They have been more than just my friends, casual friends. My relationship with them has been far more fulfilling from my end, this is the least I can do to give a boost to their dreams. Like they have done with mine, for years, reading my works, lavishly complimenting them.

Thanks and all the best!

By the way it is open for all my friends,readers if you want to flaunt something you have created, accomplished do let me know.

Write a mail to me and send a copy to if you want to SHARE YOUR BOOK, WANT A REVIEW OR WANT TO PUBLISH AN INTERVIEW IN INDIE ADDA. Don’t be shy, we authors should be helping each other as travelers of same boat 🙂

I too will enjoy filling up a little part of my blog without working on it. 🙂

The interviews conducted till date:



2 thoughts on “INTERVIEWS

  1. You were very kind to interview me previously. Thanks so much for that!
    If you want to leave “three things” so i can promote your books, please do leave them in a comment at my blog. Tell me which book you’d like me to focus on (and a link that shows where the most of them are). Wishing you huge success, and loads of hugs!

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