KD author of Avenging Knights “Rebirth of Lost Honor”

1. I write, well because I love to do it. I would writing expression into imagery for everyone to see. I just love to create but more importantly create with others in making a story unique and fun to read at the same time. Writing is a dual emotional state for me. It can be so rewarding, fun but yet so tortuous, and disheartening at the same time. Disheartening when you can get pass at certain passage to move on. If you have self doubt in what you creative especially while you are putting it together. I guess another reason I love writing is a challenge of doing it. It sharpens my mind but causes me to go in other realms of being. Getting lost in creative thinking can be a plus for me, but I do know what reality is. With that knowledge it helps make writing more informative to me. So yes those perplexing reasons are why I write.

2. I love Sci-fi and Fantasy. If I had to choose it would be a combination of the two. I have to thank my older brother Chris for exposing me to these genres. Shows/Movies such as Doctor Who, Buck Rogers, Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons, Red Dwarf, Aliens, and Blade Runner are great influences for me for loving such genres. The world is such a fascination to me, more so to the potential of human of growth not just technology but compassionately in the form of progressing in human spirit. The world expanding through the space and time!! Damn what isn’t to like. A world hidden from worn eyes but open “3rd” eyes gives credence to my imagination. Again what isn’t there to like. I like to believe that when I create characters their position is very complex and in depth like ones who deal with the gray areas of the world. With Sci-fi and Fantasy that gives me a reason to look beyond myself as a person and identify a world around me as a potential realm of what is to come. As long as I believe in positive energy the outcome will be one that society will benefit from. Well that’s what I hope.

3. The only suggestion/advice I would give someone who wants to write is this–

“Write in hours where you rather being doing something else which in the long run won’t benefit you as creating your world would have done.”

4. I wrote (co-wrote one) a total of 3 books which are: Avenging Knights “Rebirth of Lost Honor” (Fantasy http://www.lulu.com (paperback) and http://www.amazon.com (e-book). Shadow Within A City (co-wrote with F. Kenneth Taylor) Sci-Fi/Fantasy Dystopian http://www.amazon.com. (e-book & paperback). I also wrote a script to issue one of the comic book called ShadowKill. Available at http://bookstore.xlibris.com (paperback with Joel Charles and my actual name Kevin G. Daniel). The book I want to feature today is my newest one; a Sci-Fi dark world called Astronomical. The original concept was of the main character was born from the mind of a great artist who for shame is an unknown from St. Louis, MO; Leonard Taylor III. Description goes a follows–

The year is 2025; Colonel Harrison is given a simple mission to discover potential allies to aid against a potential war from the Nexus Jor and to find the missing vessel of Captain Delcid that was sent out years ago on the exact same mission. But what Colonel Harrison does not know is that this mission will encounter life forms and technologies that are well beyond his comprehension. is the entire world is section off into two major provinces; the first being the United States of Western Lands (USW). Consequently, as Colonel Harrison is dealing with the impending war in outer space and an underground resistance movement on Earth is taking place led by a former X-Policeman named Mury Te. As his plight was shown by a mission too guided by gaining allies in different cities across the mainland, his mission for the TRUTH will have an eerie similar fate like Colonel Harrison with unknown results.

Available at http://www.lulu.com (paperback) and http://www.amazon.com (e-book).

Also please feel free to drop by and spend some time at my blog http://kgbethlehem.com/ for meta-physics, literature, sociological conversations, poetry (Friday Night Poetry Corner) and much more. Thanks everyone for all the support throughout the years and please, write, talk, and believe in you. Time is too damn short for anything else that doesn’t involve connection.


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