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Freya pickard week final day!

freya pickard week

If you had a magic wand….

Changing my life/world…

If I could change anything it would be the need to earn money. If money wasn’t an issue, I could spend more time writing and then relaxing in the garden or going for walks. But, at the moment, I can’t see a way round it. I need money to pay the bills…

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Freya Pickard Week day 6!

freya pickard week

Your heaven and hell on earth?

My heaven and hell on earth…

Heaven is being out in the English countryside with my soulmate, or beside the sea with him. Hell was going through chemotherapy. It was such a dark time. I never want to return… I try to inspire and encourage my readers out of my negative situations and write a short editorial in each of my quarterly newsletters.

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Freya Pickard Week day 5!

freya pickard week

5. Do you have a special creation Freya? Your pet child or “that special” book?

I have so many novels nearly ready for publication that I can’t really say which is “that” book. They all are! Dragonscale Leggings will always be a favourite as it was the first to be published. My second favourite novel is Book One of The Kaerling. I like the character of Otta in it. She isn’t particularly likeable at some points but she is slowly being changed and will have to change an awful lot more by the end of the series.

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Freya Pickard week day 4!

freya pickard week

4. Freya’s Published works

My novel, Dragonscale Leggings and
Short excerpt from book two of the future (as yet, unpublished) at

Short Story “A Mercenary’s Tale” published at Wordhaus (a story about Dracomagan) at

Poem “Earth Cry” published by Dagda at

Elfje that inspired my newsletter cover in March 2014 at
4 poems published by Paperbook Collective in October 2013 (see page 11) at

One of my lavender poems published by Dr Hauscka on Twitter at

Haiku published by K&ES Railway at

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Freya Pickard Week Day 3!

freya pickard week

Tell us something about your Muse.

My muse…
I find my muse in my soulmate as well as in nature, particularly the changing seasons and unpredictable weather here in England. As a relaxation I garden which allows my mind to wander freely. I also exercise regularly in order to turn off my brain from writing so I don’t “burn out”. I love watching the birds in my garden and sitting beside the sea with my soulmate – that’s when inspiration strikes and words just flow… I also find a number of blogs inspiring and uplifting.

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Freya Pickard Week day 2!

freya pickard week

2. Share your world with us Freya…

The main person in my life is my soulmate. We have been together for 16 years and will be celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary next month! We have lived through his depressive cycles and recently endured my bowel cancer, surgery and chemotherapy together. Our life isn’t an easy one but all the difficulties seem to draw us closer to each other. We both love music and photography.


Wingofdreams has dedicated a week to Freya Pickard, if you don’t know her, she is an amazing poetess when it comes to Haiku, check out her blog and you will see that she makes them come alive.

She also has published a fantasy book (comedy) Dragonscale Leggings 🙂 You will see the details in her blog.

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Freya Pickard Week Begins!!!

Well, every month I will request one of my friends to share some of themselves, their works with my friends here, in this blog. Last month Kevin Cooper (, the priceless Indie supporter) squeezed out priceless minutes from his extremely tight schedule and shared seven posts with us, one for each day!

This week my priceless friend Freya has done me that favour. Those of you who don’t know Freya, well, I have often told you guys that I have read some “fabulous” haiku in the blogs of my friends, Freya (, Charlie ( and Celestine ( are the first three that come to my mind when I think “hey! some day I will love to write a few haiku like these!”

So let FREYA PICKARD WEEK BEGIN! Today is the first day!

So Freya, Tell us about yourself…

My name is Freya Pickard and I am an author and poet. I have one novel published, Dragonscale Leggings, which is a comedy about a young woman who finds herself in an alternative world experiencing the Middle Ages. The main focus of my life is writing. I try and write something every day, even if it is only one sentence. I write a lot of short pieces e.g. 1 sentence which I consider “clippings” and post on one of my blogs. I write about real life and natural observations in my poetry and explore speculative fiction in my novels.

freya pickard week