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Tuesday Adda @ Indie Adda 10.7.18 Nazia and Zohaib Hasan

These were my childhood sensations! Nazia is gone, after fighting a ruthless war with cancer she parted her way with earth quite some time ago, Zohaib lives in U.K.

I have always loved their songs, separately and together when they sang as a pair.

Nazia appeared in Indian movie as a sensation, with her song “Aap jaisa koi meri zindagi me aaye” from movie Qurbani. Delhi Doordarshan played their songs a lot when I was a teenager. They had beautiful videos too!

Two more I can still remember are “jana zindagi se na jana” and “boom boom”.

Try their songs and share your views please!


Tuesday Adda @ Indie Adda 3.7.18 Asha Bhonsle

I am not a big admirer of Asha Bhonsle but I love many of her songs and she believe me is truly talented like her elder sister Lata Mangeshkar.

She had a strange expertise over her voice when it came to sing playful songs that required mastery over voice, like “aja aja main hoon pyar tera” or many other songs that she sang for her husband R.D. Burman, who was known for his experimental songs and teamed with his super talented wife he churned out magic after magic! Like “chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko” or “Do lafzon kee hai dil kee kahani”.

She truly is an awesome singer!

You love her singing? Spill your heart!

Friday Journals 29.6.18

The publicity house

Something was wrong with the house. She felt it instantly that is within a week of moving in there.

She felt there were others in that house. Invisible entities! Soon she started to feel their presence even stronger.

Someone standing in the hallway….. A touch when she was still in the realm of sleep, a feeling that someone crept in her bed …. waking up to nothing though…

Strange faces appeared on floor and walls, created by dampness and heaven only knows what, they looked like screaming ghosts or grotesque apparitions….

She started to suspect her own sanity. Then her sister visited her. “This house is really stuffy!” was her first comment.

She sat down on the sofa and looked around her. “You should do something about the walls and floorings. It appears like a child has been painting ghosts all over them.”

Soon her chirpy companionship erased most of the silly thoughts from her mind. Still sometimes in that border of sleep and wakefulness she felt those presences! Those touches, sometimes voices…..

“Didi my friend Chinmayee is coming to Kolkata; can I invite her to stay with us?” Mitra asked.

She shrugged and smiled. “Go ahead! I will love it!”

Next morning they left for Howrah station to pick her up. Chinmayee was a really beautiful girl in an angelic way. Her eyes caught instant attention; they were huge, black and full of feelings. One will feel they can talk, and they truly did.

She talked very little but smiled a lot, her smile was truly lovely, mostly silent but it lit up her surroundings.

“This is it!”Ratri opened the door and turned around. Chinmayee was standing right behind her, she looked frozen, there was a strange look on her face; her eyes were filled with fear, pain and despair. She gasped and backed off a few steps.

Maitree reached out and touched her hand, she gasped sharply.

“Hey Chinu, What’s up?”Maitree softly held her hand; Chinmayee deeply inhaled and entered the house.

Ratri placed a glass of water on the table in front of her.

“It’s ok didi, really! “ She tried to smile feebly. “I scared you did not I?”

“Didi, chinmayee wants to shift to a hotel” Maitree softly said, Ratri was on the roof, reading a book. Then after a brief pause she continued, “She wants you to change the house too.”

“Why?” Ratri tried to sound casual.

“She said there is something ominous about this house.”

“Let me explain you didi.” Chinmayee joined in. “Just listen to me; then take the decision. I hope you will listen to me.”

She sat down on one of the chairs, “Do you know the owners of this house?”

“No, they live abroad. They rarely visit India, and they have dozens of other flats scattered all over Kolkata, and of course a mansion somewhere I don’t know the exact location.”

“Have you met any of the previous tenants of this house?” Chinmayee asked and when Ratri told her that she was the first tenant of this house her expression said she already guessed it, or more, knew it.

“I don’t know whether you believe in these didi, but I do, I believe in spirit world and their eagerness and capability to connect with us. They try to connect with everyone but very rare people can connect back to them clearly.”

“When I came out of the taxi I saw blood splattered all over the house. There were screaming faces of small children jutting out of the walls.” She gasped, as if she could see that scene again.

“I wanted to run away that moment but could not, it would have panicked you both, and most probably you would have caught me and sent me to some shrink.” She tried to laugh but could not; paused for a little, stared blankly at the distant buildings for a few minutes and then continued.

“I tried to communicate with them and they instantly responded. This house is filled with them didi.”

“The owner of this house made pact with some demon, he promised him that he will sacrifice his first child and in return of that he will be blessed with wealth – immense wealth.”

“His friends joined in; then he opened a kind of business out of it. He made secret arrangements with people dying for money, fame and performed sacrifice after sacrifice.”

“He absconded when he grew tired of the business. The man you think is the owner of this house is actually his agent.”

“I will be leaving now didi, I have called a hotel and booked my room there. I will suggest you to look for another house too.”

Ratri softly patted her hand, “I will.”

Sharmishtha Basu

Have a great day!

Sharmishtha Basu

Tuesday Adda @ Indie Adda 26.6.18 Lata Mangeshkar

If I start counting how many songs by this amazing singer I love I will run out of numbers! She is one lucky singer! She sang for the best music directors of Golden era of Hindi music and she was absolutely worthy of that luck.

She has a voice that is mesmerizing and a truly dedicated soul! I have read that she used to sing for hours, the same song, till the fussy music directors were satisfied with her song. That was when she was already the empress of hindi movies! She never allowed her throne meddle with her songs.

Even at this age her voice is captivating, it is tragedy that the music directors who captured that magic are no longer around.

She had a truck-load of awesome songs. Two of my favorites? “Tan dole mera man dole” from Nagin and “Hawa me udta jaye mera laal dupatta malmal ka”. There are say 99 more to follow but I don’t want to list them!

You love her singing? Spill your heart!

Friday Journals 22.6.18

The confession

She smiled shyly at him and looked up for a second before lowering her eyes again. “I came here to tell you something!”

His heart sank, he knew what she was about to say, she was in love with his best friend and they were planning to get married. He has loved her for so many years…. So many times he tried to tell her that he loved her but words failed.

When he came to know that she was about to marry his best friend his heart reduced to a handful of ash. In the darkness of night he made a decision and made it happen.

“I love you!” she said. The world stopped turning. The only sound he could hear was firm footsteps on the porch.

“Who are they?” she asked.

“Police I have killed Avinash last night.”


Have a great day!

Sharmishtha Basu