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Meet Manju Bal Krishna- The new face in Agnishatdal!

Few words from Manju Bal Krishna, the new face in Agnishatdal. She is an amazing artist, author and poet. Some of her works are in English, some Hindi and some are of course universal- artworks! It is truly an honour to have the creators like her in Agnishatdal for both the Ezine and its creator.

School and graduation- JNU, New Delhi
I am a Humanities student with deep interest in History.
Higher education from Europe in Philology.
Worked as high school teacher and taught English
Have been working as school administrator for 12 years
Languages known – Hindi, English, Russian and Punjabi
I also work as a content developer and content reviewer for school textbooks.
Authored books on English grammar and Value Education
I translate from Hindi to English and vice versa and Russian to English/ Hindi

Other interests apart from teaching- writing, gardening, cooking and learning new things.
Best teacher award for outstanding board results
Best Principal award from MF
Dronacharya award for best administrator

Manju Bal Krishna