Teagan R. Geneviene author of ATONEMENT

1. Why do you love to write.

I believe it’s more that I can’t “not write.” I think you could take that question all the way back to Rod Sterling’s “Twilight Zone.” Naturally any number of television shows (and even commercials) captured my young imagination. However, I think The Twilight Zone was what caused me to begin to associate my very active childhood imaginings with the concept of writing stories. I remember being very young and staring up at a small black and white bedroom TV and being utterly fascinated by the stories Rod Sterling presented.

Some years later, as a preteen, I started writing Twilight Zone-ish stories. They were well received by my teachers, but not by my parents. I suppose they didn’t think the attention I was getting was appropriate. I was told to never do that again! I eventually discarded that parental rule. (She grins.)

2.The process of writing.

The serials for my blog are pure pantser (unplanned) fun. However, for everything else I work with a loose plan. I’m also a bit of a spreadsheet geek. I make spreadsheets to help me keep up with all the details. Since I have extensive experience as a technical editor/writer, I’m accustomed to using Excel and Word in advanced ways. Another thing that helps me is utilizing “styles” in Word for my novels. This automatically gives me an outline that I can keep on the same page by opening the Navigation Pane under the View tab in Word.

3.The challenges of getting published.

I’ve never tried to be published in the traditional way. I keep hearing that except for the select famous few, the publishers don’t do much of anything to market your books. So why give them a cut of the profit?

Indie (or independent publishing) is a very exciting area. I enjoy the control it offers. However, I’m not able to “do it right.” I have a demanding fulltime job. The blog takes all my personal time. So there is no time or energy left over for me to do the promotional work of indie publishing. However, I remind myself that I didn’t publish “Atonement, Tennessee” for the same reasons that bring most people to independent publishing. I simply wanted the satisfaction of knowing I had done it.

4. A little about your book/s.

A brief overview of the novel “Atonement, Tennessee” and the main characters in Atonement, Tennessee?

Atonement, Tennessee is a tiny fictional town where a lot of strange things happen. It’s an “urban fantasy” – set in the current day of our real world, but with magical elements. I added a mystery subplot to the fantasy. The story is inspired by (but not based on) ancient Celtic/Welsh mythology, particularly the myth of Gwydion fab Don. I give sneaky little nods to the myth in some of the characters’ names (such as Guy Fabdon).

The heroine, Ralda Lawton, narrates the story. The need for speed prompted me to let her have some of my own reactions and attitudes. That’s not something I usually do with a character, typically they’re drawn from my experiences, not my personality. However, with Atonement, there is a little of me in the heroine and her women friends.

Ralda moves from the big city to the quaint little town of Atonement, hoping for a quiet life. She buys an old estate house, and she is off to a good start, making friends with her neighbors and settling into the community. But her new life is anything but peaceful.

The old house is rundown but interesting, and the grounds include an old cemetery. Some of the antiques in the house have strange properties; a mirror that might show truths you don’t want to see, and a brass bed that gives you dreams of the past.

Ralda begins to unravel mysteries about her past, things she hadn’t previously given much thought. Also one of her new friends gets into serious trouble – the woman is suspected of wrong-doing when her husband disappears. Ralda and the other women set about clearing her name.

Meanwhile supernatural entities have their own agendas. Their dangerous schemes involve Ralda and she has no defense to compare with their magical strength. She doesn’t know who, if anyone, she can trust.

Teagan R. Geneviene


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