Freya Pickard


In India there is a saying that fire reduces coal to ash and makes gold priceless. I am blessed with friends who have been through worst and made it their power. I have already told you about Carolyn (, how she turned her darkest nightmare into a phase of enlightenment. Which she has shared in her first book, and two more are to come.

Freya Pickard of is next example of that power, the gold within mortal frame, Freya is a cancer survivor currently awaiting the final all clear. She wrote Insides as a kind of therapy to help her embrace the terrible things she endured; cancer, surgery and chemotherapy. She wanted to bring comfort to other cancer sufferers as well as enabling people with no experience of cancer at all, to understand a little of what it means to go through such an ordeal.

She launched her new book “Insides” on 17th October:

Launch Date – Monday, 17th October 2016 12 noon England (BST – British Summer Time)


Check it out!

Freya Pickard’s novel, Dragonscale Leggings, is now available as an e-book!

Check out Freya’s video about it at DSL

Freya is making more videos – view them at TRRAOS, TEOT and Patreon

Freya’s Blogs

background story of The Rusalka Ritual

and a little peek in her fantastic bunch of books:



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