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Thursday Fun n Frolics 17.8.17 is for Karen S. Cole


Karen talks about her book:
This 1980s’ satirical tale of the able-disabled Pacific Northwest features friendship favorably. It stars 3 Mexican Americans, one Black middle-class heroine, one Jewish Holocaust and two Vietnam War white survivors. It also hugs a conflicted gay male character. But it’s about a love triangle of 22s to 45s – with a roaring drunk Montanan! Racism is lampooned, sexism is promoted…viva endlessly.

It’s a rare, uniquely multicultural (white inclusive) and fetchingly gay humor novel by an experienced, published ghostwriter with 35 years in freelance writing, editing, marketing, publishing and serving others through working in-home for the Disabled. Also via Ghost Writer, Inc.: affordable book, screenplay, script, lyrics, copy, website and music ghostwriting. I’m mainly oriented towards commercial success, being a lifelong book ghostwriter and author. But I really want more distribution of the inmost concepts than I’m looking for accumulated sales of the book.
The story? Well, it’s a humorous ramble, kind of a smile a minute, that I’m still working on. I wanted to make sure there is a copy stored somewhere on the Internet, so you folks could review it. I also think this my universe is now evidently run by machines, not live personages. But the book is about dozens of People of Color, gay and transvestite and also white folks who congregate as extremely close friends, enemies and hot-minded lovers. They all live in the little town of Rama, WA — as in State of Washington, not the District of Columbia.

I have stayed in the Seattle area for decades, deciding to write a book about how everyone here technically lives within “the boonies” of Washington State, among plenty of giant, sprawling evergreen forests around here. Even in the City of Seattle, on the outskirts of the city proper. Beautiful deep woods you can barely view out your car windows, veering off into the far distance of a fading green light’s blacker depths. The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep…so far away you can only imagine touching them, or see the low-hanging silver clouds as mountains in your wildest dreams.

My book is strictly fiction, a lifetime of compiled stories about imaginary people, based on real life folks I hobnobbed with, while delicately generating its material. Everything is pretty much duly tongue in cheek, without pointing the fickle index finger at your face. It salutes and taunts those who are pretentious enough to use names instead of labels, who wrote many books before me as clams who never could get that the audience does indeed have a sense of humor, whatever their “ritual politics” are (or might not be).

As I sketched out the lengthy contents of this book, which after much experience will be markedly different upon a major rewrite, I found myself dreaming a dream. It involves somehow selling the book for cheap, spreading it around through word of mouth, and many lonesome readers getting a major kick out of my book’s non-racist, atypical stereo-funny contents. In Mexico, the United States, Canada and many other such places. I’m a feminist, I’ll admit it, and also a sexist who rides the line. Read this book if you like such a blend!

Some reviews on my Amazon books!

The document with links for the reviews, in case you want to dig in further!


New! Troy reviewed wildflowers in bed of rocks
Touching in its elegance January 18, 2017
A collection of sixty-nine poems, with such themes as love, beauty, and fantastic wonder, I found this book an excellent read on a cold winter’s night when the skies are clear, with the stars alight so very far away.
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Troy reviewed durgapujo duti shishur duti jagat
The Bengali text is wonderful for my practice in reading the script June 1, 2016
In this, the same celebration seen through two different perspectives, I found the poetry quite pleasing to the mind’s ear. The Bengali text is wonderful for my practice in reading the script, as well as a good resource for practicing translating between it and English!
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Troy reviewed barir pujo durgapuja and kalipuja
Excellent! June 1, 2016
As a big fan of things Indian, this collection of stories is not only informative in its depiction of Bengali worship celebrations, but I found the illustrations throughout with a charm evoking mystery and wonder!
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F. E. Esparza reviewed The prisoner of Sand Castle
A Thinker December 27, 2015
I found this book to be interesting to read. The stories are very short and entertaining but I feel they don’t end properly as some feel like cliff hangers. I don’t know if that was the writers intention to do. On the flip side it does give a reader thoughts to ponder on what happen next. So I do have to say this book does make a reader think and captures a persons attention.
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Troy reviewed myriad colours of earth
Beautiful stuff! September 9, 2015
I thoroughly enjoyed this one, with the lyrical feel of its verse, and the accompanying digital paintings that enhance it. Most excellent!
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Troy reviewed of dreams and reality
This is stellar! September 9, 2015
This one evokes thoughts like a those of a mind lost between misty puffs of down in the sky, reaching for, but always out of grasp, of answers to the very deepest of questions. Well done!
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Troy reviewed the heart beats on
Fascinating stuff! September 9, 2015
A collection of poetic verse and digital painting, this book was well worth an evening’s read. Congratulations to the authoress to work done well!
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Troy reviewed Meghparir Gaan song of clouds
Wonderful! September 9, 2015
As a collection of poems both Bengali and English by the authoress and her own art, this made my thoughts soar to realms afar, captured perfectly in graceful script and color!
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Troy reviewed Butterflies from life’s garden
Wonderful! July 5, 2015
This collection of verse got me thinking about those little questions of life that seem so difficult to articulate in words, yet whose answers can be deceptively simple once properly considered. They are butterflies of thought, flitting about the mind’s eye and avoiding one’s direct gaze until viewed out of the corners, as it were, of that same mind’s eye. Great stuff!
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Troy reviewed waves that became songs
I enjoyed this! July 5, 2015
As a collection of poems, this one was a pleasure to read through, while taking in the authoress’s evocative imagery, which supplemented the text wonderfully!
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Troy reviewed Moments from the journey
Awesome poetry! July 5, 2015
This is a brilliant collection, with lively and enchanting images that add a great deal of color and feel to the text.
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Troy reviewed Serenade of brush and quill: colours and words waltz
Very good! May 16, 2015
This is a wonderful collection of seven line poems, and made an excellent late night first reading. This does not disappoint!
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Troy reviewed For Tagore – rabikare agnishatdal
This is so cool! May 12, 2015
I love that, not only is this a book of poetry and evocative imagery, but also that it’s written in two languages, including one I’m learning while still a novice.

I must thank the authoress for this wonderful learning opportunity, and a fitting tribute to the great Bengali polymath himself!
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Kevin Cooper reviewed spirits of darkness and light
Sharmishtha’s stories are captivating. Her characters although purely original … May 6, 2015
Sharmishtha’s stories are captivating. Her characters although purely original bring some of India’s mythological creatures to light with a style of writing that can only be attributed to that of a true mistress of story-telling. Nothing is what it seems as each incredible tale keeps you wondering what is going to happen next with endings that are in no way predictable. A thoroughly enjoyable read!
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Troy reviewed The prisoner of Sand Castle
Enchanting! April 30, 2015
This is an excellent collection of short fiction with cool Indian themes. I’ve always enjoyed Ms. Basu’s paranormal fiction, and this is no exception! My favorites from this are the collection’s titular story, a chilling piece titled Scarecrow, and The Woman in White, of strange goings on in a nightspot. Three thumbs up!
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Gayle Walters Rose reviewed The charons: the ferrymen to hell
Evil pitted against an innocent March 29, 2015
This is a gripping tale that pits evil against the innocent. The story begins with the cruelty that our own family members can sometimes inflict on us and continues with a vindictiveness that sees no end as road blocks and terrorism are used to take down an innocent human being. And as unbelievable as it may appear, this scenario is being played out with many other innocents worldwide as those in power try to take down and…Read More

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Troy reviewed The charons: the ferrymen to hell
Another good one! March 11, 2015
I’ve been following Ms. Sharmishtha Basu’s blogs and writings for some years now, and I’ve just finished reading this. It is perhaps the grimmest story I’ve read in a while. It’s dark realism is different in both style, outlook, and execution from the paranormal fiction she also writes. A story of life in India, it does not paint a pretty picture, but offers a warning, along with the discoveries and hard-fought lessons of the…Read More

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David Stewart reviewed The charons: the ferrymen to hell
This is a great story of senseless malevolence and the petty cruelty that … February 15, 2015
This is a great story of senseless malevolence and the petty cruelty that people can inflict on each other. It’s an interesting look into the culture of family relationships and business dealings where everyone is out to get you.
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Troy reviewed A bouquet of wild flowers
Thought provoking! February 1, 2015
A collection of 70 poems, this is an insightful work by Ms. Basu. If I must choose favorites among these, they would be her verses ‘Heaven or Hell’ and ‘Change your ways India.’ Good stuff to warm a Winter’s night!
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Troy reviewed spirits of darkness and light
A good read, be it a dark night or brightly lit afternoon! January 14, 2015
Ms. Basu has in this book, a compelling portrayal of supernatural beings both benign and malignant. Here, she shows her skill in writing tales on the paranormal beings of India and the mortal characters who interact with these creatures as well. Very enjoyable!
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David Stewart reviewed The Lotus of Fire
Five Stars January 12, 2015
This is a great little book with great poems and wonderful illustrations.
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Teagan reviewed Serenade of brush and quill: colours and words waltz
Five Stars January 7, 2015
What a treat to have this at such a great price!
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Teagan reviewed The Lotus of Fire
Lovingly Crafted December 14, 2014
This book of poetry and illustrations is lovingly crafted, and the contents are imbued with it. Kudos to the valiant spirit of this author/illustrator for getting her work out there and learning about indie publishing.
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Troy reviewed Tell me a story
1 of 1 people found the following helpful
Great collection! December 8, 2014
This is a terrific compilation of micro-fiction, featuring a wonderful mixture of genres and skillfully done as well. This is one of Ms. Basu’s works that showcases her considerable talent as an authoress!
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Troy reviewed songbird sings to sun
Wonderful! November 23, 2014
This is a wondrous collection of seven-line poems! Ever since reading Ms. Basu’s many blogs over the last few years, she has shown herself to be a woman of astounding energy and vibrant imagination, and it shows in her considerable ability as a published authoress, and this work is no exception!
View on Amazon.com Add a comment View this book’s reviews on Amazon.com

Troy reviewed black mist and other stories
Brilliant stories! October 31, 2014
Perfect for Halloween reading! I love the way the author has with so many different genres of dark fiction! I must say, these are good!
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Brieuc Martin-Onraet reviewed The Lotus of Fire
1 of 1 people found the following helpful
Great work! October 24, 2014
Lovely texts and art. Great work!
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Troy reviewed The Lotus of Fire
2 of 2 people found the following helpful
Excellent work! October 11, 2014
This is a wonderful collection of musings, and a wonderful collection of insights into Indian culture, life, belief, and love. It would be interesting to see it also in Bengali language and script to practice translations on in study. Just beautiful!
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Well, I finally decided that it will be but intelligent to create an online store for my works, that will help me in selling Agnijaat, Agnishatdal and my other creations in future.

Mostly you will see the sample books in agnijashatadalama, and announcements of my Amazon and Patreon projects, but, any sample book you see there, if you want to buy a pdf of its style (with far better contents) you know the email id to contact, or you can hop over to Patreon and become my patron there! That will be more trustworthy for you I believe. You will see me there every month with new works and I sincerely wish to see you too!!

So, here they are for you- just the foundations, if you feel like it suggest me, anything you want! If you want to display your books/works let me know. You know my email ids: sermistabasu@gmail.com and agnijaat@hotmail.com

now the urls of Agnijashatadalama:


I will be waiting for your comments!
Wish me luck and join me there!

If you want to encourage the struggling artist and writer with your huge-hearted generosity:

You will be able to buy the Ezines, and my other digital works, some are already up in Patreon, will be there regularly- every month, others are available in Agnijashatadalama, where you can see the samples, directly approach me and I will send you the pdf files after you pay through paypal!

Thursday Fun n Frolics 10.8.17 is for Troy David Loy’s Gallery!

Visit my page and gallery on DeviantArt, at:
troythulu.deviantart.com/ and http://
troythulu.deviantart.com/gallery/ ,where alien cityscapes harbor eldritch horrors from beyond and
warships of powerful interstellar empires ply the stars in search of victory in the heat of battle.

From the simple to the complex, from the bizarre to the interesting, these images are a way to express a love for art, science, and
mathematics in a way that I find fun, and that you may find unique and intriguing.

From the beginning of merely creating personal art for blogs, this has developed to the point, with plenty of room to grow, of images, from years of practice and improvement to the craft.
Many of these images are available as free full-sized file downloads and sold as print products to enhance walls, gift cards for whatever occasion suits the image selected, or items such as
magnets, mugs, and mousepads for those with a taste for something more tangible than a cool wallpaper for the desktop of choice.

Stop by to poke around if you like, and
take a look at what’s available to
download and for sale! Got a question?
Have a critique to offer for this budding
artist’s work? Drop me a line at
troythulu@gmail.com, or comment on
DeviantArt. Also, if you’re a member of
the site, you can Watch the page for
further releases as they’re posted!

I may also be found on Twitter @Troythulu, on Blogger at https://troythulu.blogspot.com/, on
Tumblr at https://troythulu.tumblr.com/.

check out this beautiful gallery’s works in the pdf file:


Thursday Fun n Frolics 3.8.17 is for Wendel A. Brown

I was born on the 22nd day of the month.  That is considered the number of the spiritual master builder.  I am also a May Gemini, and born in the year of the Dragon. I have always had the ability to love all others, and have never hated no one.  God has always blessed me with that ability from my beginnings.  My Psalm is the 22nd, which my Religion Professor said represents me.  From a young age, my mother said when I would scribble it was always on Crosses on hills, and His star  at his birth in the sky in clouds.

I have a Degree with a double Major in both Religion and Business Administration.  I am always move early in the morning to read Gods word, and never commune in prayer with Him.  Many poems are inspired by those moments spent with Him as I feel the power of His grace and love.  

I have dyslexia, and i usually have to write a poem many times. I view things with a spiritual eye, a blessing from God.  I am moved daily to write Psalms, and poems as King David was also.  What I am blessed to write is always influenced by His grace and love and have been doing it since 1971, a special gift he gave to me to share His love around the world.  My poems are Spiritual and spiritually romantic, and romantic for my wife of 40 years…this year!  I have never been able to stop writing since 1971 when a spiritual encounter changed my life forever.  

I forgot to say I am a disabled veteran, with many disabilities. Chief among them is Multiple Sclerosis, and breathing disorders, COPD, Asthma!.  They limit my time I spend on the computer, 

My sister, I do not like to write about myself, so I hope this would do!  All I do with the gift of writing is to help others spiritually, and trying to help others forge a stronger relationship with their significant others.  God made woman and man to be able to become one.  So they should love each other the way they want to be love and treated.  And treat humankind the same way.   Hugs to you!

have known Gods spirit all of my life, I was not perfect, but I have always loved and trusted and God, and read his word intensively. I have Spiritual encounters through my life many from an early age.  My life was saved by the lord several times, I have never doubted his promises, and my love has never changed for him..  There is none in this world without sin in their lives, and i also am that way.  But God is my Lord and I will always praise him and his grace and love.  What I have written over 45 years and what I share is because of him and want to let others know that with Him one can do more than without him.  We all have gifts, and many do not know what they are, I was at a time like the prodigal son, and when I saw the world had nothing to offer me I begged for His love to embrace me and never leave.  I can write of love, because I know the greatest love, for it is of the creator, and God rewarded me with the gift of writing, of sharing and loving all as He has loved all he created.  I love you my sister, and I am so proud of what you do and share.  God is our father and we share that same spiritual love which he endows to those who know him aplenty.  My love for him, my devotion for him all comes because I know His love and grace.  There is no treasure greater than His love.  My sister I do not like to talk about myself, I have always been shy and humble, and I do not talk about many things but I will talk about my Heavenly Father and with my last breath I will praise him.  I was lonely in my dorm room over a holiday, with no one in the dormitory, being 25 miles from the nearest town.  I was lonely and crying, and there was a knock on my door, and when I opened up the door a man entered and told me “Wendell, God loves you.”  As he turned to leave I followed him out the door, and he was no longer there.  I went back into my room and I had a vision of a glowing bible floating in my room, from that moment on I wrote  poems for God and his love,  that was 1971.  And I still do it!  They say I write pretty good, but I always had a problem understanding and learning when I was younger, but one thing I never had a problem reading and understanding was the Holy Bible, I never had a problem understanding spiritual things.  As I told you I was blessed to be a 22, born on the 22nd day of a month.  I know no other way but to serve God and serve others, by sharing his love with all!   Hugs and blessings! You see 6 books, and I have another that is in process of being done, Called ReaLity, and it has a Musical Cd with me reciting it but new changes need to be made to it.   I also have about 43 submitted and copyrighted, completed  manuscripts at the United States Copyright Office.  I have binders full of poems written in them that I need to type up and get copyrighted.  I never can stop writing.  and my wife inspired many, she is a gift from God also, I asked God to choose a wife for me, and I would wait for His answer, and she said she also did the same, and he brought us together. my birth numbers are 52252, her address over 1000 miles away was 51252.  More than coincidence.  I wrote down my prayer that I prayed to God, the poem is called ‘Alone’  It is the first poem in the book ‘When Each Day I Write of You.’ It’s also on my blog!  Once i asked God who would read what I write about Him and Love,  i was told my gift is freely given and you freely received it.  I told Him I could not write big flowing words, and he said simply write, and the right hearts will understand!   God bless!

his books:


Thursday Fun n Frolics 27.7.17 is for Juliette Roques

Sharmishtha Basu@Agnishatdal: Welcome to Agnishatdal Juliette, tell us something about yourself please.

Juliette Roques: I am Hungarian by birth. Which sounds like a very easy statement to make, but not when you’re a cross-cultural child trying to live out her French identity in a country you don’t like (Germany), while taking on the traits and identifiers of a third (America), while told to suppress any and everything that has to do even remotely with your mother’s country and culture. It becomes akin to holding a loaded gun. Growing up my father’s Hungarian side was extremely visible, and yet it was very hush-hush. Welcome to the metaphorical schizophrenia / schizophrenic world of a Cross-Cultural Kid. And if you’re wondering why I’m capitalizing the term now but not earlier, then you’re already on the road to understanding how fragile and constantly questioned our identity is, questioned not just by us, but by everyone else. It’s a term that fascinates as much as it alienates, if you’ll allow the awful play with cliches. And it lends itself to the immediate use of stereotypes, stereotypes we don’t just create ourselves, but also feed into when they are made by others. We act the way others see our country or region: if we are American, we must be happier and more optimistic, if French, we are extremely fashion-conscious and always meticulously put together. We fit into the cliches because they make it easy for us, just give people what they expect. 

For a Cross-cultural Kid that becomes so much harder. Acting like one ethnicity or country is easy when you’re using the language. But when you’re describing yourself in a language that is not connected to your ethnicity, how do you act then when describing where you are from? Do you go into French mode (whatever that may mean), or opt for the American (again, meaning what? A Midwesterner / New Yorker / Californian? Your audience wouldn’t even know the difference). I say you even though I would never presume to speak for everyone in our little group of perpetual aliens. We all have our own experiences, our own little quirks. Think of it as a classroom or a school, you have people that fit together based on interests, and many get lumped into or choose to be part of the same group. But they are still all very different. On the whole they may agree on which music they like, but scratch a little deeper, and you will find they all have individual interests and attitudes towards whatever is thrown at them. We are all meant to love everybody and get along, after all we are the pioneers, the experts and writers tell us, because we know what it’s like to simultaneously be different and yet fit in. And I can tell you straight away that I’m capable of a lot of dislike for certain people. The region we lived in when I was in Germany? Can’t stand the place. My mother’s place of origin? Ditto. In fact, I couldn’t tell you which I abhor more. On the other hand, I can easily become fascinated with a country or region simply because I heard a song, heard something, or read a good book from a local author (I still blame a combination of outstanding children’s movies alongside Dvorak and Smetana for my initial interest in the Czech Republic, and later, Arnost Lustig’s Lovely Green Eyes for reviving that interest). 

Hungary fell somewhere in between. Like I said, it was both a presence and a huge secret in my life. A presence, because my dad made no secret of his native tongue. He’d speak it with his friends, and any Hungarians he happened to encounter. A secret, because it was never explained to me what this language was, I was just meant to go along with it. Conditioned by my mother’s behavior of only using her native tongue when we were at home (or with her friends), but never outside, and never to admit I was from there, or that she was, I think I just went along with it. When I was seventeen, sitting on a bench with my mom, in the same German town I hate so much, I saw a three-year-old girl with the same conditioning. Her mother would hiss at her in their native tongue (which just happened to be my mother’s as well, so I understood every word), but when I asked her  (in German) where she was from – “Germany,” and if she spoke any other languages, she kept repeating “nur deutsch. Nur deutsch.” Over and over again, telling me she spoke (or was allowed to speak) only (in) German. I’d like to say she looked pained, but all I remember really was that look of determination on her little face. It was her identity, whether she wanted it to be or not. 

My father was French, that’s all I knew. The friends and acquaintances he spoke the strange language with were inconsequential, even if one was my doctor, the other my dentist, and some came to visit, or we went to see them in Paris. The ones living in Paris all had French names, and were referred to by those names when spoken about. But when addressed, they would use their Hungarian nicknames for each other, and my father, who was of the school of, “you’re an intelligent person, look it up, you know where to find it,” merely muttered “that’s just the way it is,”/ “it’s their nickname,” when asked. I did realize as a child that his French sounded different to that of the locals’ but that wasn’t explained to me either. I was French because he was, my mother had become a French citizen when she married him, and again, that was that. It was a testimony as much of her Catholic upbringing as her country’s regime. Until the day she was mad at me and showed me his passport with the words, “see how French your father is? He’s not.” I had to look up Cluj-Napoca, and nearly got a heart attack when I found out it was in Romania. The only thing I knew about that place was that a lot of kids from the school I went to had emigrated from there, returning to the region as Aussiedler, ethnic Germans, and I didn’t like them. Never mind that one of my best friends had been an Aussiedler as well. I knew she was born in Romania, of course, but she wasn’t like the other ones who were so patriotic they could have been (and frequently were) borderline Nazis. I didn’t want to have anything to do with that, even if I knew that Romania wasn’t all German, and the language sounded more like French. My father explained once he’d calmed down about the whole thing, how he was part of the Hungarian minority in the region, but by then I considered all Hungarians to be misogynists, nags, and liars. It took me ten more years to realize that Cluj, Klausenburg, and Kolozsvár were the same place, just that everyone referred to it in their own native language. My father did offer to take me to Hungary when I was fifteen though, and that turned things around until the family we stayed with visited us in Germany, their daughter had trouble fitting in with my friends (due to a language barrier Hungarian kids were more willing to bridge on their turf than Germans), and I got embarrassed and started hating Hungarians all over again. It took me three years to get rid of the combination of hatred and embarrassment and start exploring my Hungarian identity. And then I made up for lost time. But I had a lot of help from some good friends. Even my über-patriotic German friend, who was my best friend at the time and readily lent me a willing ear while dispensing very logical and sound advice. The main helpers though were Hungarian, just a little bit older than myself. We met at the right place at the right time. And I can honestly say if it hadn’t been for them, I never would have found myself in every way that counts. 

Sharmishtha Basu@Agnishatdal: Where do you see yourself in ten years? 
Juliette Roques: I’d like to be the kind of person who can help others with what I’ve learned. I’d also like to think that I’m achieving that goal as we speak. Hopefully, ten years from now I can continue doing that, inspire others and help them with my experience and writing.  

Sharmishtha Basu@Agnishatdal: Do you have any suggestions for Agnishatdal?
Suggestions for Agnishatdal: I really love what you’re doing! So, it’s hard to come up with suggestions to make it even better. 🙂 one thing I can think of, and this will take up a lot of time and – to be perfectly honest – I’m not sure about the logistics involved, but I can imagine a forum where writers and readers can exchange ideas and chat. 

Sharmishtha Basu@Agnishatdal: Any suggestions for Indie Adda or fellow indie writers?
Juliette Roques: Indie Authors? I’ll keep my eyes open, because there are a lot of talented writers out there, and it would be great to give them a platform, and share their work with others. 

Thursday Fun n Frolics 20.7.17 is for Shweta Sarangi

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Tell us something about yourself [Add your contact details on social media please (FB Gmail etc anything you want to share with readers)!]
Shweta Sarangi: Current I am pursuing Mtech in chemical engineering from IIT(ISM) Dhanbad. I have a keen interest in writing and singing. I feel more connected to myself when I write down things. Writing provides me instant relief by giving direction to my untamed thoughts and wings to my imagination.Though I am not a regular writer, yet I pursue this hobby in my leisure hours. I have completed four years in classical music. Music and writing are just inextricable part of my life. Apart from these, I enjoy drawing and collecting quotations of eminent personalities.

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Are you an accidental writer or it is your dream coming true?
Shweta Sarangi: I have never imagined that I would step into the world of writing. This is something happened out of my imagination. As I developed the habit of writing during my undergraduate course (may be poetry, short stories or articles), I become more passionate about it. Then I realize that I can be a writer too. And whenever I go through the works of my sister, I get motivated.

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Where do you see yourself as a writer ten years from now? Will you be writing or your career may kidnap you?
Shweta Sarangi: Writing is one of my hobbies and I will try to preserve it.I would like to see myself as a writer who has published a couple of best-selling novels ten years from now.

Sharmishtha basu@ Agnishatdal: Will you tell us a little about your blogs, their contents, and URLs?
Shweta Sarangi: I and my sister write in a blog called “Creative Constellation”(www.creative-constellation.blogspot.com). We have been blogging here for more than four years. This blog is comprised of poetry, short stories, articles, book review, movie review, essays.

There is also another blog maintained by us in wordpress named, “Worlds-to-World” which is a collection of Haikus and flash fiction.
This one is the recent blog.

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Are you more of a reader or writer? Which one is your bigger love writing or reading?
Shweta Sarangi: I am more of a writer than reader. I can not deny the fact that reading is what make me more inclined towards writing.

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Your favorite genres and writers? Tell us the whys too! Why do you love to write/read them!
Shweta Sarangi: My favorite genre is ‘self and ‘self-help’ and ‘non-fiction’. I have a list of favorite writers and they are – Robin Sharma, Paulo Coelho, Rhonda Bryne, self helpDeepak Chopra, Ashwin Sanghvi, Preeti Shenoy, Nick Vujik, Zig Ziegler. I loveself-help book as these books are too motivational and I draw out positive vibes.

Sharmishtha Basu@ Agnishatdal: Any suggestion for Agnishatdal?
Shweta Sarangi: I have already read this e-magazine before and I like the digital printing. More emphasis should be given to the cover page design.

Sharmishtha Basu@Indie Adda: Do you have anything to say, suggest Indie Authors? As a successful author who has made publishers accept her works?
Shweta Sarangi: Indie Authors are really talented. They have amazing writing skills which always inspire me.

Sweta Sarangi
Sweta Sarangi [swetasarangi1@gmail.com]