The wind that blew

old ruin 1.4.14

This was exactly what she wanted. She looked at the old building, it will have to get fixed. It was a small house, very sturdy and with a small outhouse and a huge godown.

The island on which it was built was accessible only by air.

It was once a volcano, an active on, on the top of that icecone was a small lake and very fertile land around it, an eccentric man has bought this island a century ago, this ruin was his home, his family sold it after his death… that is they tried for forty years to sell it, then she showed up.

She liked the island at the first sight.

She wanted to live a solitary life but not like a candy available to all sailors or bandits who will sail across that area.

The body of that island was smooth, smooth like a polished gem that rolled down straight to the beach. To access that beach she will have to use her helipad again.

Even though she will miss that part, but, she can anytime go away to one of her hotels in best beaches, all across the world to have some time on beach.

It took her a whopping lot of money and two months to get it totally fixed. Half of her employees called her cuckoo behind her back.

“Too much money… no one to share with…” was the thought that came to their minds and sometimes trickled down their lips.

Yeah… too much money.

She was lucky, tenacious and hardworker, with a dollop of fortune. Her father left her a chain of hotels, and lot of training in hotel business.

She made that chain a world-wide network of adored hotels, built with one intention- give the customer the best they could get at the money they offered.

Now she was forty, even though she looked in her thirties and bored.

So, she has been packing up things since she crossed her forties, packing up meant she was picking up a group of very talented and honest men and women and was slowly handing them over the charges, so that, when she will go to her paradise the business will run smoothly.

She planned to spend most of her time in her paradise. In today’s world that was very easy if you have too much money.

She took her office to her island- virtually.


Within five years she made that island her dream home without harming its natural self much, a small helipad, a helicopter and some other modern things were allowed there, including a comfortable house.

She shifted there late in July.

It was raining heavily and she settled down on the porch, sipping a tall glass of ice-cold juice. One of her dogs was lying at her feet, acting weird, looking all around him with a funny expression at every little flutter.

“Feeling funny are we?” she patted his head. He looked up at her and wagged his tail.

It was late at night, the rain has stopped, she was lying on the bed, listening to the wind, she could hear it actually singing through the small bowl, how amazing nature is… she thought, slowly the music lulled her to sleep.

When she woke up next morning sun was shining.

She got out and started to look around her, the lake was placid, the woods around it looked gorgeous, all cleaned up by the rain, she wore her raincoat, because she could see the trees dripping still, the old ruin was her first spot, its walls were still sturdy, may be, with a little repair work it can be turned into a home still. It was a small one man abode, perfect for guests or may be if she can modernize it she will shift to it.

She entered the woods.

The wood was filled with flowers, she has never seen these flowers anywhere else, they were beautiful and huge.

The throngs of butterflies around them made things even more beautiful.

She sat down under a tree and started the enjoy the beautiful dawn breaking.

A narrow trail headed upwards, towards the brim, tomorrow she will try to see the sunrise from up there.

She could see that the lightning strike was quite rare there, because the trees did not displayed any signs of fire or lightning-strike.

She returned to her home late in the morning, her tummy was growling with hunger. After looking around, while having her breakfast she decided that she will have to do away with some trees around the old building.

She came out with the saw later, when sun was up and the leaves were dried. She loved doing small, big stuffs, so wielding an axe or saw was not much of a job for her.

“Please dont hurt me…” a sweet melodic voice just above whisper sounded in her brain the second she grabbed the saw to cut down the first tree.

She shook her head and aimed again,

“Please…” the voice repeated.

“Are you talking to me…” she stared hard at the tree, her face red with embarassment.

“Yes.” was the answer.

“Trees dont talk…” she protested.

“We do because we are not trees…” the voice answered.

“Then what are you?” she asked.

“Our spaceship crashed in the ocean thousands of years ago… we swam to this island and have been living here ever since, we can take any form that we want.”

“How many of you are there?” she asked.

“Quite a bunch…” the voice answered, “The man who lived before you knew about us and kept our secret. Will you? Please? We know human beings are suspicious and scared of new living forms… we dont want to get involved in anything human but having one friend at a time…”

“I wont tell anyone… dont worry I too dont like to get involved in anything human much, barring one friend or two at a time… if you guys fill up that gap then I wont have my friends over. I will visit them when I miss them…” she smiled.


“Thanks…” the tree answered.

A wind rose from its proximity and spread through out the island, she could feel a music vibrating in her mind.

“This is how we communicate.” the tree said. “Here they come…”

Thousands of flowers sailed out of the woods and softly settled around her, followed by butterflies and birds.

“We can take any form we want but we prefer plants, flowers, flowerflies, butterflies, birds and some other creatures. Our favorite form is trees.” the tree told her.

A butterfly softly perched on her knees. Its wings were painted with most vibrant colours.

The day passed watching them play around, it indeed was a sight to see.

Anyone who wished that flowers had life should pay a visit here and observe how beautiful they looked when they could move around.

Late at night she fell asleep watching the fireflies waltz around the lake.

Days formed wings, they truly were the best companions, even her dogs became their pets, there was no malice, no jealousy no greed in their souls, there were hundreds of them living in that small place but they never had a spite.

They lived a blissful life.

A few months later an emergency showed up and she had to leave for civilization for a week, longer would have been better but she decided to snip it to the shortest possible size, so adjusted the things from the island in a manner that she will be able to return within a week.

She left her dogs and home at their charge.

These days she slept out in the wood, she knew she was safe there, whatever real wild animals were there her friends kept an watch for them.

She also knew that they have set an invisible shield on the mountain top, that allowed only those things that they allowed to penetrate through, that is why lightning never struck that place. The shiled absorbed them.

She returned after five days, snipping the tour shorter by two precious days.

Her friends greeted her but she could feel a sense of restlessness in them.

“What is wrong?” she asked her first friend, the tree, Xola.

“We received a message… from our planet.” he answered.

“Will you go away?” she asked, her heart instantly sank.

“Something worse…” Xola said, “We may be attacked by our enemies. They have somehow discovered our location.”

“Is there nothing we can do?” she asked.

“There is…” Xola said, “But forget it… It will be easier if we leave this planet.”

“Will you prefer that?” she asked.

“No… earth is like our home, after all these milleniums we have passed here but our enemies are spiteful, malignant creatures, they will not only destroy us but cause earth harm too….” Xola said.

“What is that solution?” she asked.


“In our home planet we have a machine… we used that back there to hide ourselves from gorzons, our enemies. But to get it we will have to travel there and get one from there. But we cant go there, if we go there without that machine to protect us the Gorzons will get us before our friends.” Xola said.

“Then…” Rosa asked.

Xola made a whistle like sound and a strange looking Xernian stepped out, he was quite unlike the other Xernians Rosa has met.

“He is a Gorzon… his tribe rejected him because he was weak, he was saved by one of us, we fed him and brought him up.” Xola said.

“If he goes there Gorzons wont be able to feel him… he will be able to go there and get the machine back for us.” Xola said.

“Then where is the problem?” she asked.

“He cant drive a spaceship… you see Gorzons are not at all brainy, they are just violent… and that gives them an immense power in our peaceloving planet, the other creatures of our planets just save ourselves from them… we cant beat them …. that machine stops them from entering our zones… if they had brain we would have been doomed.”

“So none of you cant drive that spaceship… to take him to Xernia…” Rosa said, a bit bewildered, “and you are dreaming that I will be able to drive one… oh yes sure…”

“You can fly a helicopter… a spaceship is not much complicated than that… not ours… believe me… it will only take a day to train you.” Xola said.

“you have a spaceship?” she asked.

“Yeah… under us… that is why the island looks so unique… we have built that mountain to keep it safe from tracking … its not a volcanic island.” Xola grinned.

“I will love to help you… but do train me well, I dont want to end up lost in space….” she smiled, her heart beating fast at the hint of a lifetime adventure.


“Come!” Xola lead her to a small cave on the opposite shore of the lake.

They entered it, she and the small group of Xernian and Gorn, the Gorzon.

Her jaw dropped when they reached a small platform at the end of the cave, there was a drop, heaven only knew how deep, Xola pressed a button, that looked more like a stone jutting out.

A lift came up from the pit, they climbed it and the descent began.

It was a whole structure that was hidden under that island.

She could see dozens of Xernians working down here, they were shapeshifters, capable of taking any form they wished, so all she could see was different shaped creatures moving around.

“From where do you get all this energy?” she asked.

“From earth itself, the earth is a never ending source of energy, if you use wisely, we use that energy, our needs are few.” Xola answered.

A xernian came forward and opened a door, there was a tunnel, they entered it, it ended in a garage type structure, there it was… a real flying saucer.

“Come!” Xola asked her to follow him into it. She, Gorn and two more Xernians entered the flying saucer.

“It is night, so you will be able to learn its driving without being seen by anyone…” Xola started to train.

“Press that pink button, it will move the ship forward… once you reach the ocean press the blue button it will take it up, when you are airborne press the green button, that will activate the invisibility shield and the shield necessary for the space travel.”

She pressed the pink button and the ship started go glide forward in the tunnel, slowly it went out of the tunnel and she realized they were under the ocean.

Fishes were swimming all around them.

“The blue button…” Xola said.

She pressed the blue button. The saucer started to rise upwards.

soon they were out of water.

“The green one … now!” Xola said. “The last thing you want is being seen by a human being… they will certainly start digging around…. who can say they may discover our hideout and we may end up in their dissection table.”

A cover came up, from inside it looked like a flimsy veil.

“It can take a meteor strike.” Xola said, noticing her expression.

The earth was falling back at a great speed.

“To moon!” Xola lauged.



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