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Thursday Fun n Frolics 17.9.15

Watched three awesome movies in past few days, one a movie about three whales caught in a small water hole under and surrounded by ice, and how two of them were rescued after a united effort of activists, locals, a tycoon, US army and USSR army, it was an amazing movie based on true story, back in Gorbachev, Reagan era, Drew Barrymore as always gave an amazing performance, she is a brilliant actress without least doubt!

In case you want to watch it, do it, its “Big miracle”, if you love animals you will love it.

The second one was a movie named “Into the blue” most probably, Halle Berry, another amazing actress played the leading role, she played the role of a woman who used to swim with sharks without cage, then something bad happened and she stopped doing that, then as it happens, someone made her return and the story of that return. It was an amazing movie. Sharks and whales are absolutely intriguing creatures to me, seen quite a few programs on them, and of course almost all movies excluding moby dick, that movie ticks me off!

The third one was “eight below” if you love dogs like I do well keep your handkerchief handy, it is the heart breaking story of a group (?) of sled dogs deserted in Antarctic during a snow storm, their human owners (that will be the proper term) packed and left without them, not only that, they tied them to the line so that they wont escape, of course the idea was to get them after dropping the human cargo but they did not/ could not return.

The movie is about their survival in that ice desert without food and other things, how six of them survived for more than six months, till four of the group returned for them spending money from their own pockets. It is a harsh reminder of human selfishness and at the end some human who remind us that not all are selfish!

I avoided this movie thinking that it was morbid, love dogs too much but it is morbid but stays within limit! the fighting spirit and loyalty of those dogs makes this movie a must watch for me.

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Thursday Fun n Frolics 10.9.15

Who says two contrasting things cant impress the same person? I never was one of that league who either liked classical music or hip hop! I think variety is fun, the more multi coloured we make our life the more will we get from this one time journey.

Right now I am watching two shows quite regularly, one is held by Javed Akhtar, a famous hindi movie shayar, that is writer, I really loved his works, never knew he was a great anchor person too, he hosts a fantastic program on hindi movie legends, called “the classi legends” in Zee, he tells us about the legends of hindi movies, actors, directors, singers…. He is so sophisticated and elegant!

The second program is “baaton baaton me” in sony, in that Anmol, a RJ holds interviews of contemporary actors, singers etc. In a fun style, he is really cute and it is fun to watch the program.

Both programs share some genuine information about Hindi movie actors and others for sure, because in the second case they come first hand from the celebs themselves and in the first case, well one can bet a penny that Mr. Akhtar is speaking after verifying!

BTW both programs are in Hindi….

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Last airbender part 2 is ready but not released a real shame!

I absolutely loved The last airbender by Night M. Shyamalam, its story, special effects and actors- every thing is brilliant to me, I don’t think my choices are very bad because I watch almost every watchable fantasy movie in Hollywood, and it certainly is one of the best!

He gave clear hints of part 2, I googled it and to my utmost shock discovered that the movie has been made and is not released because it cant get enough fund or something like that!

I do hope some miracle happens and the movie gets released.

I will love to watch it! that is for sure!

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Bajrangi Bhaijan loved it!

Watched it yesterday, has been watching the trailers for quite some time, thought the movie might end up as fun and voila it did!

It is a beautiful story for sure, about a mute Pakistani girl who gets separated from her mother in India and what happens thereafter, I wont tell you the story, I don’t like hindi movies much (new ones) still I thoroughly enjoyed it so if you love hindi movies you are bound to enjoy it!

The child who plays the lead character is in short mind blowing! she is one hell of an actress, apart from her I loved all four main characters- Salman, Kareena, the journalist who helped Salman and of course the heart of the movie the little girl!

It is a very, very good movie, Salman’s best after Hum aapke hain kaun methinks!

Hope it will go boom boom hit so that we can expect more neat and clean comedy movies like that!

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Thursday Fun n Frolics 14.5.15

Here is another funny movie I loved recently- Maiden Heist, Christopher Walken and Morgan Freeman starrer, it is about three security guards of a museum who stole their favorite artifacts while they were being shipped out of the country.

I really love Christopher Walken a lot, he is a really fantastic actor I think. He leaves a deep impact on mind by his roles.

Another movie I watched and was really touched by, “Wolf of wall street” Leo Capri always touches hearts whenever he plays a role, let it be Titanic (which I have watched till iceberg hits the ship) or Shutter Island! I really believe he is the brightest actor of his generation. He fits in versatile roles with greatest ease.

The storyline was quite intriguing and thought-provoking!

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