Penny Luker the author of Tinny

There are many important things in my life, like my family, friends, cat and home. I am also passionate about human rights and animal rights and would like to leave this world a slightly better place than I found it. Writing is part of my life and part of who I am. The reason I write is because I love telling stories, but there are also many positive spin-offs for writers. In the writing group I attend, ‘Winsford Writers’ I have met a fantastic group of people who over the years have become my friends and I have also made friends online though blogs and review groups. My blog is and I’d love you to drop by and leave a message.

My favourite genre to write is fantasy and I have recently published, The Truth Finder, a fantasy story for young adults. It is the story set in the fifth millennium, of Vrail, a young man who has to learn to live the difficulties and joy of being able to read people’s minds.

This link will take you to my books on Amazon:

I’ve also written two children’s books aimed at the 4 to 11years age group. The books are called, The Green Book and Tiny Tyrannosaurus. Both books are about everyday family life and how it changes when touched by ‘magic’.

My poetry book, Nature’s Gold, contains a variety of poems, both serious and light-hearted. I chose the title because many of the poems are about the beauty of nature.

Finally, if you like short stories, take a look at The Mermaid, which is my most recent collection of short stories.

Not only do I write, but I paint and play music. I see all creative activity as connected. The best advice I’d give anyone wanting to write is to value the creative things you do for the process of doing them and don’t obsess about the finished product. Do listen to feedback from others, but if you don’t agree, then don’t change your work. It’s your work and you can never please everyone. I think being creative helps our mental health and we should value it much more in our global society.

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