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Troy Wednesdays 21.6.17 Lyapunov’s Children : The Matryoshka

Jupiter is no more, dismantled for the Project, itself ongoing for over a century now. It was stripped of its atmosphere and its metallic hydrogen inner layer, leaving only its rocky core, that being heavily mined for materials as I speak.
Saturn will soon follow, along with Uranus and Neptune. Soon, maybe within my lifetime, there will remain only the small rocky planets, dwarf planets, and planetesimals.

Even the sun has been mined, its store of fuel greatly reduced along with its mass. It is now an M-class red dwarf star, with its luminosity diminished and its lifespan vastly increased. It should last for trillions of years more.

My name is unimportant, but what matters is the completion of the Project: the species has embarked on this venture, to construct a series of concentric shells around the sun, tap its energy, and use this to power the largest single habitation and computer humanity has ever seen. The power output will be beamed across the solar system, our ability to process data beyond the wildest imaginings of millennia ago.

But with the larger worlds to be dismantled, what of our heritage? What of their value to science?

We shall build our first Matrioshka brain, a computer surrounding the sun, layers within layers, sustained by its light, powering our civilization, housing billions of virtual worlds, and built on the corpses of planets.

But at what cost despite the benefits? What of our sense of wonder and exploration, the spirit, the soul, of our race?

Or it is to instead become our soul, enclosing the sun and damping its radiance forever?

Troy Wednesdays 14.6.17 Lyapunov’s Children : Beyond the Ganges of the Sky

Sandeep woke for another day, his home for ten years now a small farming colony on a planet in the halo, far above the galactic disk.

It had taken many generations in relative time even at near-light velocity to travel this far out from the ancient home of his distant ancestors, and there was much danger along the way.

But the massive colony ship, even with the repairs needed as parts wore out or were damaged by accident or collision, somehow did its job of getting its crew there.

This world was the moon of a brown dwarf, a failed star more massive than even long-lost Jupiter in the now fabled solar system of Old Earth.

The sky was dark, but warm, and supported the crops that so far have sustained the colony, cultivated forests of engineered fungi and others not dependent on the visible light of a host star to grow and flourish.

It was morning for Sandeep, and he greeted each morning with a look skyward, beholding the entire disk of the galaxy in its full glory.

Sandeep rolled up the sleeves of his coveralls. He began the day, as always, with a sight he never tired of . . . a morning filled with four hundred billion suns, and a wistful glance toward a home long ago left behind.

Time to go to work!

Friday Journals 9.6.17 micro stories.

Guardians of Enchanted Woods

One fine morning he grabbed his axe and walked into the enchanted forest. He was a modern day woodcutter. He did not believed in “guardians of trees.” He ran out of the wood fifteen later squealing and screaming. His body was covered with pin like arrows.

“I don’t know where they came from! All I know is they came after I made the first strike on the very first tree!”

The Non Believer

“So you still say that there are no such things as ghost, after hearing this first hand story?” his host asked softly sucking his pipe and exhaling smokes in rings. He shrugged. He had to admit that his host was a wonderful storyteller. He gave him goose-bumps more than once.
“I have to see one to believe.” He said politely.
“OK. I will be back!” his host said and vanished.


“Look at the monkey!” scientist no 1 said. “One will think it is meditating.” He chuckled.

The monkey was sitting in its cage, in the yogi pose. Its eyes were closed.

“What the hell…” the second scientist exclaimed. An apple from the outside tree came floating through the window and headed for the cage.

“He was not meditating. He was practicing will power.” First scientist grinned foolishly watching the monkey.

-undying love-

A shiver ran down her spine when she saw that her newest doll was again replaced by her childhood rag doll. She was too young to understand it before but now she was thirteen and old enough to know something was not right. Whenever she boxed the rag doll for another doll it got replaced!

That day she boxed it and waited in the bed, eyes closed but not sleeping. A soft rustle made her open her eyes to a chink, there was her rag doll, walking on floor, it scampered up to her bed and grabbed her new Barbie by its leg and dragged it to the garden’s farthest corner, it dug a hole in the ground and buried it. Shweta tiptoed back to her room and went to bed with a heart beating like a drum. A little later it returned to Shweta’s room and sprawled by her side after softly kissing her forehead. One of its rag hands resting on hers! Shweta never tried replacing it again.

-The Spy-

“Look at that weird bird staring at us!” the first poacher said.
“Yeah just like a snitch!” the second one nodded.
The bird cocked its head to one side and took off. It flew a little distance away and entered a small cabin. A ranger was sitting there sipping a cup of coffee. The bird sat down on the table.
“Poachers near the lake.” It said. The ranger got up.

-Haunted House-

“Spaaaaider!!!!” Tinku howled at the top of her lungs. Looking at some eight legged insect Pinku could not see.

“Really?” Pinku raised her eyebrows, “What did you expected in the basement of an old house? Butterflies?”

Then she followed the gaze of her friend’s bulging eyes and joined her screams.

A spider as big as a small car was blocking their only way out of the basement and watching them!

-The clock-

He has built that alarm clock in a way that it won’t stop till he actually lifts it up and places it in its stand, across the room. For that he will have to be fully awake. Initially it kept repeating its shrill wake up calls then something went wrong. Very very wrong to be precise!

He started waking up to cold water splashed on face, from the toppled glass.

-Bat Attack-

“Here they come!” one said to the rest of the group hanging from the cave ceiling. Looking at the group of explorers entering the cave, “get them boys and girls!” and they started flying.

Soon the cave was full of exclamatory sounds emanating from the heckled group. The bats were hitting them from all sides.

“Why do they swarm like this!” an explorer grumbled.

“One will think they do it on purpose!” another said.

The bats flew away outside, they too were grumbling in inaudible frequency. “Nosy dumb human beings! There is no getting away from these creatures! Sheer nuisances!”


The cat was tired of the donkey that moved into its neighbourhood. They both were strays. The donkey had no beef with the cat but the cat hated it. After all night of caterwauling when it settled down to snooze in sun the donkey often started its braying! It almost gave the cat a heart attack.

After one such braying it went to the donkey.

“You have a fantastic voice.” It said to the donkey. The donkey was flattered.
“You know, that house across the street, that man loves good songs, I have seen him feeding donkeys like you!” the cat said, looking at the donkey with its slit eyes, assessing the impact. It was bull’s eyes! Next day the donkey was captured by the man and released in a faraway field.

The cat and the donkey both lived merrily thereafter.

-Dancing Gloves-

“Let’s dance! Ooh yeah baby!” she heard the piping shrill voice coming from the kitchen and grabbed the cricket bat.
She tiptoed to the kitchen.
There they were! Dancing to the loud music pouring in from the next door neighbour’s party- her kitchen gloves!
Swooning and gyrating on the kitchen counter. They dropped the minute they saw her standing at the door gaping at them. She ran to them grabbed them and hurled them out of window.
“You witch!” she heard a shout from the alley below. “it is muddy down here!”
She bolted all the windows from inside tightly.

-Angry mommy-

“It’s not at all fair!” the female dragon grumbled, “Look at my eggs! One pink two red! What happened to my colour? I am the one who will go through all the pain of giving birth and bringing up and they all will look like their father. That mean dragon that will eat them if I don’t protect!”

“Well you can hope that their natures go after you! If they go after their father by nature too… you are doomed!”

-vigliance pays-

“Once upon a time there was a mighty elephant.” Grandma said. “He was so strong that he thought that no one could harm him. So he moved around the forest freely and merrily.”

“A little mole got jealous of him. Because he had to hide in hole to avoid predators! So jealous that he wanted to kill the elephant! He knew that the elephant walked around to cockily, never looking at the ground below so he dug a hole on his path overnight. His field of expertise and waited for the elephant to walk by, and his vengeful spirit was sated. The elephant broke his leg.”

“What did you learned from the story?” Grandma asked.

“What?” the kids asked in return.

“No matter how strong, brave you are, always check out where your next step is about to fall!” She said.

-Love can destroy-

Once there was a greedy fox, he has been eying the pet duck of a farmer for very long time, a fat, chubby duck! The problem was the farmer always kept it inside his home. He hatched a plan and killed a mallard. Then instead of eating it he placed it in a way that the duck will think that it is a live one, and a very beautiful too!

The love-struck creature stepped out of her safety zone only to be devoured.

-Envy not your neighbour-

Once there was a cow, she often watched with great envy how her owner’s neighbor fed his cow with choicest delicacies, while her menu was almost always fixed- a little hay, a little grass and a little other things! She hated her master for being so mean so stringent.
Then one day she saw her owner’s neighbor slaughtering his cow to eat her. She never grumbled about her menu again.

About the author
Sharmishtha Basu is Creator Editor of two english Ezines Agnishatdal and Agnijaat (agnijaat.wordpress.com and agnishatdalezine.wordpress.com). She is also self-published author of a set of books in Amazon (www.amazon.com/sharmishthabasu) you can contact her via her emails if you want to write in her ezine (for free) or want her works. her email ids are sermistabasu@gmail.com and agnijaat@hotmail.com


Troy Wednesdays 7.6.17 Gods of Terra : Notes & Thoughts on the Magna

The third of the four wielders of the Prime hypershards is perhaps the most complex, with a tragic past and a bright future in store for her in further fiction.

The Magna was a particularly spirited adolescent girl living on a farm in what is now known as West Bengal, India. That is, before she was taken by the Kai’Siri and made into a weapon of mass-extinction with not one, but two hypershards.

She was born Agni Bose, with a hyperseed, an undeveloped, nascent hypershard in her brain.

This unfolded and grew, like origami sculpture, as she did. It was a unique, uncorrupted one which the Kai’Siri used to track her via the shard’s terahertz emissions.

This was also to prove instrumental in gaining her freedom.

She lived her entire old life on Earth unaware she had even it, but it was only with the implantation of one of the Prime shards, retooled as a means of controlling her with an artificial personality.

This persona overlaid her own, crafted to serve the Kai’Siri under the delusion that she herself was of that human species, even to the surgically implanted fangs for cosmetic purposes. This persona had walled off her memories with its own, convinced that her first duty was for Empire,

Exarchs, and People – the Kai’Siri people – not the Bengali of Earth she actually was!

It was only with her own true persona gathering strength over time that she was able to subvert the possession implant, her second hypershard. She then reprogrammed it from within and gained her freedom on her last mission by causing herself to hallucinate the termination of her target, the giant planet Bruticus. Convinced of her mission’s success despite its actual failure
(she spared Bruticus), she regained her own persona and turned against her masters.

Now, she lives and wanders the universe as the second Herald of Sarusammog of the Gates, adopted sibling of the Tempest. She has a grim past, as a former apocalyptic weapon. She was the most successful subject of the Enforcer Prime program, the last ever fielded before the project was shut down. But she has much ahead of her, with much to do, places to go, and things to meet.

Troy David Loy- Guest Author of Agnishatdal and Indie Adda!

Hello dearies!

Troy David Loy being a true blue angel instantly shared his priceless works with us when I requested him! I was so desperately looking for some changes in pattern posts! His works are amazing, and they will start from 7th June, will be shared whenever he can squeeze out some time to write them and send them to me! believe me he has such a tight schedule that I felt quite guilty to request him but he instantly agreed, being an angel of a friend he is!

So, hope you will enjoy his amazing posts from 7th and check out his blogs, his artworks (and make me happy)!

Love you guys! Here is his little bio:

Troy David Loy is an American student and writer with a love for things Indian, creating fractal art, and science. He is owned by two cats, Mr. Eccles and Ricky, and is engaged in a program of lifelong learning in an attempt to make sense of an increasingly irrational world. He is the author of Dirge: A Short SF Story available at

He can be found online @Troythulu on Twitter and on his blog The Call of Troythulu at