David Stewart and his greenwalled tower.

Well, David is ONE amazing author, if you are not reading his works then you are missing some really good stories, I believe that. He has been too busy with his new life in USA, so after keeping me hanging for long long time he has finally shared some words about his life and works. I am waiting for the day when he will publish/self publish a collection of his amazing stories.

Here we go:

1. Where are you from?

I am originally from Newfoundland, Canada. It has a cold, harsh environment in the winter but it’s beautiful and the people are very friendly.

2. Tell me something about your present life.
I’m currently working at Upper Iowa University as an English teacher.

3. Tell me something about your childhood days, anything that has stayed with you!
We used to drive to see our relatives in the summers, which was at least a four day drive. My sisters and I would sometimes write stories in the car. We would agree on some common elements, then write the stories and share them afterwards.

4. What inspires your works most?

My short stories are inspired by things around me in daily life or just random thoughts I’ve had, but my novels usually start with a single image. Several times that image has come from a dream.

5. What is your favorite thing in world? If more than one, then tell as many as you will like to share!

I like a lot of things, so it’s hard to pick one. I really love hanging out with my family or friends, especially playing role-playing games. My favorite is called GURPS.

6. Who will you be if your wish is granted, and why?

Actually, I really like being me, but if my wish was granted, I would want a few kids and be a successful author.

7. If you wake up one morning in a tent and realize you are a gypsy, what will you do?

I have no idea. Probably figure out what was going on, then carry on with life. I adapt to circumstances well.

8. What are you most afraid of?

I don’t usually think about fears much, but maybe something bad happening to my whole family. Either that or war breaking out in Korea.

9. Have you ever had any paranormal experience?

Not as such. My wife and I like to visit supposedly haunted places at night but we’ve never seen anything.

10.Who is your favorite person in life?

My wife. Who else could I say? 🙂

11. Do you have any hero? who is s/he?
My hero is either J.R.R. Tolkien or C.S. Lewis. They were both academics, Christians, and fantasy writers of a very high caliber. I would love to emulate their lives, at least in most ways.
12. If you could change the world would you? what will be the changes?
I would make everyone more loving towards each other. That would fix a lot of problems right there.

13.What do you hate most in the world?
I hate willful ignorance and stupidity and people arguing from flawed logic to intentionally deceive people.

14.What are your hobbies other than writing?

I have a lot, although not a lot of time to pursue them. I love mountain climbing and camping. I also love wood-carving and playing Minecraft. Anything really that involves creation.

15.Who is your favorite poet? Why?

I don’t really read many poets. My favorite poem is Jabberwocky, by Lewis Carroll, since it’s weird like me.

16.If you could change one thing about yourself what will it be?

I blush easily, so I would change that.

section 2

About your books, all of them (individually)- I have five finished novels, not including Giselle, so I’ll just write about Giselle, since it’s the only one currently for sale on my blog.

1. What is this book about?
Giselle is the story of a man who goes back in time and sees a woman he liked but fell out of contact with. He then tries to pursue a relationship with her in the present and the past.

2. What is the inspiration behind the book?
I honestly don’t remember but a lot of the preliminary work on it I did when I was on a hiking trip by myself. I went to a few remote Korean islands for a few days.

3. Is there any special message?
It’s a love story but deals with ideas like free will and fate and if we can change things or not.

4. Tell me something about how you wrote it, what you loved writing/hated a bit or anything you will love to share!
I started this story several times since it didn’t feel right at first. Also, in the first draft, the main character killed himself at the end. The couple people that read it thought it was horrifying and depressing (they were right), so I changed it and made it much better.

5. Full url from where we can get your book. 🙂
This has links to various places where you can buy it.


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