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Thursday Fun n Frolics 12.1.17- Carolyn Page and tomorrow’s end

SB@INDIE ADDA: Tell us something about yourself. Who are you really? The more you tell the happier we will be.

CAROLYN PAGE: Australian born, I have always felt somewhat different. It wasn’t until my early thirties I understood why.

During a rather distressing time in my life spirit made themselves known to me. Since that time I have come to know them as The Collective Consciousness. This relationship is highlighted, primarily in my blog ‘Light Workers of the World’.

To say my life has been eventful would be true. Not in the usual sense, but as a clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient, who has been waiting (all her life) for that which is happening now; it has been a life of long waiting, endurance, and, above all else, patience.

I now know I am just beginning the adventure for which I have been born. It fills me with enormous pride and honour. I know the latter quarter of my life will be all I have expected, and more. Life really has just begun.

SB@INDIE ADDA: What is the source of that light which reflects through all your works?

CAROLYN PAGE: The inner connection to my soul is reflected in my works. I have always felt a connection within; though, only recently have respected this as being the difference I have always felt.

SB@INDIE ADDA: What made you publish your book?

CAROLYN PAGE: As a prelude to the publishing of the book ‘Tomorrow’s End’ came the understanding, firstly, that a book was indeed to be written. This information came directly from that source within; my soul (or consciousness).

However, for the purpose of better understanding, I should state that ‘Tomorrow’s End’ is a collaboration between The Collective Consciousness and myself; being in part, a conversation.

The answer to this question then becomes: It was a natural progression, after writing/transcribing the book, to then have it become available to those whose purpose is to participate in its cause: The bringing of Love and Perfection to the Earth Fantasy.

SB@INDIE ADDA: Do you have a background in psychology or that depth in human nature comes to you as divine blessing?

CAROLYN PAGE: Our soul, or consciousness, has, as its base, all knowledge, all wisdom. As we release all that is false; i.e., that which we experience as a human; sadness, grief, arrogance, fear; indeed all that is negative, we connect more fully to that which we are: A soul (or consciousness) having an experience.

SB@INDIE ADDA: What is the name of your book, where can we get it? What are the addresses of your blogs?

CAROLYN PAGE: Tomorrow’s End (paperback) is available on

I have two blogs –

ABC of Spirit – Here can mainly be found ‘Reflections’ of animals, flowers, trees and all creatures as have been requested. The essays each share a dimension of human nature.

Light Workers of the – This site is destined to become a meeting place for Light Workers. Here we shall join forces in the cause of uplifting ourselves and each other.

SB@INDIE ADDA: Planning a new one?

CAROLYN PAGE: Yes; we, The Collective Consciousness and I are in the process of writing ‘Changes’, which will be the second in our series.

SB@INDIE ADDA: Any suggestions to wannabe authors?

CAROLYN PAGE: I can only suggest that we follow our heart’s desire; be true to our own persuasions, and honour that which we know is true for us. When this is done, others know, and will honour us with their truth. It is a circle that, once begun, becomes a never ending joy for both the writer, and the reader.

Tomorrow’s End Critique:

I have been reading Carolyn’s works for some years now, so when she gifted me her book “Tomorrow’s End” I was more than happy. I started waiting for the book since the day she told me that it is on its way to Kolkata from Australia.
I was all curious to read the book, because the name can mean both- positive and negative, and I was quite curious to know what Carolyn was thinking.
It is a spiritual journey, in short. A journey towards a better tomorrow, to a world shared by conscious people, people who know this world well and want to make a better world from this world, a world where people will be wiser, more enlightened and compassionate.
The positivity of the book is very infectious. It will lift your spirit, even if you are analytical and sceptical like me, people who take suggestions that can be practiced in reality, or can be tried in this crazy, wild world.
Carolyn not only builds the foundation of a better tomorrow but helps us to understand every step and tells us why we should be trying those steps.
Now, as two persons are never walking the same path so it is but natural that no one will be able to follow all the suggestions, but, the more we will follow the more will we benefit ourselves. There is one thing we will keep in mind while reading a spiritual book that the person who writes it is mostly a level apart from us, s/he is less tangled with worldly ways, thus is closer to angelic side of human beings, so, even though her suggestions are ALL worth following we, the lesser mortals should pick up those which will rhythm with our rowdy neighbourhood or vicious office environment, for our sake, because that is what “Tomorrow’s End” is trying to do, heal us, make us better human beings, happier human beings.
Those of us, who know these things and believe in them know that spiritualism may not be everybody’s pot of soup but in the end, if one can TRULY embrace it that person benefits from every side! S/he lives in the very same world but starts enjoying it from spiritual angle, and that is very good for our spiritual, mental health, that is a statement of an experienced mortal of very ordinary capacity.

So open your heart and mind’s window and read “Tomorrow’s End”, of course you can read it with an open, analytical and sceptic mind just don’t be blind, don’t read it as an iconoclast, read it as a student, seeker and you will benefit yourself.
There is not much to analyse in a book of this type, if you ask me why I loved this one, my answer will be very concise- I love to improve myself, preferably daily, and this book has taught me a lot of things, in a very relatable way, because the words come straight from her heart. After finishing the book I have done three things – I have started working on some of the teachings/suggestions, I have started thinking about some of them, and I am about to try a few of them whenever I am ready!
I am waiting for Carolyn’s second book now, very eagerly!

Sharmishtha Basu is a bookworm, who can no longer count the books she has read seriously, forget about those she has browsed casually or read half-heartedly.

Her reading list includes writers of almost all origins whose works have been translated in English, Hindi or Bengali, her mother tongue, and then there are those who have written in English, Bengali or Hindi.

She is a little fond of classic literature but anyways she loves to read – period! She loves to read everything she can as long as it is not too shocking for her! Critiquing is a skill she is mastering, using her reading taste. Hope it will help you into checking out books of others.

You are absolutely welcome to contact her with your works, albums, artworks etc. Her email id is and plus, send a copy to each, to assure that they reach!

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Carolyn Page’s new book “changes” and its critique

Sharmishtha Basu @ Agnishatdal: Thanks for squeezing out some time for us! How was your life since last time you were here? Want to hear some great news!

Carolyn Page: Firstly, Trisha, I’d like to Thank You for reading and reviewing the first of our printed publications ‘Tomorrow’s End’. Your critique brought more than a smile for me, as you encapsulated its premise so well.

As for some great news: I continue along the same lines I’ve been travelling now for many years. The difference now, though, is the speed in which change is occurring. This, I know, will not only be for me, but for all who take within the messages that form a part of the fabric behind the words written.

Sharmishtha Basu @ Agnishatdal: Tell us a little about your first book Carolyn, Tomorrow’s End, because these are linked.

Carolyn Page: Yes, Trisha, they are indeed linked; as will be all future publications. Tomorrow’s End builds upon our free publications that can be found upon our websites.

Basically, I am a medium for The Collective Consciousness (The C.C.) who have been the guiding force behind my life. My role is to awaken the Light Workers of the World to their purpose, which is to build a world based upon Love and Perfection; perfection being the ability to circumvent the negative core of our beings leaving us free from anguish and pain, guilt and torment; our core emotions. Yes, Trisha, without the negative emotions we are free to enjoy our lives with calm and joy as our guiding force. In short, it is a spiritual journey based upon my own experiences, as guided by The C.C.

As you so eloquently stated in your review of Tomorrow’s End:

“It is a spiritual journey, in short. A journey towards a better tomorrow, to a world shared by conscious people, people who know this world well and want to make a better world from this world. A world where people will be wiser, more enlightened and compassionate.”

Sharmishtha Basu @ Agnishatdal: Now tell us about your fabulous new book!

Carolyn Page: The second of our publications ‘Changes’ offers our readers an overview of the changes to come for our world, and helps the Light Workers of the World discover their role within those changes.

Change can only occur by each individual looking within the regions of the mind (the brain) that hold us fast. It is my role, guided by The C.C. to assist those (who so choose) upon their journey through their personal changes.

You have been through hell and more. How did you manage to keep your positive mindset alive? Tell us so we too may learn!

I haven’t always been able to remain positive; there have been many moments in my life when I have wanted to opt out, so to speak. However, I’ve always been more a ‘glass half full’ rather than a ‘glass half empty’ kind of person. To add to this I’ve had the added benefit of knowing this life, as a human, was not my main identity. From a very young child I’ve had experiences of spirit beings and messages that have held me in loving arms. Simply; I have always regarded my ‘inner’ life as being me, and not the outer life that has, at times, been fraught with difficulty. This, above all else, has sustained me.

Sharmishtha Basu @ Agnishatdal: When is the third book coming? Tell us a bit about it?

Carolyn Page: The third book ‘Bringing of Light’ will be published early in the New Year, 2017.

In this third volume we continue to add knowledge of our beginnings, our middle, and the delightful future for all. Once again it is based upon my personal experiences and progresses both our readers, and myself, through the processes toward acquiring Love and Perfection as our inner core, and outward projection.

As The C.C. have stated:

“With knowledge comes power. The power of absolute calm, lack of fear, and a joy far beyond your wildest imaginings.”

Sharmishtha Basu @ Agnishatdal: Will it be final? Or another part may join the first three?

Carolyn Page: Most definitely, Trisha, there will be many more publications to come.

Sharmishtha Basu @ Agnishatdal: Give us something for keeping, some beautiful words from your beautiful soul till we meet again!

Carolyn Page: When speaking of beautiful souls, Trisha, I see a most beautiful soul in you. How grateful I am that you are playing your part in this magnificent event. Without you, Dear Bengali Warrior, this could not be occurring. In time you will appreciate your role, your strength, and your valued support in bringing change for many. May I humbly bow before you, Dear Trisha.

© Carolyn Page 2016
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