original … May 6, 2015
Sharmishtha’s stories are captivating. Her characters although purely original bring some of India’s mythological creatures to light with a style of writing that can only be attributed to that of a true mistress of story-telling. Nothing is what it seems as each incredible tale keeps you wondering what is going to happen next with endings that are in no way predictable. A thoroughly enjoyable read!
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Troy reviewed The prisoner of Sand Castle
Enchanting! April 30, 2015
This is an excellent collection of short fiction with cool Indian themes. I’ve always enjoyed Ms. Basu’s paranormal fiction, and this is no exception! My favorites from this are the collection’s titular story, a chilling piece titled Scarecrow, and The Woman in White, of strange goings on in a nightspot. Three thumbs up!
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Gayle Walters Rose reviewed The charons: the ferrymen to hell
Evil pitted against an innocent March 29, 2015
This is a gripping tale that pits evil against the innocent. The story begins with the cruelty that our own family members can sometimes inflict on us and continues with a vindictiveness that sees no end as road blocks and terrorism are used to take down an innocent human being. And as unbelievable as it may appear, this scenario is being played out with many other innocents worldwide as those in power try to take down and…Read More

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Troy reviewed The charons: the ferrymen to hell
Another good one! March 11, 2015
I’ve been following Ms. Sharmishtha Basu’s blogs and writings for some years now, and I’ve just finished reading this. It is perhaps the grimmest story I’ve read in a while. It’s dark realism is different in both style, outlook, and execution from the paranormal fiction she also writes. A story of life in India, it does not paint a pretty picture, but offers a warning, along with the discoveries and hard-fought lessons of the…Read More

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David Stewart reviewed The charons: the ferrymen to hell
This is a great story of senseless malevolence and the petty cruelty that … February 15, 2015
This is a great story of senseless malevolence and the petty cruelty that people can inflict on each other. It’s an interesting look into the culture of family relationships and business dealings where everyone is out to get you.
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Troy reviewed A bouquet of wild flowers
Thought provoking! February 1, 2015
A collection of 70 poems, this is an insightful work by Ms. Basu. If I must choose favorites among these, they would be her verses ‘Heaven or Hell’ and ‘Change your ways India.’ Good stuff to warm a Winter’s night!
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Troy reviewed spirits of darkness and light
A good read, be it a dark night or brightly lit afternoon! January 14, 2015
Ms. Basu has in this book, a compelling portrayal of supernatural beings both benign and malignant. Here, she shows her skill in writing tales on the paranormal beings of India and the mortal characters who interact with these creatures as well. Very enjoyable!
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David Stewart reviewed The Lotus of Fire
Five Stars January 12, 2015
This is a great little book with great poems and wonderful illustrations.
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Teagan reviewed Serenade of brush and quill: colours and words waltz
Five Stars January 7, 2015
What a treat to have this at such a great price!
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Teagan reviewed The Lotus of Fire
Lovingly Crafted December 14, 2014
This book of poetry and illustrations is lovingly crafted, and the contents are imbued with it. Kudos to the valiant spirit of this author/illustrator for getting her work out there and learning about indie publishing.
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Troy reviewed Tell me a story
1 of 1 people found the following helpful
Great collection! December 8, 2014
This is a terrific compilation of micro-fiction, featuring a wonderful mixture of genres and skillfully done as well. This is one of Ms. Basu’s works that showcases her considerable talent as an authoress!
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Troy reviewed songbird sings to sun
Wonderful! November 23, 2014
This is a wondrous collection of seven-line poems! Ever since reading Ms. Basu’s many blogs over the last few years, she has shown herself to be a woman of astounding energy and vibrant imagination, and it shows in her considerable ability as a published authoress, and this work is no exception!
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Troy reviewed black mist and other stories
Brilliant stories! October 31, 2014
Perfect for Halloween reading! I love the way the author has with so many different genres of dark fiction! I must say, these are good!
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Brieuc Martin-Onraet reviewed The Lotus of Fire
1 of 1 people found the following helpful
Great work! October 24, 2014
Lovely texts and art. Great work!
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Troy reviewed The Lotus of Fire
2 of 2 people found the following helpful
Excellent work! October 11, 2014
This is a wonderful collection of musings, and a wonderful collection of insights into Indian culture, life, belief, and love. It would be interesting to see it also in Bengali language and script to practice translations on in study. Just beautiful!
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Friday Journals 26.5.17 Carolyn Page talks about Bringing of Light.

“Carolyn Page talks to Sharmishtha Basu about her new book.”
I believe this can be best served by sharing the following article, which was transcribed during December 2016. It speaks upon one of the many subjects to be found within the third, and most recent of our published works, ‘Bringing of Light’.
Our Published Books, Dear Ones
Aging Backwards, or Backwards Aging
We have surprised our Dear Heart this day with the understanding of aging backwards being a reality. Yes indeed, Dear Ones; our dearest is believing in aging backwards. By this we mean: Our dearest, Carolyn, is currently watching herself becoming younger. Yes, this is her reality. She can no longer deny the truth. Is this not so, dearest?
Yes, it is definitely true. I only need to look in the mirror to see the truth.
And others, dearest; is it not true that others are making mention of your backwards aging?
Yes, this is true indeed. My life partner, Keith, is happily mentioning the truth of my younger looks, as are many others.
Indeed, dearest, we know this is true for you. And our dearest, Veronica; she too begins the backwards aging. Does she not?
Yes, she does. I have been watching as her eyelids, which were becoming a little heavy, beginning to stop the downward trend as they defy gravity and return to their original placement. This has the effect of opening her eyes, making them appear younger. Also, she is extremely happy that her graying hair is diminishing and her original colour is returning.
And you, dearest?
Overall, I am feeling younger. I not only look younger, but I feel younger. This is causing me to change my fashion sense, as it were. I’m finding myself buying younger lingerie; now not being content to wear older women’s apparel. Even the shoes and handbags I now have are a younger women’s style.
And this is evident to others, dearest?
Yes it is. I’ve had many compliments regarding the clothes I now wear, and my general appearance.
And this is welcome, dearest?
Yes indeed, it is very welcome. I can hardly believe my own reflection. My neck, in particular, is certainly not looking like a 66 year old neck; it is quite shocking to me how much it has changed. Also, my facial skin continues to become quite taut with fewer lines, as is my entire body. I can remember my arms were becoming quite lined with loose skin that I didn’t like to leave undressed; I’m now not quite so self conscious of this. And the age spots; particularly white spots where melanin depletion was evident are now barely visible, or completely gone, leaving my skin more even toned. These things ought not to be happening as I age; if anything these age signs ought to be becoming more noticeable; not less.
Indeed, dearest, this is true. Do you agree that you are aging backwards?
Yes, of course I do; the evidence is before me.
And this we say to all:
Know that you too will experience as our dearest, and her daughter, Veronica, experience. Aging backwards, for those who have progressed passed the age of 27 will become evident as you work your way through the various programs toward bringing the light of love and perfection to, not only your thought processes, but also, Dear Hearts, to the cells that shine your thoughts outward to others; a guarantee, Dear Hearts, to all.
Some are beginning to experience this within their lives, dearest. Oh yes, dearest, there are those who be following your example with great interest as they too learn to circumvent their inner core of negativity; allowing the truth to prevail in their lives. As they do, dearest, they too are seeing the evidence of their work upon, not only their general outlook upon life, dearest; but, also upon their bodies.
Oh yes, dearest. We ask those few to come forward with their experiences. Like you, dearest, they are unsure. However, they too, like you dearest, know of the changes occurring and, in time, will state their truth for all to see.
© Carolyn Page 2017 – ABC of Spirit Talk & Light Workers of the World

Friday Journals 19.5.17 Troy Loy’s art Gallery!

Visit my page and gallery on DeviantArt, at:
http:// and http:// ,where alien cityscapes harbor eldritch horrors from beyond and
warships of powerful interstellar empires ply the stars in search of victory in the heat of battle.

From the simple to the complex, from the bizarre to the interesting, these images are a way to express a love for art, science, and
mathematics in a way that I find fun, and that you may find unique and intriguing.

From the beginning of merely creating personal art for blogs, this has developed to the point, with plenty of room to grow, of images, from years of practice and improvement to the craft.
Many of these images are available as free full-sized file downloads and sold as print products to enhance walls, gift cards for whatever occasion suits the image selected, or items such as
magnets, mugs, and mousepads for those with a taste for something more tangible than a cool wallpaper for the desktop of choice.

Stop by to poke around if you like, and
take a look at what’s available to
download and for sale! Got a question?
Have a critique to offer for this budding
artist’s work? Drop me a line at, or comment on
DeviantArt. Also, if you’re a member of
the site, you can Watch the page for
further releases as they’re posted!

I may also be found on Twitter @Troythulu, on Blogger at, on
Tumblr at

check out this beautiful gallery’s works in the pdf file:


Friday Journals 12.5.17 Diva Dev talks about Chinky Pinky book 2

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Tell us a little bit about your new book Diva. From where can we buy it?
Diva Dev: My New Book is CAP Series 2 Chinky and Pinky Oodhi Baba! It’s the second in the cap series and also a horror/ thriller. You can read it on all leading sites like Amazon, Smashwords and Apple book store. Thank you. (CAP Series 2) (MY Author Page)

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: I can see it is a part of a series, so what are you planning with this series? Any specific goal or it will build itself with progress?
Diva Dev: Yes, the CAP series! I plan to write more in the series, considering the praise the first book received. I think it will build itself. If you ask me I’ve a goal of 100!
I’ve always been a fan of books that are part of a series. And I always wished to write one(actually 100) myself.

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Any thing other than books for children in future plans?
Diva Dev: Of course! I’ll be publishing a Romance, Science Fiction and Non- fiction as well. I hope I write them successfully and they’re well received by the readers. Actually I’ve a Million stories running in my mind! And all of them will find their way in my books. Though I’d always continue writing Childrens Fiction. I just love it! Because books for kids are as cute and innocent as themselves.

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: How do you handle studies and writing books, creating ebooks, publishing etc?
Diva Dev: I think it’s because I love what I do! Rest Everything takes care of itself. I do thank my Mummy for being my support. It requires time and dedication and patience. If we have it, we can succeed.
And it’s fellow authors and friends like you that aid in my writing.

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Do you illustrate your books? [If yes then have you been trained in arts or you are a self-made artist?
Diva Dev: Yes, I do sketch for my books. I’ve also designed the book covers for all of them. And I enjoy doing so.
Well, if an hour’s single day drawing class from which I literally ran away, counts as a training… then maybe…
I just loved drawing and sketching things since I was born. The canvas changed as I grew up from walls to pages and now the digital screen.

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Will you share the chapter you have shared in your blog of the new book or a blurb?
Diva Dev: The CAP duo, i.e., Chinky and Pinky are two seven year old little girls. But the trouble they get into are hundred times dangerous their age. Despite that, their friendship, innocence and love, help them conquer the biggest villains. Their moms get into action each time and cross all limits to get the kids safely back.

It’s packed with thrill and horror on every page with a blend of emotions and courage. What began as an inspiration from bedtime stories, which the author’s mom narrated her, turned out to be a super thrilling horror.
Yet the essence of the story stays in the innocent love between friends.

You can read the first chapter for free here- (CAP Series 2 on Amazon) (MY Author Page)