Guilty Soul

gulity soul 25.3.14

GUILTY SOUL – Is a heavy burden to bear, people sometimes do heinous things out of greed, anger or other thousand reasons and after that, when something goes wrong something inside them tells them that they are reaping what they have sown. Nothing can beat that pain. Lucky are those who suffer without doing evil, for their soul knows God will deliver them, avenge them. When God picks up the weighing scale and starts weighing, those who have wronged them all of a sudden discover there is a power far beyond their muscle developed by petty earthly devices like money, power.

gulity soul


The car left for the home of the bride. The house was decorated with flowers and light. Mr. Singh was travelling with the groom, his children were in the bus.

They reached the wedding venue earlier, the bus was about to show up any time, the bride’s family was waiting for them with flowers.

An hour went by… the waiting party settled down on chairs, sipping cold drinks, chattering away merrily.

Mr. Singh’s phone rang, his face blanched.

“What happened?” Mr. Jana, the bride’s father quickly asked.

“A truck … the bus…”

No further explanation was needed.

The marriage continued, Mr. Singh stayed with the groom, the remaining family rushed to hospital.

Both Mr. Jana and Mr. Singh left for the hospital after the marriage.

“Do you think it was … done on purpose?” Mr. Jana could no longer suppress himself.

“How?” Mr. Singh asked, “We both know… she does not have any power… she does not even knows that we had any roles to play behind it all…”

“Yes… guess so…”

The car pulled in the hospital. They rushed to the emergency ward.

Mr. Singh’s brother stopped them…. “Let’s talk… sit down bhai (brother).”

The earth swayed under his feet.

“What happened?” he asked… his breath stuck in his throat.

“Parmesh (his son)….” his brother said, “… was sitting right beside the driver… it was a head on collission in full impact…”

“Did he make it?”

His silence answered his question.

gulity soul


“It’s alright Krishna…” Raju said. Deep in their hearts they both knew it was not… a dark shadow of gloom has clutched their young lives in its vicious talons.

Was it gloom or curse.

Mr. Bhutoria handed him over a cheque, “All you will have to do is keep that girl away from my son… I dont care how you do it, I will pay you the money, you will have to do the thinking and in a way that it does not gives any inkling that I am involved. I dont want my relationship with my family get ruined because of a girl.”

He involved his father, his brother and that “girl’s” brother. They shared the booty and his father, impersonating him kept the girl in his clutches, she lived in a fool’s paradise that she loved a young man, her age, who was about to marry her.

By the time she guessed it, it was too late.

Krishna and his father, brother has played their roles well, they have convinced Mr. Bhutoria’s son that his dreamgirl was having a flings with two men at a time, father and son, both married. Their wives went crazy and ruined the girls reputation, quite justly.

The girl disappeared from their vicinity. No one knew if she was dead or alive. That day their five year old son died, in a mysterious fever.

Ten years have passed since that day, every time a child is conceived… it dies.

They both sit and time after time it comes to their mind how much that girl wanted to have a child of her own, more than anything else before they showed up in her life…

gulity soul


He woke up covered in sweat and shaking. He could see thin slices of sky far up above, between the walls of the maze.

“Amit… Shankar…. Deep…” he tried to shout but his voice barely rose louder than a whisper. He was so afraid…

“Please God… wake me up!”

in answer to his begging he heard a cruel, ruthless laughter… a laughter that just could not come out of a human throat.

“Please… God…You did not bargained with God… You bargained with me. I dont know what is forgiveness… if you take something from me you return it with interest.”

He woke up screaming.

His family members came running into the room, “What happened Neel?”

He looked at them blankly… how will he tell them that share market crashed last night and he is bankrupt now…

gulity soul


They were sitting side by side, watching the ocean roll.

Her head was resting on his shoulder.

He never thought he will be able to pass the rest of his life with her. She was a very nice girl from a lower middle class family, he was the only son of a tycoon. His neck was tied to his father’s business ally’s daughter- the mega match.

He made the blunder of deciding to love her, and before he could propose, his father made her vanish. No…he was too shrewd to kill her. In place of that she was stuffed away in a mental assylum for ten full years, he believing that she was gone married his father’s choice.

Then one of his men got greedy and everything spilled out.

He siphoned her out of the assylum to a private island.

Then he returned and made a list of all those who were involved- one by by one he turned them into beggars and left them to rot and then made arrangements that they stay that way.

After that he returned to his lover, married her and they stayed there till their final days.

gulity soul



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