Thursday Fun n Frolics 22.6.17 is for Diva Dev

Diva Dev: Thanks for having me here! I’m honoured and delighted. Actually I can’t thank you enough, you’re awesome! Sharmishtha, you’ve been a such a nice and loving person.
You’ve an understanding for everyone which only few can have. Thank You for being so good.
Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Tell us something about yourself. [Add your contact details on social media please (FB gmail etc anything you want to share with readers)!]
Diva Dev: I’m Hemdiva Dev, a self-published author. I’ve written Children’s books and plan to publish in many other genres. Reading has been my love since I was kid. I always found myself lost In the plots and characters.
And ever wished to write stories myself. I love reading Horror, Mystery, Romance, Fantasy, Non-Fiction and Humour. When it comes to writing, I’m really good at it and absolutely love it! I forever have stories in my mind and they find their way on paper.
I’m a fan of LOA, law of attraction and The Secret. A big fan of Goosebumps by R. L. Stine. I love to study and read about new things. Always hunting for information through every source available. I love to paint and draw and have been doing that ever since I learned to hold a pencil.
I’m a proud daughter of my brave mom. She is my world! And I’m very devotional and believe in God. Especially Lord Ganesha is my favourite. Travelling, Dreaming, Cars, Fashion, Shopping, T.V., Gold, Diamonds, Make-up, Food, Mobiles, Barbie dolls, Craft, Food are some of my other interests.
Hemdiva is my pen name. I live in lovely India. And that’s all!
Like me on Facebook-
Follow on Twitter- @Hemdiva_Author
On Instagram- Hemdiva
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Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: You are quite an accomplished writer, and you are just a child, how does it feels?
Diva Dev: Amazing! Awesome! Fantastic! Wonderful! Well, I hope that these words do describe how I feel. I feel I’m Blessed! I’d read about authors getting published really early and would always wish the same for me. I’d hope for at least one book!
And here I’m with many more than just one books! All  thanks to my mom, my ganpati bappa and all my supporters and friends, like you, who are a part of my success. I do have to say that I lack those human supporters but I’ve plenty of non-human friends!
Now before you think about ghosts, I meant my laptop, scanner, paper, pen, brain, internet and other such friends! lol
I also feel proud of myself and think that i’ve achieved victory over all those who laughed at my dream of being a writer. Not that they mattered for me but I think I’ve proved myself and that will i turn help other young authors to chase their dream.
Overall, it still feels like the sweetest dream that’s ever-lasting! Often I feel like the CEO of an international firm, managing everything from studies, writing, hobbies, social media and my personal life.
Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Where do you see yourself as a writer ten years from now? Will you try stories too?
Diva Dev: That’s a long time! I do see myself as well-known writer, with many many books published and millions of copies sold worldwide.
I do wish that I get recognition in India and aslo the world with many fans going crazy for my books!
I also wish that whenever I go out people come upto me for autographs. I think that is what most writers wish for.
I’ll be trying most genres soon and also write non- fiction as well. Some of them are going to be Science, Romance, History, Drama, Self-help and Psychological thriller.
As of now the only genre I’ve written is Children’s/YA. I know it will be fun, for both me and my dear readers.
Sharmishtha basu@ Agnishatdal: Will you tell us a little about your blogs, their contents and urls?
Diva Dev: Off course, my writing began with blogging. My first ever blog is Mom’s Princess Pari ( and it literally means mom’s princess fairy. And if you haven’t guessed already, I’m princess fairy of my mom. Lol
It’s a super personal blog and I post many things over there. My travelling interest, cooking adventures, car crushes and book recommendations are some of them. All in all you’d love reading my posts. I post a lot of photographs too.
Hemdiva The Books you Love ( is a my second blog that is specially created to present my books, New realeses, promtions and offers. I follow back each blog.
Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Tell us about your published works, and the urls from where we can buy them, do add the covers if you can please.
Diva Dev: Let me start with my debut book, i.e., CAP Series Chinky And Pinky A Birdy Adventure. It is a Children’s/YA Horror/Mystery and also falls into the family/relationships genre. The book is about two seven year old girls step out in the dark at night and the trouble that follows.
This book has earned me a lot of fans who are anxiously waiting for the second book in the CAP series. The book is available in ebook on Amazon, Smashwords, Apple book store, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and also availble in print.
An illustrated Hardcover as well as paperback version of the book can be bought on Lulu and Amazon. This version is aimed at the younger audience with 10 amazing illustrations.
The second book in the series is on it’s way to be published.
Sonu’s Adventures: Sonu’s Best Friend Forever is published recently and it is about how you can make friends really easy. Again availble on all websites. Also in print in an amazing big size with humourous illustrations.

CAP Series on Amazon –
Apple –
Barnes and noble –

Sonu’s Adventures-
Lulu Hardcover-
Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Do you have something to suggest us, the wannabe successful authors, especially those who are students like you, and have to accomplish a LOT in other grounds too- like career!
Diva Dev: I’d say just follow your heart and trust your brain! Rest everything’s gonna work-out for you! Writing is the key, keep writing always! Also studies come first and they’ve always been my priority, like I said I love to study.
Writing can go along and there’s no need to spend the whole day for writing. I take breaks from studies and write and because it’s my favourite hobby, which has turned into passion, I enjoy doing it. I hope this helps.
Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Any suggestion for Agnishatdal?
Diva Dev: Agnishatdal is truly a great innovation in self-publishing. The idea of uniting all other indie authors and presenting their works in an ezine is just so amazing in itself. I believe that this will help indie authors to reach more readers. And in turn readers get to read many indie authors in one place.
This shall encourage them to read more self-publishhed books. A lot of thanks to Agnishatdal for being such a wonderful platform for authors.
Suggestions… I would recommend creating sections according to topics. Like Kid’s, Love, Family, Nature, Photography, etc. I think that will help the reader to quickly find their favourite first.
Sharmishtha Basu@Indie Adda: Do you have anything to say, suggest Indie Authors? As a successful author who has made publishers accept her works?
Diva Dev: Well, I self-published my books and there was no need for me to get my books accepted by any publishers. Self-publishing gave all the power  to me and also the freedom. But I did format, edit and design my book according to the website’s requirements.

I’d personally always always and always love to self-publish. I think I’m obsessed with it now. It’s super easy and fun. Yes, it needs hard work, dedication and consumes time, but that is essential for success. And I’m proud to be a self-published author.

I’d suggest everyone to try self-publishing at least once and if you love freedom, like I do, trust me you’d go for it again.

Thursday Fun n Frolics 15.6.17 is for Harshita Jain

Sharmishtha Basu@Agnishatdal: Tell us something about yourself.
Harshita Jain: I am pursuing Master in Engineering from SGSITS Indore. My email id – 

Sharmishtha Basu@Agnishatdal: Did you knew you were about to become an author or it just happened?
Harshita Jain: Yeah, I am an accidental writer, it wasn’t my dream. I started writing approximately six months ago, but it feels good (can’t express this feeling in words) after writing, so I always want to feel like this.

Sharmishtha Basu@Agnishatdal: Where do you see yourself after ten years?
Harshita Jain: After 10 yrs, I want to see myself writing. I don’t want to see me anywhere, but i want to say myself that, I am writing since 10 yrs consistently. I don’t want to say that, 10 yrs ago I used to write. 

Sharmishtha Basu@Agnishatdal: Do you blog? Tell us a little about your blog.
Harshita Jain: My blog link is: 
There, I write poems, haiku and articles.

Sharmishtha Basu@Agnishatdal: Do you have any favorite genre or writer? Do tell us why!
Harshita Jain: This is tough. I don’t read much or write much. So it’s difficult to choose. Both make me happy. Reading plays an important role in writer’s writing.

I read poems. I don’t read much.I like poems of Lang Leav and Amrita Pritam (well i have only read these two writers and they are marvellous). Well I like to read from people around (family/friends), as their writing motivates me.

Sharmishtha Basu@Agnishatdal: Any suggestions for Agnishatdal?
Harshita Jain: No suggestions.

Sharmishtha Basu@Agnishatdal: Any suggestions for Indie Adda?
Harshita Jain: Writing is just not about words, it’s a feeling. So anyone can be a good writer, you just need to express in a best possible way, of course you need words to express but it’s not compulsory to use tough words. Whenever a reader reads your poem or article, there is a feeling that is felt by the reader.

Thursday Fun n Frolics 8.6.17 is for Freya Pickard

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Tell us something about yourself! 

Freya Pickard: I’m Freya Pickard, cancer survivor and author of 5 books. I never reveal my age and for years hid behind an avatar. But, since starting to make videos earlier this year, I have, at last shown my real face to the world!

Social Media links

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: How did the vicious battle with cancer
and divine victory on it affect your life? Will you say it made you a
better person or stole some light from your soul?

Freya Pickard: I would say that cancer made me both a better person as well as stealing some light from my soul. I have a strange dichotomy within me these days. Although I am more tolerant of sick people now, I have less patience with other people! Having had cancer has extinguished a lot of fears (spiders, heights, pylons and large bells and clock faces) but it has also made me feel hollow and stony hearted. I am stronger and more confident now, but at the same time I feel very little emotionally.

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Tell us about your fabulous haiku poems
and brilliant fantasy stories, both are terrific! Is it inborn talent
or you acquired it by labour?

Freya Pickard:  I think that a true writer is born with the gift of writing. I believe I was born with the gift but the gift is something you have to nurture and discipline. 

I write haiku as one of my daily disciplines. I prefer writing traditional (5-7-5 syllables) haiku though I love reading both traditional and modern haiku. On my blog I only publish traditional haiku. I like the brevity and conciseness of the form. Writing one a day allows me to find space within my thoughts and hectic lifestyle. They allow me to slow down and “be”.

My stories are the product of many years of labour. The ideas continually change and grow until I am satisfied that I have honed the story to perfection. I always stop when I feel happy with things. I try not to overwork my stories. I currently offer 1 free story per year in 4 episodes in my newsletter and, if you are on Patreon, you can read an unpublished story from me once a month for just $5 a month! Two of my novels are currently available as e-books (paperbacks will be coming out this year).

Dragonscale Leggings is the diary of a female dragon slayer who finds herself in an Arthurian world, with no idea what is happening to her! Written as chick-lit for dragons (yes, some of them do read!) a lot of humans enjoy this tale too!

Vintrig’s Kingdom is the first part of a series called Isu Magan. This tale is not like the usual fantasy quest. There is no physical journey to gain or lose an object of power. Instead, the journey is inward as Isu Magan discovers an alternative view on history and finds out who she really is. With romance at its heart, this story is chilling and entertaining by turns.

Sharmishtha basu@ Agnishatdal: Tell us a little about your blogs and also your newsletter, how can one read it? What is your
experience with it? Did it help you as an author? How did you create
it? Did it require expertise in computer software?

Freya Pickard:
I currently blog at and

Pure Haiku is purely for traditional haiku in the English language. I open several times a year to submissions – check out the submit page! We’re currently exploring the theme of Care. 

Dragonscale Clippings is more of a writer’s blog. I write about my stories, other people’s books, interview authors and anything writing related.

Running 2 blogs can be time consuming so I have to be careful not to spend too much time on them, otherwise I don’t get any writing done. I have found them useful as they do seem to attract people who are interested in my books and sometimes buy them! 

My Newsletter can be obtained by emailing me at with “Clippings Request” in the subject line. The Newsletter is totally free and is now 8 pages long (A5). There’s always an artist’s picture or photograph for the front cover. I mention my books (of course!) and write a short editorial. The main features of the Newsletter are my short form poems and a quarterly episode of the current short story. Until 31st January 2017 you can read The Oil of Sage for free! When you subscribe, I will send you the links to each of the episodes. All you have to do is click on the link to open a PDF document which you can then read. If you want to save it to your computer, you can do so. In March, a new story will start – The Attar of Chervil.

I work from a template and have technical help with the Newsletter. It does require some technical expertise, but, because I use a template, it’s quite simple for me! Posting it online is very complicated though and my magical technical wizard does that for me!

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Will you tell us a little about your
published works, individually and share their links (from where we can
buy them) and their cover pictures.

Freya Pickard:
I have now published 5 books and most of them are now available not only on Amazon (UK & US) but also with Barnes & Noble, Kobo and iTunes.

Dragonscale Leggings is the diary of a female dragon slayer –

Vintrig’s Kingdom is a romance set in a winter-bound kingdom –

Insides is a collection of poetry I wrote whilst going through cancer and chemotherapy –

The Rusalka Ritual & Other Stories is a collection of five short tales that feature Dracomagan, the heroine of Dragonscale Leggings –

The Essence of Thyme is a single short story on theme of Sleeping Beauty but with a lot of differences!

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Well I already know that your next book
is coming up tell us a little about it and when will it come up in

Freya Pickard: My next book will be another short story collection called “Xmas @ Camelot II & other stories” but at the moment I don’t know when it will be published! I am in a state of transition right now so it may be a while before I can actually launch the e-book. There are 10 stories in this collection (only two of them about Dracomagan) all set in either a land of fantasy or least in a virtual world. The themes that run through the collection are Choice and Transition (strangely enough!) Most of the stories have been published in magazines or on-line but there are a couple of tales included which have never before been published.

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Any suggestion for Agnishatdal?

Freya Pickard: I know you produce those wonderful vividly coloured illustrations for the magazine, but I was wondering if you’d like to include other artists/photographers? I can recommend Elisa Choi, Eleanor Bennett and Claudia McGill

Sharmishtha Basu@Indie Adda: Do you have anything to say, suggest Indie Authors?

Freya Pickard: Always write what is in your heart. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t write about something or that no one wants to read it. Always keep writing, never give up.

Thursday Fun n Frolics 1.6.17 is for Juliette Roques

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Tell us something about yourself!
Juliette Roques: I am Hungarian by birth. I am Hungarian by birth. Which sounds like a very easy statement to make, but not when you’re a cross-cultural child trying to live out her French identity in a country you don’t like (Germany), while taking on the traits and identifiers of a third (America), while told to suppress any and everything that has to do even remotely with your mother’s country and culture.

[Sharmishtha Basu: The whole story is in this month’s Agnishatdal- that is Chaitra Agnishatdal- a glimpse into a world that made Juliette a brave, independent shining soul]

Sharmishtha Basu @Agnishatdal: Where do you see yourself in ten years? 
Juliette Roques: I’d like to be the kind of person who can help others with what I’ve learned. I’d also like to think that I’m achieving that goal as we speak. Hopefully, ten years from now I can continue doing that, inspire others and help them with my experience and writing.  

Sharmishtha Basu @Agnishatdal: Any suggestions for Agnishatdal?
Juliette Roques: Suggestions for Agnishatdal: I really love what you’re doing! So, it’s hard to come up with suggestions to make it even better. 🙂 one thing I can think of, and this will take up a lot of time and – to be perfectly honest – I’m not sure about the logistics involved, but I can imagine a forum where writers and readers can exchange ideas and chat. 

Sharmishtha Basu @Agnishatdal: Any ideas for Indie Adda?
Juliette Roques: Indie Authors? I’ll keep my eyes open, because there are a lot of talented writers out there, and it would be great to give them a platform, and share their work with others. 

Thursday Fun n Frolics 25.5.17 is for Aayush Maurya

Sharmishtha Basu@Agnishatdal: Tell us something about yourself?
Aayush Maurya:. Hello, I am Aayush Maurya an engineering graduate. Just found love for writing accidentally. So basically i am blend of tech and art.

Sharmishtha Basu@Agnishatdal: Are you an accidental writer or it is your dream coming true?
Aayush Maurya:. I would say i am accidental writer. The story behind it is that one day (when i was class 9 ) my father’s friend had come to meet him. So they decided that they would held a contest in which everyone will be given a word written in chit and respective people will say something about it. The winner will get ₹10 and runner up will get ₹5 as award. And guess what, i won the ₹10. Yay!!
I was enthralled by that and i discover inside me the skill to write.

Sharmishtha Basu@Agnishatdal: Where do you see yourself as an writer 10 years from now? Will you be writing or your career may kidnap you?
Aayush Maurya:. I don’t know what will happen in next 10 years from now. But i am sure i will writing, i wouldn’t allow my career to kidnap my joy, things i love. It about question of living your life not just mere existence. So you should do things which gives you inner joy.

Sharmishtha Basu@Agnishatdal: Will you tell us a little about your blogs, their contents and Urls? 
Aayush Maurya:. My blog address is 
I usually write in hindi language or rather i should say Hindi +Urdu. So in coming year 2017 i will write more and more so that my readers will able to read more and more and theirs appreciation and suggestions will help me write more and beautiful content. In 2017 i will write in English too.

 I want to thanks all my reader for appreciating my work and encouraging me. Thanks a lot for that. Love you all.

Sharmishtha Basu@Agnishatdal: Are you more of a reader or writer? Which one is your bigger love writing and reading?
Aayush Maurya:. I think i am both reader and writer. I became reader first then a writer. So, it is like having 2 Girlfriend and they are not jealous of each other so why would I worry about it. I enjoy both of their company.

Sharmishtha Basu@Agnishatdal: Your favorite genres and writers? Tell us whys too.
Aayush Maurya:. I am reading my 194th book (that what my list say) which is Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. My book i had read list shows that i don’t read any particular genres, i consist of different genres ranging from autobiography, biography, crime, romance, thriller, historical, mythological, self-help.

Some of my favourite books and authors are
1. Pakistan Mail:- Khushwant Singh 
2. Tuesdays with Morris:- Mitch Albom
3. Madhusala:- Harivanshrai Bachchan
4. Mrityunjay :- Shivaji Sawant
5. Guide :- R.K. Narayan 
6. Yudh or Shanti :- Osho 
7. Brida/ Alchemist/Eleven minutes :- Paulo Coelho
8. Short stories of Ruskin bond
9. Works of Gulzar sahab/ Nida Fazli/ Dr. Bashir Badra
10. To kill a mockingbird :- Harper Lee
11. Gunaho ka Devta :- Dhramvir Bharti
12. Oliver Twist :- Charles Dickens  
And many more.

Sharmishtha Basu@Agnishatdal: Any suggestions for agnishatdal? 
Aayush Maurya:. Haven’t come out so for but will tell you if i have some. You are doing great work Sharmishtha ji. In creative field you always have chance for betterment so  you should keep working for it.
Instagram @aayushmaurya12 

Thursday Fun n Frolics 18.5.17 is for Sakhi Bansal

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Tell us something about yourself! [Add your contact details on social media please (FB gmail etc anything you want to share with readers)!                                                          
Sakhi Bansal: I am a curious mind who like to explore a lot; I see this world as a pleasing place to be in. Life pushed me hard, making me see things with the new perspective that I like penning down, humour is my armour, sympathy and patience are my strength and my weakness, I am a good listener and I am imaginative and creative, I always try to find new ideas, and try to apply them. I am a good listener and possess some emotional intelligence; I like to support people. I am basically the complex person, with a lot of thoughts running amok in my mind. I am not very strong-willed, and usually lazy, but I am determined in my actions and keep strong opinions. Things always don’t go my way, so I decided to take one day at a time and try not to keep any goals but follow my heart. I keep trying my hand at new things, and I can Quill expertly, I love making flowers from those colourful strips. You can call me a Jack of all Trades, as I can make several kinds of arts. My love for writing is the gift from my beloved father. This blog was started with the inspiration an insistence from a couple of friends, but now it is my passion, and I love to blog. I am a total movie buff, love watching English movies especially, Music is in my soul, and I love both Hindi and English music, but old Hindi songs are my weakness. I love to read, be it books or blogs, though biographies and newspapers are not my cups of tea, I love fiction and literature mostly. Colourful things attract me; My favourite is Blues in all its Hues.

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Tell us a little about your journey on planet earth. How do you travel? As a writer, reader, observer or someone else?         
Sakhi Bansal: I am a simple person with complex personality. As a traveller on this planet I would say, I love nature, I believe in live and let live. The reader in me is impatient, I need to know the end, I need closures. But my glitch is I can’t read next book if I can’t finish the current one owing to the fact that it’s boring. I am a sticker for mystery and thriller genre. The writer in me is very random, any thought can get hold of me and make me write, I can find my muse in most mundane things. But I like to go all in when I write, hate word limits and love to dive deep in the topic. Flash fiction and poetry are my forte. I observe this world as a resident, it’s my home, not as a visionary or philosopher, I really care about it. Each tree uprooted hurts me, as I love to see trees everywhere. 
Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Are you a reader or wannabe author ?  
Sakhi Bansal: First I am a reader, then I am an aspiring Author. I believe in the saying “good readers make good writers, good listeners make good speaker.” I can read anything from a magazine yo a blog, from a novel to a classic. I avoid newspapers, documents, and biographies. As a writer I have some desires to be well known, to leave an impact on my reader, to woo them. I don’t believe in writing to impact, I believe in writing to stir something in them, all the good, the bad and the ugly. My reader should be enriched or enlightened or emboldened in some way.

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: What is your favorite genre- when you are writing and when you are reading! Who are  your favorite authors? What do you like most about them?                   
Sakhi Bansal: my favourite genre is Mystery, Thriller and Drama when reading. To write I prefer Romance, Comedy, Poetry and Free Standing Articles.                             
I like when writers are known by their writing styles, you can tell it’s their book just by the way they take the book along. My favourite authors are:
Jeffrey Archer – Archer on the other hand revolves the story around a character and his family. The story usually traces the hardships, growth and evolution of the protagonist over many years and in some cases like the Clifton chronicles over many generations. Also with Archer’s books, there is always the fate/serendipity factor where characters are pitted alongside the mysterious fate which entangles their lives. Taking the example from Archer’s most renowned work “Kane and Abel”, the world war 2 part of the book where Abel ends up saving Kane’s life. Also the fascination of Archer to bring in the World War in most of his books. With Archer I always expect to fly by the seat of my pants and that rush. 
Sidney Sheldon – With Sheldon, I know I get to read great metaphors, fast paced story, twists and turns and he will take one line of profession and subtly exploit it from all angles almost giving you a crash course.. 
Dan Brown – Dan Brown’s books mostly revolve around an organisation or group which are shrouded in mystery. He gives his take on the workings of the historical events and how things might have transpired. All this wrapped around an intense time ticking thriller. It’s both fast paced and filled with facts and mysticism. Dan Brown is always a cornucopia of facts, trivia and fiction rolled into one. His books are like an insight to things that are covert and controversial. You can’t skip reading a page, you will miss a very vital hint.
J.K.Rowling – What to say about Rowling, the way she has spun a seven book series known as Harry Potter is marvellous. She has a unique style, she has left the reader with some questions in book one, and answered some in book 2, then 3 and 4,5,6 and 7, and then again she asked some questions in book 2 that were answered slowly in next 5 editions. I mean it’s like a jigsaw puzzle that all fits into place when you read the last word of book 7, not many can do that. 
Paulo Coehlo- For Coelho I would say, I feel that to understand Paulo Coelho , one has to understand that he does not write for literary fame. You will hardly find any lucrative paragraphs or tortuous words in his writings. His way of writing is simple and he focuses on delivering more by writing less. Every story written by him has a deeper meaning confined within it although it is decorated by simple everyday words. King has a talent for putting his readers into the world he creates – whether it be 1960s backwoods Maine, a 1930s Louisiana prison, or a fantasy world entirely of his own imagining. He creates engaging characters who you want to root for and puts them in situations where they have to fight to stay alive. And what’s more: he is not afraid to kill off the good guys, because he knows that in real life, sometimes evil wins. King writes great, snappy dialogue, amazing inner dialogue, and descriptions that range from poignant to chilling.
GRR Martin – Martin if course has changed the way we read epics, classics as he took all the taboos and made a book of it, and he made people fall in love with that book. He has written some very sensitive issues in his tale but made them look so important to the plot that he seems totally justified in his choices. 
Khaled Hosseini – Khaled Hosseini is, no doubt, one of my most favourite authors of all times. If you ask why, I would say mostly because he is an awesome story-teller. I love the way his stories encompass the true raw emotions of his characters, their tryst with destiny and with society. The emotion flows free, both in the characters and in my mind visualizing them. And I love the way he puts forward a picturesque depiction of Afghanistan and the way of life there. I am not going to cite excerpts from his novel because of course you must have read him. As of now, I have read The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns both of which were excruciatingly beautiful, detailed and heart-breaking at the same time.
Stephen King – I read Stephen King because he is the only writer who has made me care so much about characters that I have thrown the book across the room when they’ve died – and then ran across to pick it up and keep reading.  I have re-read The Stand eighteen times and some of the deaths in there never fail to move me.  I read King because some of his works have genuinely kept me up nights – not just reading them, but lying awake afterward, wondering what lurks in the dark shadows beyond the edge of my doorway. Even though the rational mind knows there is nothing there, he sets my brain working. He is a masterful storyteller indeed. 

Sharmishtha basu@ Agnishatdal: Where do you see yourself in future? Say ten years from now!
Sakhi Bansal: In some ten years from now I hope to see myself as a Author of atleast a couple of books to my name in my bookshelf. I see myself as someone who wrote purely from her instincts and as someone who wrote more to please herself than her readers as I have heard that you should be our first beta reader, first critic, first fan and until you don’t feel good about your book, the readers never will.

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Do you blog? Tell us a little about what you blog about and if there is some future plans about that, say if it is your launch pad to the writing world or world of enlightenment, self discovery! What is your blog url?
Sakhi Bansal: yes I do blog, at least once daily. My blog is a Pandora’s box, a reflection of me. I pen whatever is going on in my mind that day. I haven’t given it say one particular genre as I am a moody person and can choose to write anything. You will find poems, prose, flash fiction, short stories, articles, quotes, pictures, links, reblogs. It’s a fun ride to read it I promise you. My blogs future is to have a good readership where I can also showcase any books I write. I love feedback as it helps me grow and refine. my URL. 

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Any suggestion for Agnishatdal?
Sakhi Bansal: Well, I would suggest something concrete when I get to research it more, right now I see the ezine has many picture posts, maybe we can limit them and increase literary material.

Sharmishtha Basu@Indie Adda: Do you have anything to say, suggest Indie Authors?
Sakhi Bansal: yes, I would like to suggest them to write from heart, be true to your instincts and listen to the inner voice as they pen their thoughts.

Thursday Fun n Frolics 11.5.17 is for Swati Sarangi

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Tell us something about yourself Swati.
Swati Sarangi: I’m currently pursuing Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering. So, basically I’m a post graduate student by profession and a writer by passion. I’m someone who has an intense obsession with words, numbers and colours. Being quite reticent in nature, I feel very expressive when I pen down my thoughts. I’m so much passionate about writing that I never miss a single page of my diary! I can be contacted through- and/or facebook:

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: You are quite an accomplished writer, your works have been accepted by many publishing houses, tell us the secret, if you don’t mind!
Swati Sarangi: Thanks for the praise! My journey to the field of writing has just begun, I feel. I feel that I’m just a beginner. It always feels so great when my works are accepted. The secret to my writing is my positive outlook towards the world around me. This in turn offers me a gift of observing things present in my vicinity and binding them through words.

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Where do you see yourself as a writer ten years from now? Will you try stories too?
Swati Sarangi: Future is the most unpredictable concept. So, it’s difficult for me to predict it at this point of time. I write out of my passion, there’s nothing more profound than passion for something. I will continue to write as long as this passion is alive. Yes, I will experiment with stories too.

Sharmishtha basu@ Agnishatdal: Will you tell us a little about your blogs, their contents and urls?
Swati Sarangi: I have maintained two blogs with my sister, Sweta- and . The first one is nearly 3 and a half years old whereas the later one has been created recently which has been dedicated to short forms of writing like Haiku and flash fiction. My sister also contributes to these blogs.

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Tell us about your published works, and the urls from where we can buy them, do add the covers if you can please.
Swati Sarangi: Here is the list of some of my published works-

Poem: Days of forgotten past in THE STAGE –

Article: Observation- December Issue of Writer’s Ezine

Poem: Being a girl- Shade of life-2

Poems: A Prayer, Beyond the boundaries of impossibilities – Addiqtd Book of poetry 

Issues of Agnishatdal-
(Poush )December Issue

Agrahayan Issue
Poem- Choices

Kartik Issue
Diwali Special: Poem- It’s Diwali here

Ashwin Issue
Article- Binding the household

Bhadra issue
Poem- A Prayer
College Magazine – Technoquest, IGIT , Sarang
Tecnoquest 2k12

Poem: Devils of life

Technoquest 2k13

Technoquest 2k14
Poem: The view, Identity

Different websites and pages-

Blue grass page of FB
Poems- It’s Diwali here , Illuminating through darkness
Article: Every man’s man – Shaktiman-
Poem: A prayer –
What I learned about relationship lessons from my parents–contest-winners-and-stor

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Do you have something to suggest us, the wannabe successful authors, especially those who are employed or are heading for a career in the dreary real world?
Swati Sarangi: My suggestion for wanna-be-authors would be to just follow their passion relentlessly, rest everything will follow eventually.

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Any suggestion for Agnishatdal?
Swati Sarangi: Agnishatdal is an amazing platform for debut writers. It is an agglomeration of all forms of art – writing, digital art,photography. It would be better if the presentation (such as font size, color) is made little bit more oriented and uniform. For popularity of this Ezine, more focus should be given on its advertisement.

Sharmishtha Basu@Indie Adda: Do you have anything to say, suggest Indie Authors? As a successful author who has made publishers accept her works?
Swati Sarangi: To Indie Authors, I just want to suggest to keep following their passion. Writing is like a divine gift which should be nurtured effortlessly. Keep writing!